World Cup of Poker: Division playoffs early action

Updates on the early action in the PokerStars World Cup of Poker division playoffs can be found here. Click refresh to see the latest action.

Thanks to all our competitors - 11:02am

That concludes our morning coverage of the World Cup of Poker V divisional qualifers, now look forward to the Canada, Latin America, and USA divisional champions to start at 1:00 EST. The live blog will continue then with Spaceman Jason Kirk and California Jen Newell taking you thru the exciting conclusion of the qualifer round. Thanks everyone for reading and good luck in the Bahamas to Team Italy, New Zealand, Germany 1, United Kingdom, and the winner of the Spain/Lativa tie breaker to come soon.

Europe I - 10:50am

Big wins in the end send Team Italy to the Bahama final for the possible $100,000 first place prize.

Italy - 59 points
Belgium - 52 points
Iceland - 38 points
Norway - 37 points
Sweden - 30 points
Israel - 24 points
Portugal - 20 points
Czech Republic - 12 points
Bulgaria - 5 points
Greece - 3 points

10:40am - Rest of the World

The Kiwis take the Rest of the World down!

Team New Zealand will be representing the Rest of the World division in the Bahamas with their 47 point total over the four matches, overcoming the two victories by Andy McLEOD and BOILIN WATER of Australia and a strong showing by Team Japan to win the division.

Here are the final total tallies:

New Zealand 47 points
Japan 42 points
Australia 41 points
Korea 36 points
China 27 points
Philippines 23 points
Lebanon 22 points
Armenia 19 points
South Africa 12 points
Taiwan 11 points

10:36am - Germany

The Germany I team, taking first place in three of the four tables today, proved too much for their fellow countrymen. Thanks to the victories of Boku87, Mados4k, and SmArTdOg1970, the Germany I team was able to net the most points today, with the Berlin team coming second and Germany 2 taking third.

Germany 1 - 64 points
Berlin - 48 points
Germany 2 - 47 points
Sachsen - 38 points
Nordrhein-Westfalia - 35 points
Hamburg - 24 points

10:29am - Europe III

All four tables have completed in the Europe III division, and at the top of the leaderboard it appears both Spain and Latvia have ended with 43 points. Spain achieved its total largely on the backs of brsariego (who finished 1st) and Rompe1946 (who took a third), while Latvia was helped by two second-place finishes by Partorg and BuTuT?.

This means the team captains will be choosing a player to play a deciding, winner-take-all match! (Time TBA.)

Spain - 43 points
Latvia - 43 points
Slovakia - 39 points
Hungary - 37 points
Russia - 25 points
Lithuania - 24 points
France - 23 points
Switzerland - 20 points
Ukraine - 17 points
Romania - 9 points

10:26am - Europe I

Connection restored! Good news for Team Norway, ToneLA111 appears to have reestablished connection and is back in the thick of things in the heads-up battle.

10:23am - Europe 1

Norway may be in some trouble. We're still heads-up in FR2 but it looks like ToneLA111 is having a bit of trouble with getting a stable internet connection, and is showing disconnected. Per the tournament rules, the time clock is stopped briefly each hand to allow time for a reconnect, but if none occurs the hand is folded and the next is dealt.

Great news for Italy, as gvilla2 just has to sit back and collect the blinds. And if ToneLA111 can get things back up and running soon, it may even work out to be a good thing for Norway too. On one of the folds, gvilla2 showed the hand he was collecting chips with - pocket Aces. While he was no doubt upset at missing the opportunity to see some action with them, for Norway it may be the best that all that was lost was a blind.

10:20am - Rest of the World

TLB2 Table Points Update:

New Zealand 20 points
Korea 15 points
Philippines 11 points
China 8 points
Lebanon 6 points
South Africa 4 points
Japan 3 points
Taiwan 2 points
Australia 1 point

10:14am - Rest of the World

TLB2 just ended their heads up play. rjmgrace and Dutchschult found their chips heading into the middle preflop with the blinds at 300/600 ante 50 both with an ace. rjmgrace left 4,552 chips behind and showed Ac-Qs which dominated the Ad-4s of Dutchschult. The flop all but ended Dutchschult, Qd-Qc-Th as rjmgrace flopped trip queens leaving Dutchschult to a 989:1 shot for running fours. The 2s and 3s did not provide and rjmgrace picked up 20 points for the New Zealand team as Dutchschult found 15 points for Korea.

