World Cup of Poker: Closing in

"That's how we do it!"

This was Daniel Negreanu railing a teammate who doubled up with K-J, hitting a king on the flop and turn. Negreanu made it sound easy, something his buddy at the table was having trouble believing.

"Yeah, sure!"

The eliminations are starting to happen. Negreanu himself is out, leaving everyone else at his table, including Greg Raymer for the USA, in the points. New Zealand's Lee Nelson just sent Poland's Patryk "Rambo" Slusarek to the rail, leaving seven on his table. It would have been six had Vicky Coren not got lucky on an all-spade board to split her all-in pot.

_MG_1111_Neil Stoddart.jpg

One onlooker pointed out one interesting fact about the World Cup of Poker. Players are eliminated but stick around to watch their team mates. It seems unnatural in a game depending on the individual but people are generally having a good time, regardless of defeat.

More points are being scored as we write, with eliminations leaving others in the points. It shouldn't be long before the final scores are in.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in World Cup of Poker