World Cup of Poker: Europe III division ends in tie; Latvia and Spain to play tiebreaker to determine winner

The Europe III division saw ten teams competing at four tables. The ten countries battling it out were France, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Latvia.

Eliminations came fast and furious at TLB1, with half the table getting knocked out quickly, several thanks to Luigi da BP of Hungary. Soon after the first break, Luigi da BP and Partorg (of Latvia) were the only two competitors remaining, with Luigi da BP holding a commanding 10-to-1 chip advantage when heads up began. Partorg battled gamely, surviving a few all ins before finally succumbing to Luigi da BP. On the final hand, Luigi da BP was dealt Kh-Jc and put his short-stacked opponent all in. Partorg was ahead with Ac-6s, but the board came Qc-3h-7d-Js-8c, and the pair of jacks gave Hungary the 20 points.

1. Luigi da BP (Hungary) - 20 points
2. Partorg (Latvia) - 15 points
3. pr0tas (Lithuania) - 11 points
4. amichaiKK (Switzerland) - 8 points
5. pablo818 (Spain) - 6 points
6. HAZZZA (Russia) - 4 points
7. Cristy57 (Ukraine) - 3 points
8. Kgoulé (France) - 2 points
9. Asul (Romania) - 1 point
10. TheThinkKing (Slovakia) - 0 points

Table FR1 was the next to complete. wfox007 (Slovakia) took an early lead in this one, but eventually became the short stack with four players left and was ousted in fourth. Then brsariego (Spain) eliminated missjazz83 (Latvia) in third, but was way behind lepkeke (Hungary) when heads up play began, with lepkeke's 11,236 way ahead of brsariego's 3,764.

With Don Quixote-like determination, brsariego battled back and eventually took the chip lead from his Hungarian foe. Finally lepkeke committed the last of his chips with Qd-Jd, only to find himself up against the Spaniard's Kc-8d. The board came 7h-6h-8h-4s-3c, and brsariego had triumphed.

1. brsariego (Spain) - 20 points
2. lepkeke (Hungary) - 15 points
3. missjazz83 (Latvia) - 11 points
4. wfox007 (Slovakia) - 8 points
5. starsmoess (Romania) - 6 points
6. cernius (Lithuania) - 4 points
7. Sebio94100 (France) - 3 points
8. EDVARD KING (Ukraine) - 2 points
9. DimaBat (Russia) - 1 points
10. 88778877 (Switzerland) - 0 points

Table TLB2 was a difficult one to get through. After an hour of play on TLB2, only one player had been eliminated -- altuk13 of Romania. Eliminations occurred quickly after that, though, and eventually ilushan of Russia and TigrouMaster of France were heads up.

On the final hand, ilushan (with 8,030 chips) limped, TigrouMaster raised to 600, then ilushan reraised to 2,000. TigrouMaster pushed all in, and ilushan called. TigrouMaster had Ad-6c, and was in dire straits versus ilushan's Ah-Ks. The board came Ac-Ts-5s-4c-Jd, and ilushan claimed the 20 points for Russia.

1. ilushan (Russia) - 20 points
2. TigrouMaster (France) - 15 points
3. cercerBTS_SK (Slovakia) - 11 points
4. risiko13 (Switzerland) - 8 points
5. VARICO (Spain) - 6 points
6. tormos (Ukraine) - 4 points
7. Midazaz (Lithuania) - 3 points
8. vilks77 (Latvia) - 2 points
9. Belabacsi (Hungary) - 1 point
10. altuk13 (Romania) - 0 points

Table FR2 was the last to complete. Plenty were watching, as the battle for the points lead was still up for grabs. During the early going, dlighted1 (Lithuania) and looserSR (Slovakia) were sitting atop the leaderboard. Eventually all would fall except looserSR and BuTuT? (Latvia). If BuTut? could win, Latvia would move on to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, Spain was hoping looserSR would hold on, which would mean Latvia and Spain would finish in a tie for first, forcing a tie-breaker heads-up match.

In the end, looserSR proved too much for BuTuT?, finally finishing off the Latvian when the latter pushed his short stack with 8s-4d. looserSR held Jc-2d, and when the board came 2h-7h-3d-Qh-Ks, the Slovakian had won.

1. looserSR (Slovakia) - 20 points
2. BuTuT? (Latvia) - 15 points
3. Rompe1946 (Spain) - 11 points
4. UUUm (Ukraine) - 8 points
5. dlighted1 (Lithuania) - 6 points
6. RichieRichZH (Switzerland) - 4 points
7. teren13 (France) - 3 points
8. dsl1648 (Romania) - 2 points
9. cooky962 (Hungary) - 1 point
10. Advens (Russia) - 0 points

The finishes by BuTuT? and Rompe1946 meant both Latvia and Spain ended this morning's play with 43 points apiece. There will be a heads up match at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time between VARICO of Spain and Partorg of Latvia to determine which team will get to go to the Bahamas for the live final on January 6th. Stay tuned here on the PokerStars blog for the results!

World Cup of Poker V -- Europe III Division

Spain - 43 points
Latvia - 43 points
Slovakia - 39 points
Hungary - 37 points
Russia - 25 points
Lithuania - 24 points
France - 23 points
Switzerland - 20 points
Ukraine - 17 points
Romania - 9 points

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in World Cup of Poker