10:11am - Rest of the World

FR1 Table Points Update:

Japan 20 points
New Zealand 15 points
Philippines 11 points
Armenia 8 points
South Africa 6 points
Lebanon 4 points
Taiwan 3 points
Korea 2 points
China 1 point

10:08am - Europe I

Two more winners crowned in the divisionals, as Belgium and Italy each pick up 20 more points for the day.

Over at the TLB1 table, mm-nh had a "nh" indeed when his final pocket pair deuces flopped a set then rivered quads to best the Kc-7d held by Dihxm. "overkill" Dihxm typed in the chat as the last card hit the board.

At the TLB2 table, the Belgium win by tinorossi was a two-parter. The first hit came with Qd-8s, hitting two pair on the flop and getting all-in on the turn for a double-up to over 13,000 in chips. Having knocked alesanre down to just 1,732 he had no choice but to push all-in on the next hand. He flipped 6s-3s and it was Kh-8s for tinorossi. Two eights on the flop made it pretty clear how the hand would go.... but wait, there was more. This time on the turn, though - that fourth eight hit, giving yet another champion quads for his win.

10:06am - Rest of the World

After islamei chipped down El Wayneo to 3,678 chips, they got it into the middle preflop for a 7,406 chip pot. Ks-Qh for El Wayneo and pocket sevens (7h-7s) for islamei. The flop came a lovely 8s-2s-As for El Wayneo but he couldn’t connect on the turn Tc or Td river for a flush or overpair and islamei picked up the 20 first place points for Japan, while El Wayneo brough 15 more points to the Kiwis.

10:03am - Europe III

looserSR (Slovakia) won the last five hands of heads up, finally eliminating a severely short-stacked BuTuT? (Latvia). BuTuT? was down to just 795 chips, and so had no choice but to roll the dice with 8s-4d versus looserSR's Jc-2d. The board came 2h-7h-3d-Qh-Ks, and looserSR was the winner.

10:02am - Europe II
With a dominating 55 points, Team Poland crushed the competition in Europe II. With 2 first-place finishes and a 2nd-place finish, the closest competitor was Turkey with 45 points. Borys313 and morderbest took down their tables, while BartekPL took second at his. kAmikAdZeEe ran into some rough luck early and finished 10th at his table, but his teammates held on and they'll be moving on to the finals!

10:00am - Rest of the World

FR2 Table Points Update:

Australia 20 points
Japan 15 points
Korea 11 points
Armenia 8 points
Lebanon 6 points
Taiwan 4 points
China 3 points
South Africa 2 points
New Zealand 1 point

9:58am - Europe 1

Heads-up play has just now begun in FR2, the tournament that was the first to break to three players and therefore was expected to bring us the first winner! With the departure of Israel's EMINEM_T at the hands of gvilla2, Israel is now eliminated from the divisional.

FR2 is now down to ToneLA111 for Norway and gvilla2 for Italy. Both countries have other players battling it out in other heads-up matches as well.

9:57pm-- Europe II

yeah - 2 firsts and a second is too much to overcome - Poland wins

9:55am - Europe III

brsariego just claimed Table FR1 for Spain in the Europe III division, knocking out his final opponent, lepkeke (Hungary). Down to just 3,297, lepkeke decided to call brsariego's big preflop bet and commit the rest of his chips with Qd-Jd. brsariego held Kc-8d, and when the board came 7h-6h-8h-4s-3c, brsariego had won the table and the 20 points for Spain.

We have a winner over on TLB2 in the Europe III division. When the final hand began, ilushan (Russia) had 8,030 chips to the 6,970 of TigrouMaster (France). ilushan limped from the button/small blind, TigrouMaster raised to 600, then ilushan reraised to 2,000. TigrouMaster pushed all in, and ilushan called.

TigrouMaster showed Ad-6c, well behind ilushan's Ah-Ks. The board came Ac-Ts-5s-4c-Jd, and ilushan took the 20 points for mother Russia.

9:52am- Europe II

On Table FR1, short-stacked BartekPL shoved all in preflop with Js-9h. Auercan made the call with 6d-5d, and picked up a pair on the 3h-Ks-5c flop. No help for BartekPL as the turn and river came down As-Qh, and then there was one.

Over on Table FR2, it was another Poland v. Turkey matchup, this time with the advantage going to Poland. Morderbest raised from the button with Ac-4d, and ufcen07 made the call with Ad-8c. The flop came down 4h-3s-8h, and ufcen07 checked top pair. Morderbest fired, and ufcen07 went for the check-raise. Ufcen07 led out on the 4s turn, and morderbest quickly went all in with trips. Ufcen07 called, and when the 7h came on the river, that was all she wrote for ufcen07. Ufcen07 picked up 15 points for Team Turkey, while morderbest nabbed 20 points for Team Poland.

9:49 am - Europe I

We have a winner!

Iceland's eatyourstac has taken his moniker seriously, outlasting all others at his table to take home the honors and 20 points for his team. After knocking out Italy's billiko in 3rd place, eatyourstac was heads-up against Belgium's junglestar1. Play didn't last long between the two, as chips traded back and forth until finally they got them all in on the river of a 8h-As-9d-Td-3d board. junglestar1 had turned a pair of Tens with Ts-7h, but eatyourstac had flopped a pair of Aces with his Ac-Ks, and won it all. Belgium takes 15 points for the 2nd place finish, and still has tinorossi playing heads-up against Norway's alesanre in TLB2.

9:47 AM - Europe II

And that's all she wrote for Europe II! With heads-up matches everywhere, a flurry of activity led to a quick end to the Division.

9:47am - Germany

Mados4k (Germany 1) just finished off nobody I (Sachsen) over on Table FR1 when his Ad-Th outlasted nobody I's Kd-Jc. The board came 9h-8c-Qs-6h-2c, and Mados4k wins 20 points for the Germany 1 team.

9:45am – Rest of the World

TLB has reached heads up with rjmgrace (New Zealand) eliminating Charmer1973 in third place.

BOILIN WATER just notched another win for the PokerRoos as he continued his buzzsaw ways taking out putiko248 heads up when both flopped top pair on the board of 2c-5s-8d-3d-5d but BOILIN WATER’s As kicker over-matched the Jd for putiko248. The Aussies now have two wins out of four.

And that's all she write for busto_soon and Team Netherlands as he finished in 2nd place to Poland's Borys313. Borys313's pocket fours held up against busto_soon's Ac-9d on a board of 7d-Js-8h-Kd-6d for the win and 20 points for Team Poland.

9:43am - Europe III

After a tough heads-up battle, Luigi da BP (Hungary) has finally finished off Partorg (Latvia) over at TLB1. On the final hand, Luigi da BP picked up Kh-Jc and raised enough to put Partorg all in, and Partorg called with Ac-6s. The flop was Qc-3h-7d, and Partorg was momentarily safe. The turn brought the Js, though, and the 8c on the river was no help.

Luigi da BP claims 20 points for Hungary, while Partorg picks up 15 for Latvia.

9:42 AM - Europe II

Heads-up all over the place! With Danmc_MB's elimination in 3rd place on FR1, BartekPL and auercan are heads-up, with auercan holding a significant chip lead. Busto_soon is looking at an uphill battle in his heads-up match with Borys313 over on TLB1, as Borys313 has him outchipped 11,700 to 3300.

9:40am-- Rest of the World

FR1 table is now heads up between El Wayneo (New Zealand) and islamei (Japan) with nearly even chips as the blinds at 100/200 ante 25. TLB2 table is three handed between rjmgrace (New Zealand), Dutchschult (Korea), and Charmer1973 (Phillipines). FR2 is also three-handed between BOILIN WATER (Australia), IamJK (Korea), and putiko248 (Japan).

9:38am - Germany

SmArTdOg1970 just claimed Table FR2 for Germany 1. He only had a slight advantage over DeepBlue3112 (Nordrhein-Westfalia) when the hand began, but the combination of a sweet starting hand and helpful flop meant SmArTdOg1970 gobbled all of the chips. See how the hand played out:

9:35 AM - Europe II

After moving all in on every hand since the break, Gusto_Frutta finally fell at the hands of ufcen07. The last surviving member of Team Estonia picked up 11 points for his team, while ufcen07 went into heads-up play with morderbest with nearly a 3:1 chip lead.

9:35am - Europe III

On Table FR1, brsariego just knocked out missjazz83 in third place. Both were short-stacked, and in a blind-vs.-blind battle brsariego pushed with Ac-5c and missjazz83 called with Qs-Jh. The board came 3h-Ah-Kc-Jc-2d, and missjazz83 goes out in third, grabbing 11 points for Latvia.

That leaves brsariego -- playing for Spain -- with a steep uphill climb ahead of him versus the chip leader, lepkeke (Hungary). lepkeke currently has more than 11,000 chips to brsariego's 3,764.

9:33am – Rest of the World

Point update for TLB1 table:

Australia 20 points
China 15 points
New Zealand 11 points
Korea 8 points
Lebanon 6 points
Japan 4 points
Armenia 3 points
Taiwan 2 points
Phillippines 1 point
South Africa 0 points.

9:32 AM - Europe II

And we have a winner!

After a tough heads-up match Vienna Bundy finally dispatched CaMaroH when his Kd-10s held up against CaMaroH's Qs-10d on a board of 9s-Ah-2c-Kh-8s. Even with the King on the turn, CaMaroH was still live to a Jack on the river. But it was not to be, as Vienna Bundy picks up a whopping 20 points for Team Austria, while CaMaroH finishes out Team Belarus' run with a 15-point finish.

9:31am - Europe 1

If it was heads-up play that Dihxm wanted, he's got it now. TLB1 is now down to a battle between Sweden and Italy, as mm-nh has eliminated Jeffray73 from the tournament. Jeffray73 pushed pre-flop with Ad-8s and mm-nh waisted no time calling with his pocket Kings, and successfully dodged a King on board to take the chips and lead us to heads-up play.

9:26am - Germany

DeepBlue3112 (Nordrhein-Westfalia) and SmArTdOg1970 (Germany 1) are now heads up on Table FR2, with both players about even in chips with approximately 4,500 apiece. So far, the Nordrhein-Westfalia team has had two fourth-place finishes, so DeepBlue3112's deep run is certainly helping out their cause. Meanwhile, the Germany 1 team has had a first (Boku87) and a sixth (or last)

(joscha45), so they are also glad to see their teammate SmArTdOg1970 grabbing some points here.

9:24am - Europe I

And just like that, TLB1 is down to three players as Iceland's CASINOICE and Portugal's eduardodufas exit the tournament in rapid succession.

Remaining to battle it out are Dihxm, Italy's mm-nh, and Belgium's Jeffray73. From the looks of things, Sweden's Dihxm is ready to get things heads-up quickly (or he's just had a monster run of cards), putting his opponents to the test with massive raises one after the other. They've chosen to fold... for now.

9:22am – Rest of the World

Updates on the tables: TLB2 now sitting seven handed after rjmgrace’s Ad-Qd overcame the pocket eights of yclin on the river to send the Taiwan team member home in eighth place. They are now down to six players with the blinds at 100/200.

TLB1 table is three hands thanks to the buzzsaw known as Andy McLEOD, ok make that heads up, Andy just eliminated another player, or good grief make him the winner in three consecutive hands he took down PokerofWind, bismillahno, and danielfun in three hands to win the full twenty points for the PokerRoos.

9:21 AM - Europe II

Ireland's eyes might not be smiling as their last player just headed to the rail. j.thaddeus made a good run at TLB2, but fell in 4th place to finish out Team Ireland. Mere moments after that, Vienna Bundy took out xbelieverx the last surviving member of Team Finland at TLB 2. Vienna Bundy is now heads-up with Belarus' CaMaroH with more than a 5:1 chip lead.

9:20am - Germany

Our second table (of four) has now completed in the Germany division, with xxB 52xx taking first place and the coveted 20 points for the Berlin team. On the tournament's final hand, a short-stacked BongBob pushed his last 2,185 in the middle from the button with 8h-6h, and xxB 52xx called with Kd-Jc. The board came 4d-10d-Kh-5d-Kc, giving xxB 52xx all the chips.

BongBob nets 15 points for the Germany 2 team for his second place finish.

9:20am - Europe I

FR2 is down to just three remaining players; action having moved fast and furious in this first hour of play. Those that remain are:

EMINEM_T (Israel)
ToneLA111 (Norway)
gvilla2 (Italy)

Currently gvilla2 has the lead with just under 7,000 in chips, while EMINEM_T is the short stack with just under 3,000. These players will fight it out to see which country will be the first to claim a victory in these divisional finals today and rack up big points for their country.

9:17 AM - Europe II

And that's it for the Danes. With vegie1999's 5th place finish on TLB2, Team Denmark is done for the day. Now all that remains is to see if their 11 points is good enough for a trip to the Finals, but it's not looking good right now.

9:15am – Rest of the World

The PokerRoos are looking good in the early showing here as Andy McLEOD just eliminated sgt hashkat in sixth place on the TBL1 table when they both had a top pair of queens, but Andy’s Q-kicker was behind the sarge’s K-kicker until the Qs hit the turn and gave Andy the win on the 9s-Js-4s-Qs-3d board with two pair. The Armenia team picked up four points for his sixth place finish.

9:12am - Europe III

We are down to heads up at TLB1 in the Europe III division, with Luigi da BP (Hungary) holding a massive chip advantage over Partorg (Latvia) -- about 13,000 to 1,500.

9:10 am – Rest of the World

Andy McLEOD grabs some more points for the PokerRoos as he just eliminated lylpin of the Taiwan team in seventh place when his gutshot straight draw with Jc-4d missed on the turn of As-2s-3d-Jd but his jack paired up to overcome the pocket eights of lyplin. The Taiwan team member picked up three points for his team in seventh.

9:09 AM - Europe II

Then there were four. It didn't take long after the break for Table FR1 to thin out. First the dead stack of Ireland's ellens was busted, earning 4 points for Team Ireland. Then Belarus' SnakeSpirit headed to the rail in 5th place, picking up 6 points for Team Belarus.

9:08am - Germany

BongBob (Germany 2) and xxB 52xx (Berlin) were just all in preflop versus each other over at table TLB1 in the Germany division. When both players revealed pocket queens, an "lol" appeared in the chatbox, followed by Sachsen player Rennwurm's facetious call:


9:03am - Europe III

During the first break, amichaiKK (Switzerland) jokingly asked the other three players remaining at his table if they were interested in chopping. Obviously, there will be no chops today. All players' finishes will translate into points for their respective teams. First place nets 20 pts., one gets 15 for second, 11 for third, 8 for fourth, 6 for fifth, 4 for sixth, 3 for 7th, 2 for 8th, 1 for 9th, and none for 10th. Here is a full explanation of the scoring system for the World Cup.

9:00 AM - Europe II

Going into the first break, the four tables of Europee II have seen a wild ride. While TLB 1 still has eight of the original ten players, TLB 2 has thinned the field all the way down to six-handed action, with early chip leader Vienna Bundy holding on to the top spot. FR1 is down to seven players, with Ireland's ellens yet to show up for the event! Even without playing, ellens' chair has guaranteed at least 3 points for Ireland.

Table FR2 is playing eight-handed with Gusta_Frutta putting on a display of power poker just before the break to finish in the top spot.

8:57am - Europe III

Play continues to be hotly contested at the four tables in the Europe III division. These four all began ten-handed. TLB1 has seen five players eliminated thus far, with Luigi da BP (Hungary) currently holding the chip lead. TLB2 has only seen one player knocked out. There VARICO (Spain) holds a small advantage over his tablemates.

Over on FR1, six players are left, and wfox007 (Slovakia) has the lead. Meanwhile, seven players remain at FR2, with dlighted1 (Lithuania) and looserSR (Slovakia) at the top of the leaderboard.

8:53am - Rest of the World –

Just before the break islamei and wollongong_i got into a blind versus blind tangle on the FR1 table as islamei trapped the Aussie Wollongong_i with a flopped set of threes versus the middle pair of fives on the 9s-5h-3h-2c-Qd board to send him home.

8:53am - Europe I

Sweden just picked up 3 points, courtesy of Norway's ToneLA111 and a river Queen.

With just under 800 in chips, AJES74 saw Ad-Jd as a great hand to make a move with, and raised pre-flop to 300. ToneLA111 hit back to 900, putting AJES74 all-in with the call.

Things were looking good for the Swede, the Ace was going to hold up and a double-up was coming... until that river hit. AJES74 finished FR2 in 7th place.

8:52am - Rest of the World

TLB1 table has its first elimination as Jaguar got his remaining 576 chips into the middle preflop with the blinds at 50/100 and folded around to PokerofWind in the big blind who made the call. Pocket eights for PokerofWind, Ah-3h for Jaguar, the big cat caught a decent Th-9h-Kd flop, but couldn’t connect for the flush and the South African is out in ninth place.

Rest of the World – 8:50am

BULLLLDOOOOOOOOOZER!! Wow. While the other three tables haven’t even had an elimination, BOILIN WATER for the PokerRoos is bent on getting max points out his table as he eliminated mailhyip of the Chinese team on a bit of a suckout snagging a queen on the flop to match his As-Qs to overcome the Ad-Kd of mailhyip. As the board ran out 3d-Qc-6s-9c-8c to boost BOILIN WATER’s chip count to 7,280

8:46 AM - Europe II

the dominos keep falling as we've lost another freeroll player, another TLB player, and now yet another freeroll player busted when simmovich's pocket tens couldn't find any help against BartekPL's pocket Aces. Nothing unexpected happened, and then there were seven.

8:46 am - Germany

Our first table in the Germany Division (TLB1) has completed, with Boku87 (Germany 1) taking first place. The table was three-handed for a while, with AjaxAchill (Germany 2) and D.Nowitzki (Berlin) both short-stacked. AjaxAchill took care of D.Nowitzki, though was still under 1,000 chips after doing so.

On the very next hand, both players got it all in on a flop of 6c-10s-Js. AjaxAchill had 6s-4s, giving him a pair and a flush draw, but Boku87 had 9s-2s for a higher flush draw. The 7s on the turn brought the flush, and AjaxAchill was drawing dead.

Boku87 picks up 20 points for Germany 1 with the victory, while AjaxAchill claims 15 points for Germany 2 for his runner-up finish. D.Nowitzki gets 11 points for Berlin for finishing third.

8:43am - Europe 1Nitram_10 has knocked out another player from today's event, this time Greece's sfaktis. With an Ace on the flop sfaktis pushed all-in with pocket Kings and Nitram_10 wasted no time calling him with As-6h. A third Ace on the river hit to seal the deal and send sfaktis out in 8th place in FR1; earning 2 points today for his team.

8:43 AM - Europe II

Table TLB 2 just lost another one when Estonia's madiso took a rough beat from Austria's Vienna Bundy. All the money went in on the ace-high flop, with madiso holding the lead with A-10 to Vienna Bundy's pocket queens. The turn reversed the pendulum, as a Queen peeled off and left madiso in dire straits. No help on the river, and madiso picked up 2 points for team Estonia.

8:42am - Europe I

So it's the World Cup of Poker and you've made it to the Divisional Finals... you're feeling pretty good about your game and you're proud to represent your country and take your team to the next level.
You sign on, ready to go, get seated at your table and then see... two Supernovas at your table?? Seated side-by-side no less?

Players at the TLB1 table were greeted with exactly that upon seating today. Both AABenjaminAA and bjolla carry the elusive red stars which indicate they certainly know their way around the virtual felt. Tough competition for sure, but the players that have made it this far are no slouches in their own right.

For their parts, no doubt bjolla and AABenjaminAA would prefer to not have a fellow supernova right next door in today's event either.

8:37am - Germany

We just had a major shift in chips over on TLB1, where AjaxAchill (Germany 2) had been holding court. Boku87 (Germany 1) just claimed most of AjaxAchill's chips in this hand:

8:37 AM - Europe IISuperbrono played his short stack well, but couldn't overcome his early deficit and busted in 9th place when his As-Qh was outflopped by fellow short stack Supa4real's 10s-9s. The flop came down all spades, and superbrono was looking for one more to make his nut flush. It was not to be, and he was done in 9th place.

8:36am - Europe I We've seen two more players exit the field; Greece's kalamitsis and Portugal's filipebap.

filipebap went out with Qc-8c versus As-Kc from eatyourstac, who took his screen name quite literally. filipebap was unable to hit anything on the board while eatyourstac rivered a King.

8:25am - Germany

Unam1337 (of the Saschsen squad) was just eliminated by AjaxAchill (Germany II). Holding Jc-7s, a series of raises and reraises saw Unan1337 getting it all in on a flop of 4d-Js-3d versus AjaxAchill's Jd-Td flush draw. The Kd came on the turn, and Ad on the river just rubbed further salt in the would. Unam1337 is out, and AjaxAchill currently is enjoying the chip lead at the now five-handed table.

8:24am - Rest of the World

BOILIN WATER just sent another competitor out of the race to reach the Bahamas. After the flop of 5d-Td-6s, he got it all-in versus Jubinator from the New Zealand team. Set of tens for BOILIN WATER and sadly pocket jacks for Jubinator who didn’t get the re-suck and with 9c and 3h coming on the turn and river to end his day. BOILIN WATER is now sitting on 4,345 chips.

8:24 AM - Europe II

Team Netherlands has lost its first member as Donkey_C moved all in over the top of SnakeSpirit's preflop raise with pocket nines, only to get the snap-call from SnakeSpirit, who tabled pocket Jacks. No help for Donkey_C, and he heads to the rail pointless.

– 8:20am - Rest of the Worl

Alarm clock not set? kimsurnhong of the Korean team and Roppongi Guy of the Japan team seem to have missed the starting alarm this morning (or evening) and have been sitting out currently.

Europe II -- 8:18 am Another on bites the bust. Sometimes it's just hard to get away from a good board. That's what happened to Estonia's sitkusevend when he turned two pair with 9-3 from the big blind. He moved all in on the turn, but found himself staring right into the fac of Devil42's flopped set of fives. No help on the river and TLB Table 1 for Europe II has it's first casualty.

8:15am - Rest of the World

First Elimination

gumasta from the Philippines caught a bit of a cooler when all-in preflop for his tournament life in a 2,925 chip pot against BOILIN WATER of the PokerRoos. Ah-Ac for BOILIN WATER and Ad-Kd for gumasta. The board ran out 5h-8d-Qh-5c-3c to send gumasta out.

8:13am - Europe III

Over on Table FR2, we had four limpers see a suited flop of 7d-9d-Td. Rompe1946 (Spain) bet 60, cooky962 (Hungary) raised to 400, the others folded and Rompe1946 made the call. The turn was the 9s, pairing the board. Rompe1946 checked, cooky962 bet 380, and Rompe1946 called. The river brought the Ac. Rompe1946 went all in with his last 650 chips, and cooky962 called with his last 610. Rompe1946 showed Qd-5d for the flopped flush, while cooky962 had 8c-6h for the straight.

cooky962 hits the rail.

8:12am - Europe I

We have our first elimination from this division, from the FR1 tournament. Bulgaria's beginner138 had his stack decimated when his A-K couldn't compete against Nitram_10's Q-K with a 9c-Qc-Kd flop. That hand left beginner138 with just 109 in chips and looking for a place to make a move.

A few hands later he found Ad-9s UTG and pushed all in with his remaining 79 chips. Three callers, with Israel's cutio holding the winning hand with Ac-6d and a rivered straight.

-8:10am Rest of the World - Starting Out Just Fine

On the TLB table 1, the play has been quiet so far with no huge pots being shipped. WCOOP bracelet winner Andy McLEOD is representing Australia this morning and currently sitting on 1,290 chips.

8:09 AM - Europe II

Our first casualty - after losing a huge pot with top pair against xbelieverx's flopped set, Poland's kAmIkAdZeEe got the last of his chips in the middle and lost out when Vienna Bundy flopped top pair with Kd-Qd on a Queen-high board. Poland will need a strong showing from their other performers to have a shot at a trip to the Bahamas.

8:06am - Europe III

Ten different teams are competing today to see who advances from Europe III: France, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Latvia.

8:05am - Germany

Six teams are competing to see who will represent Division Germany. We've only seen one elimination thus far here in the early going, as player TomTomSnow lost all of his chips with As-Ks versus nobody I's pocket rockets to go out in sixth on table FR1.

8:05 AM --- Europe II

The Europe II division teams (Austria, Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finalnd, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey) have wasted no time getting into the action In one of the very first hands, Austria's Vienna Bundy turned the nut flush against Slovenia's superbrono for a huge early pot, leaving superbrono with just 1/3 of his starting stack and an uphill climb in front of him.

8:03am --- Europe I

Action has begun in the Europe 1 divisional finals, and the chips are already flying across the felt as players represent their country in the bid for sweet Bahaman sun.

The Europe I division consists of Sweden, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Iceland, Czech Republic, and Bulgaria.

8:00am -- Good Morning World!

Welcome to the 2008 PokerStars World Cup! This morning we will be bringing you live coverage of the Divisional Finals between the following divisions: Germany, Europe I, II, and III, and the "Rest of the World" division which includes: Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, NEw Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Brad Willis
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