World Cup of Poker: U.S. & Canada Declare State/Provincial Finalists

WCP logo.JPGThe action took place yesterday on computers all over the United States and Canada, as players representing all states and provinces competed for the opportunity to take their World Cup dreams to the next level. It is an unprecedented experience to play poker on behalf of one's region of a country, not to mention the country itself. Two players from each state and province are one step closer to achieving that goal.

A select few of the following winners will be on their way to the Bahamas for the World Cup of Poker V in January of 2009, but not before they put those poker skills to use in the divisional qualifiers next weekend. There is more work left to do, but determination is no stranger to poker players. Coveted positions on the World Cup teams don't come easy, and everyone who earns one of those spots will know that they worked hard to get there.

Speaking of players who are looking to represent their countries on their respective teams, some of the preliminary action was documented here, and the following is the list of United States state and Canadian provincial finalists:

U.S. finalists:

Alabama -- ChRisdad08 and NJerseyAL
Alaska -- chechacho and AkDenaina
Arizona -- Hummy53 and web.geek
Arkansas -- Lil Woosie and REBECCAH_56
California -- mtl2d and luv2ridehrly
Colorado -- pokerdwarf and
Connecticut -- its McKenzie and scobgo
Delaware -- PokerNatzi11 and Harks259
District of Columbia -- Capt. Amiry and st8_nigga
Florida -- number3232 and Pinball Doug
Georgia -- DARTHTATER and SavannahNuts
Hawaii -- Herr and bigkawik
Idaho -- diane585 and CHRISBILLY
Illinois -- carlsen1989 and Crossmaglen1
Indiana -- Pkrbroker and thawk111
Iowa -- KOpoker187 and KenLou
Kansas -- melvin471 and pokerdad124
Kentucky -- Tom Bayes and CaptSmitty1
Louisiana -- ZeirosLion and jbjns
Maine -- cw120473 and jamaicadan
Maryland -- jimimic and Donkeylip
Massachusetts -- D-warms6 and THE141
Michigan -- KidIcee and MonkeyHouse2
Minnesota -- xolivoilx and timmer1946
Mississippi -- newdogms and SandyB2008
Missouri -- PokerYouth and -=Hjtman=-
Montana -- aaa_poker_1 and marinerskidd
Nebraska -- leftwynn and BIGJACK R
Nevada -- brady #12 and Vita MD
New Hampshire -- NJDevilspker and nhmoose
New Jersey -- stealthycat and drazzysoup
New Mexico -- richiebugman and iamsnorkie
New York -- peibaby and aronowm2
North Carolina -- DAPBowler and CapeFear777
North Dakota -- IaMuNbLeSt and IamDeceived
Ohio -- Kid Rock24 and wormdaddy12
Oklahoma -- spf7 and DragonFist66
Oregon -- superdobly and Anato1iy
Pennsylvania -- MerlinTheWiz and echaney
Rhode Island -- LBChris10 and varone3737
South Carolina -- creekrunner7 and holdorfold4
South Dakota -- toddsplace and deblv3
Tennessee -- carddr01 and Pup Dalton
Texas -- daddypoooh and combatflyer
Utah -- jh75 and destroydj
Vermont -- koslammy and craftyandsly
Virginia -- allin_cul8er and scotthog
Washington -- Z Biz Owner and Natastic
West Virginia -- pokerkingqb1 and LauraKayWV
Wisconsin -- LaddFactor and AlwaysTilt13
Wyoming -- PJnPillows and Wrangler8

Canada finalists:

Alberta -- zappygreen and Sudoku Lady
British Collumbia -- delionsfio and broyd
Canadian Territories -- polarbrr and Muck Or Call
Manitoba -- wayroy and juventus777
New Brunswick -- MooseLight1 and Habswon
Newfoundland -- KHstar and dickandrita
Nova Scotia -- AK**QUEEN** and born_in53
Ontario -- Tilter and jasonw1978
Prince Edward Island -- hotshot1976 and peichamp
Quebec -- sclarke792 and miloup007

Tune in next Saturday, November 23, for more World Cup action as the divisional qualifiers for the United States, Canada, and Germany take to the felt for their chance to move to the next level of this exciting tournament series.

For more information, visit the World Cup of Poker V page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker