World Cup of Poker: Results from 11/30/08 National Team Finals

WCP logo.JPGOn the last Sunday in November, a total of 54 nations sat down at their respective PokerStars tables to determine the final members of those nations' teams for the World Cup of Poker V. It was anything but a lazy Sunday for those competing players.

Each tournament resulted in the top two finishers securing their spots on those national teams, and those teams will compete on December 7th for a place at the live final table. Only nine teams will make it to the Bahamas for that much-anticipated event, so the virtual felt will be alive with tense but healthy poker competition next Sunday.

Oh, and the PokerStars blogging team will be all over it with live blogging to bring you the wins and losses, and all of the exciting action that leads to those results.

To get an idea of who will be participating in the Divisional Playoffs on December 7th, we should let you know who qualified for those teams yesterday. The results of the first 34 national team finals that finished yesterday were reported here. The remaining 20 tournaments that played out, some of which were detailed here, resulted in the following team members being determined:

United States - J@M0K3Y! and ba-detroit
Canada - SEWB and johncrack
Argentina - Nikks_07 and poro14
Brazil - arielbh and kinhomd
Israel - cutio and EMINEM_T
Peru - ficofico75 and MARWEST
Uruguay - estefano17 and CROSA COLL
Guatemala - tortumen and ratsed
Venezuela - RCSGOLD and pokerfrank76
Chile - wuaren2 and capdevila
Columbia - diegovergara and migelco
Costa Rica - TIJO and armandotje95
Mexico - AntoineMex and Kingeorge63
New Zealand - El Wayneo and Jubinator
Australia - Wollongong_i and BOILIN WATER
China - yxw111111 and mailhyip
Japan - islamei and putiko248
Korea - kimsurnhong and IamJK
Philippines - bmumali and gumasta
Taiwan - StarRainy and Justin0720

These finalists, along with those determined over the past few weeks through freeroll and tournament leaderboard qualifiers, will join together in less than a week to play for their prize packages that will send them to the Bahamas and the World Cup of Poker V finals.

Visit us for updates throughout the week that will list the members of the teams and look forward to the Divisional Playoffs next weekend. For the times that each division will play, check out the schedule page. And, if you crave even more information, visit the World Cup of Poker V page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker