World Cup of Poker: Early Results Include 34 Nations, 68 Qualifiers With Playoff Seats

WCP logo.JPGTime zones are a funny thing. Maybe not exactly funny, but they make for an interesting tabulation of the national team finals. As we await the start of the United States and Canada national qualifiers, we can report that 34 tournaments have already concluded.

Truth be told, there are five tournaments in process as this is being written - Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Peru, and Uruguay - and numerous others conducting the registration process. And others like China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan won't begin for many more hours. It is difficult to coordinate the entire world of poker players into one day of qualifier tournaments.

Speaking of coordinating, PokerStars is in the process of coordinating everyone for the Divisional Playoffs next weekend. Every country represented in this World Cup of Poker V must have its team prepared to join the others in the battle of battles on December 7th to determine if they will go to the live finals. That will be the much-anticipated point at which nine countries will meet in the Bahamas - you know, that place with the sun, beaches, and amazing ocean scenery - to play for the World Cup title.

That's what this is all about. Today's winners - two from each country - will solidify their places on their national team in the Divisional Playoffs next weekend with one goal in mind: Take it to the finals.

With that said, here is a look at the winners from each of 34 nations who took their freeroll opportunities and parlayed them into seats on their national teams:

Russia - DimaBat and Advens
Armenia - 57333 and mayrig
Belarus - SnakeSpirit and Elfialt
Bulgaria - beginner138 and vilito2527
Estonia - Kordumatu and Gusto_Frutta
Finland - BlizzardofAA and xharpoon
Greece - sfaktis and peris31
Latvia - missjazz83 and BuTuT?
Lebanon - Tabchi and HABACH
Lithuania - cernius and dlighted1
Romania - starsmoess and dsl1648
Turkey - bylchucky and jaji_ea
Ukraine - EDVARD KING and UUUm
Austria - Karlotius and cincinna-kid
Belgium - junglestar1 and missEcreviss
Czech - hopgart and Lukash_D
Denmark - simmovich and kennethan
France - Sebio94100 and teren13
Germany - Mados4k and SmArTdOg1970
Hungary - lepkeke and cooky962
Ireland - ellens and Diamondgeeza
Italy - billiko and gvilla2
Netherlands - Donkey_C and Daanfold
Norway - dancealot and ToneLA111
Poland - BartekPL and morderbest
Slovakia - wfox007 and LooserSR
Slovenia - Damc_MB and skunkmasta
South Africa - legrang and dhl39
Spain - brsariego and Rompe1946
Sweden - Nitram_10 and AJES74
Switzerland - 88778877 and RichieRichZH
Portugal - filpebap and Poeira4
United Kingdom - Purr Of Aces and N!GTMAR3
Iceland - eatyourstac and eiki9

Quite an impressive group of countries, right? Congratulations to all of the above-named winners!

There are more to come, as tournaments are playing at this moment to determine more playoff participants. Stay tuned today for more results of the national team finals today. And visit the World Cup of Poker V page for more information.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker