World Cup of Poker: Finalists Named for USA & Canada

WCP logo.JPGThe road to the Bahamas where the World Cup of Poker will be decided is a long and winding one, consisting of many qualifiers and playoffs. And for a handful of United States and Canadian players, one of the biggest hurdles has been overcome with the conclusion of the divisional qualifiers this past Sunday. Now, the remaining players look to the playoffs on Sunday, December 7th to compete for their shot at the live finals in the Bahamas.

For now, let’s look at who came out on top for the United States and Canada. After some hard-fought battles a few days ago, with every state and province separated into groups to play for points, only three states and three provinces could and did prevail. When all matches were decided and points tallied, the results were as follows:


Group 1: Quebec (derek8, ROCKETMANN44, sclarke792, miloup007)
Group 2: Nova Scotia (lobstrman29, dendoggone, AK**QUEEN**, born_in53
Group 3: Canadian Territories (deaonhope, pam05, polarbrr, Muck Or Call)

United States

Group 1: North Carolina (XbonezX, RandALLin, DAPBowler, CapeFear777)
Group 2: Wisconsin (JBDenaro157, D1rtyR1v3r, LaddFactor, AlwaysTilt13)
Group 3: South Dakota (thesidedish, blkjck, toddsplace, deblv3)

The next step for the above-listed players will be to compete in the divisional playoffs on December 7th, and the stakes will be high. It will be the day that some teams will be knocked out of contention and others will be starting to make travel arrangements for their trip to the Bahamas in January of 2009. The eyes of the online poker world will be on those divisional playoffs on the first Sunday in December as that fate is determined.

In the meantime, what do they do? Besides hone their skills a little more on the PokerStars tables, they can tune in this Sunday, November 30th, to see who their teammates will be. The national team finals are scheduled for this weekend as qualifying players from November 28th and November 29th rounds will compete for their seats in the divisional playoffs next to the players listed above. In fact, the national team tournaments this weekend will be played all over the world, with every participating country finalizing their line-ups to go into the December 7th playoffs. The entire schedule of Sunday tournaments can be viewed on the World Cup schedule page.

It is an exciting time for national team spirit and the online poker players who are looking to represent their respective countries in the World Cup of Poker V finals in the Bahamas. Besides the prestige and national pride on the line, there will be the bonus of all-expenses paid trips to the Atlantis Resort and Casino in the Bahamas in January. Clearly, that is something to fight for on December 7th.

A hearty congratulations goes to the U.S. and Canada teams who will go to the playoffs! Tune in on Sunday for the national team finals, and visit the World Cup of Poker V page for more information.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker