World Cup of Poker division championships

After a long, long road of heads-up matches, the final eight teams in the World Cup of Poker have been decided. Here's how the division championships shaped up:

USA - Team USA-North Carolina jumped out ahead in its championship series with USA-Arizona and never looked back. The Tarheel state players won their championship 4-0.

United Kingdom - Team England dispatched Team Wales in a 4-0 series of matches.

Canada & Pacific - Team South Africa did its best to give Team Canada-Alberta a fight, but in the end Canada-Alberta won the series 3-1.

Americas - Team Brazil, hailing from the largest country in South America, showed Team Venezuela who was boss and won its division in a 3-1 series.

Europe North - No doubt, there are some serious poker players in Iceland. Team Iceland took down Norway 3-1.

Europe Central - Ireland and France came into the division championships as tough teams and played to a 2-2 tie. In a deciding playoff, the luck of the Irish prevailed to advance Team Ireland to Barcelona.

Europe South - Team Israel proved it can play and defeated Team Spain 3-1 in the division championships.

Europe Eastern - Team Poland, after winning a playoff to make it to the division championships in the first place, decided it wasn't ready to quit and defeated Team Hungary 3-1.

Now, the final eight teams will travel to Barcelona, Spain in June to compete for $200,000 in prize money, bragging rights, and their country's pride. The PokerStars Blog will be there with live coverage.

Congratulations to all the teams for their hard work. The payoff will be worth it!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker