WCP Players - Heat 4

Here's the line up for Heat 4 of the WCP.

Team Ireland - Dawn Marshall

Dawn is a complementary therapist from the small village, Newtowncunningham, in County Donegal. She says she's played cards of one sort or another as long as she's lived, but since she discovered Hold'em poker 4 years ago she's played nothing else. She plays locally in many pub and club games, but says this her first TV game is 'massive' for her.

Team Canada - Trevor Diks

Trevor claims he's here to have fun. Team Canada's FPP qualifier has only played one live game before this event, and he said with a smile, "that didn't go so well..." His PokerStars name 'algernonned' is taken from the novel "Flowers for Algernon." Trevor tells me, "Algernon is a mouse who goes from normal mousiness to super genius mouse, and then back down again. I picked it because my ability to play poker seems to oscillate between pretty good and..." I'm afraid I can't use the rest of the quote as it's not politically correct! I'm sure you get the idea. It will be interesting to see if Trevor plays like a 'Super Genius Mouse' for Team Canada today.

Trevor Diks in Super Genius Mouse mode

Team Brazil - Jose Arenstein

Team Brazil's FPP qualifier is a 26 year old poker pro, apparently he's more a cash game player than a tournament expert, but Team Brazil seem confident of his chances tonight.

Team USA - Michael Elbert

Michael is Team USA's FPP qualifier. As he's just 20 he's never played in a casino before. He's enjoying the fact that he's of the legal age to play poker and drink here in Europe! Apparently he's been taking a lot of money from the locals at the casino's cash tables. Team USA's Dave told me "He's very happy to be here. He's like a kid in a candy store."

Team Poland - Marcin Meinardi

Poland's TLB qualifier is a software developer. His team mates say he's the most experienced player in their team, as he's organised tourneys for many years in Poland. They say he has an, "Unpredictable style" and they all find him very hard to play against. Oh, and most importantly, "He's got a nice dog too".

Team Israel - Aliza Broude

Israel's TLB qualifier should be a strong competitor. She's been playing poker since the 70s. She's now based in Tel Aviv but lived in South Africa for 27 years, and owned a poker club there. Her team mates seem confident of her chances tonight and describe her as, 'a fighter'. Her biggest tourney win to date is $55,000.

Team Iceland - Halldor Sverrisson

Iceland's TLB is apparently the strongest member of their team. He has good experience in major tournaments, having played in 3 EPT events after qualifying through PokerStars satellites. Although he didn't cash in any of these events he has an excellent record in online tourneys, his team mates confidently agreed, "He's going to win."

Team England - John Loftus

John is a 23 year old Maths teacher from Hull. Apparently the teachers at his school St Mary's College, have been a great help in covering his classes this week so he could get to play in Barcelona. John said he entered the qualifier, "to pass the time after I got back from a holiday. I never imagined it would lead to something like this!" He has some live experience as he plays regularly at his local casino, but says, "I can't do all those fancy chip tricks." He's not so worried about the game today, "I'm just excited!"

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker