World Cup of Poker: Latin America & Rest of the World Seek Final Teams on Sunday

WCP logo.JPGIt is a safe bet that people know where Latin America is and can identify the countries in the region. Along with Mexico, there is South America and Central America, and online poker has become quite the popular game in Latin America.

But the rest of the world is a fairly large mass to cover. Considering there are World Cup divisions for the United States and Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom, three spots for the rest of Europe, and Latin America, that technically leaves only one all-encompassing division for other participating countries. Division Rest of World, therefore, includes countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the South Pacific. One of those regions will win a seat during the Divisional Playoffs on Sunday, December 7th and send the participating players to the Bahamas. Will the potentially long flights be worth the chance to play at the World Cup of Poker finals on a sunny beach resort island? We believe so.

The times for the playoffs were established to most easily accommodate the players in each division. Therefore, the Latin American countries will play at 1:00pm ET on Sunday, and the rest of the world will take their seats at 8:00am ET, which is certainly not as bad as it sounds when the actual times in each participating country are calculated. Without further ado, let's list those countries.

Division Latin America:

Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala

Division Rest of World:

Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Armenia, South Africa, Lebanon

Each of the above-listed teams is made up of four players - two freeroll qualifiers and two leaderboard qualifiers. Some of the finalists are still being confirmed, but all will be ready prior to the tournament start times on Sunday. Wouldn't you be if the live finals in the Bahamas were on the line?

Speaking of Sunday, don't forget to tune in throughout the day for live blogging, as the PokerStars reporting team will be present and in top form to write accounts of the action as it goes down on the tables. The entire schedule for all divisions can be found here, and you can visit the World Cup of Poker V page for additional info.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker