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Team Captains have considered their teams, and from their 5 available players selected the 3 players that will represent their countries in the World Cup of Poker Final today.

Team Canada

Canada's captain has picked himself. Trevor Diks who won Heat 4 has, a little surprisingly, been dropped. Team Canada's players in the final are :

Aaron Haw
Christopher Ryan Comely
Isabelle Mercier

Team Canada. Top row, from left: Michael Croft, Trevor Diks, Aaron Haw Bottom row: Isabelle Mercier, Christopher Comely

Team USA

No surprises in Team USA's selections. To play today:

Tom McEvoy
Joe Harwell
Dave Smith

Team USA. Top row: Phil Myers, Tom McEvoy, Michael Elbert Bottom row: Dave Smith, Joe Harwell

Team Poland

Team Poland's captain is 'on the bench' and he's picked:

Jacek Ladny
Philip Hilm
Andrzej Skawinski

Team Poland. Top row: Jacek Ladny, Andrzej Skawinski, Philip Hilm Bottom Row: Marcin Meinardi, Marcin Doliwa

Team Israel

Perhaps a surprising choice for Team Israel is Aliza Broude, she never had chips in Heat 4, but they trust in her today. Captain Martin Segal selects:

Teddy Tuil
Aliza Broude
Boaz Lavie

Team Israel. Top row: Klemi Hagag, Teddy Tuil, Boaz Lavie Bottom row: Aliza Broude, Martin Segal

Brad Willis
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