World Cup of Poker: Iceland goes to Barcelona

Team Iceland has become the first team to win its way to the live televised matches in Barcelona Spain. While the group championship matches for the rest of the teams will be on May 20th, a scheduling conflict forced Iceland and Norway to play today.

Iceland won two of the first three matches against Norway. In the first match, Iceland's raisemaster defeated Norway's theMFbat. In match #2, Norway's Mariachi beat the ever-tough CASINOICE from Iceland. Match #3 saw taqtiX defeat Morteler. Finally, in the fourth and deciding match, Iceland's bigsinc got his A9 all in against onkel_ove's A8. After winning that hand, bingsinc picked up A5 and used it to defeat onkel_ove's Q3.

Team Iceland will now go to Barcelona in June to compete on television for thousands of dollars, bragging rights, and the World Cup of Poker title.

The remaining WCP group championship matches will be played out on May 20th. Congrats to Team Iceland and good luck to the remaining teams!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker