World Cup of Poker: 9 Americans advance to national final

The PokerStars World Cup of Poker v is getting down to both the nitty and gritty. You know it's getting tight when nearly 1,000 players from the U.S. show up on a national holiday to fight for their spot on their country's World Cup of Poker Team.

As Thanksgiving meals digested from coast to coast, 938 Americans battled it out for one of the first nine spots in Sunday's national final. Only nine of Thursday's competitors would make it to Sunday's event. These are the people who did it.

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Tomorrow, the U.S. will run one more Round 1 qualifier to Sunday's event at 14:00 ET.Then, the top nine players from both Round 1 events will play down to the final four who will qualify for positions on the U.S. national team.

Keep your eye here for coverage this Sunday!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Cup of Poker