World Cup of Poker: Worldwide Divisional Playoffs Tomorrow

WCP logo.JPGIt is an exciting time in poker for national pride. The World Cup of Poker gives nine nations the opportunity to play for global recognition and the title of world championship team. In addition, the participants of each of the nine teams going to the finals are in for an unforgettable experience, courtesy of PokerStars.

The World Cup of Poker reaches a climactic point tomorrow as 54 countries compete in the much-anticipated Divisional Playoffs. Over the past few weeks, players have played freeroll after freeroll for the chance to be in this position, and as the levels of the World Cup challenge came ever closer to the Playoffs, the tournaments got tougher and more contentious. As the fun of poker consumed them week after week, the tension also rose as the ultimate prize began to come into view.

That prize we speak of is a coveted seat at the World Cup of Poker V live final tournament, the one that will crown one national team the internationally recognized team of champions. And to get there is half the fun, as nine teams of four players each will be flown to the Bahamas, more precisely the luxurious Atlantis Resort & Casino. All-expenses-paid prize packages will fly each of the members of the final teams to the island where the World Cup of Poker will play out alongside the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA).

The Divisional Playoffs on Sunday, December 7th, will result in those nine teams being decided and learning more about their prize packages. It is the stuff of dreams, so you can believe that each of the players in the nine divisions will be playing their hearts out tomorrow. The playoff times are as follows:

Division Germany: 8:00am ET
Division Europe I: 8:00am ET
Division Europe 2: 8:00am ET
Division Europe 3: 8:00am ET
Division Rest of World: 8:00am ET
Division United Kingdom: 9:00am ET
Division Latin America: 1:00pm ET
Division Canada: 3:00pm ET
Division USA: 3:00pm ET

Right from the beginning, the PokerStars reporting team will be on the case, watching the action and live blogging the best (and worst) of it right here on the PokerStars blog. So stay with us from the early morning hours of Saturday until the last tournament is completed, and cheer on your team of choice as they compete in the Divisional Playoffs.

In the meantime, check out the winner page from 2007 (USA) to see just what type of prestige and excitement awaits the ultimate winning team. And visit the World Cup of Poker V page for additional info.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker