World Cup of Poker: Final table updates

Below you'll find regular updates from the final table of the PokerStars World Cup of Poker which you can also see for yourselves, live on EPTLive with every hand, including hole cards, shown from start to finish. Click refresh for latest updates as the final progresses and for a detailed explanation on the structure of the final check out today's introduction.

7pm: Chip counts at the break
Great Britain - 64,825
Poland - 44,850
United States - 39,650
Latvia - 37,800
Italy - 37,175
Mexico - 30,025
Germany - 28,275
New Zealand - 27,800
Canada - 8,600

6.58pm: End of level 5
That's the end of the fifth level of the final. Everyone has played and all the chips are in play and now have a one hour dinner break before play resumes. When it does things should start getting interesting...

6.50pm: Good fold
USA player Benjamin Zamari wins a 5,550 pot against Luca Pagano who was in the tank on a board of Q-3-Q-2-2. Pagano held pocket eights to Zamari's pocket jacks. A good fold by the Italian. USA close to 40,000 chips.

Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano shared his thoughts on the World Cup of Poker...

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6.41pm: Massive pot
Derek Morris and Jan Heitmann see the flop of 2s-3c-7c. Morris has pocket queens and makes it 900 to go. Heitmann, holding 8s-7h, raises to 3,200 in total which is re-raised by the British player to 7,500. Heitmann calls, making it a pot worth more than 18,000. The turn card came a Ts. Heitmann went to his stack and added 8,000 to the pot. Morris wasted no time in moving all-in for 37,700 more - a total of 63,000. Heitmann, stone faced as always, asked for a count but eventually folded. Great Britain has more than 63,000 now.

6.32pm: Pot for Team Pro
Poland captain Marcin Horecki makes it 650 pre-flop with Ad-Qd and Denis Hamlyn called with K-Q from the big blind for a flop of 2c-4d-9d which Hamlyn checked. Horecki made it 1,000 to go which the Canadian called. The 7h on the turn is checked by both players before the Td river card gave Poland the flush. Hamlyn checked and Horecki bet 3,000. Predictably Hamlyn folded - another pot for Poland.

6.20pm: Pause in the action
Play stops as the players change over again for the next level with blinds at 100-200 with a 25 ante. The final wave of players are now in their seats with all the chips now in play...

David Huber - Mexico - 29,175
Marcin Horecki - Poland (Captain) - 44,100
Dmitrijs Kurchins - Latvia - 38,775
Richard Grace - New Zealand - 28,825
Derek Morris - Great Britain - 46,925
Denis Hamlyn - Canada - 11,325
Benjamin Zamani - USA - 33,900
Jan Heitmann - Germany (Captain) - 46,050
Luca Pagano - Italy (Captain) - 40,375

6.15pm: Mr Tight
In the last hand of the level Maltby makes it 525 with pocket tens which Deeb raises to 1,725 with Q-J. The player with the tight image, Italy's Michelle Migliori, calls with K-Q. Maltby calls too for a flop of Ah-4d-9s, which hits no one but finds the Italian raising to 3,000, good to scare away the others.

6.08pm: Same hand different outcome
With three players to a flop of Kh-9h-2h both JC Alvarado and Shaun Deeb hold T-6 only Alvarado's are hearts giving him the flush. He bets 2,875 before Alvarado moves all-in. Deeb makes a quick fold.

5.59pm: German relief
Georg Geissler takes down a pot after a three minute tank against JC Alvarado. The German had A-K with a king on the flop and an ace on the river. Alvarado had pocket jacks and folded them when his opponent pushed all in. Relief on the face of the German.

5.53pm: Chip counts
Latest combined chip counts that include chips not yet in play...

Great Britain - 47,975
Poland - 43,300
USA - 42,175
Italy - 36,425
Latvia - 36,225
Germany - 34,075
Mexico - 33,275
New Zealand - 29,550
Canada - 15,700

5.49pm: Good re-start for Latvia
Ivanovs of Latvia makes it 600 pre-flop with pocket queens which Shaun Deeb raises to 1,750 with Ah-Kc. The flop hits both, Ad-Qc-6d, and both check. With a 5s on the turn Ivanovs makes it 3,000 which Deeb calls for a river card 3d. Deeb is behind but makes it 6,700. Ivanovs calls and shows his winning hand which Deeb is shocked at, stifling a laugh. A good pot for Latvia at the start of the level.

5.45pm: A new cast of players
Level four is about to start with blinds at 100-200. Here are the new players...

JC Alvarado - Mexico
Jerzy Slaby - Poland
Vjaceslavs Ivanovs - Latvia
Steve Devlin - Great Britain
Blair Maltby - Canada
Shaun Deeb - United States
Georg Geissler - Germany
Michele Migliori - Italy
Jordan Bryant - New Zealand

5.36pm: Last hand of the level.
Four players see a flop of Ts-Jh-2s. All four players check for an Ad on the turn. Wanda Whitlock, holding black jacks, makes it 1,000. Raymer folds, Barriere called and Houghton folded for Great Britain. The river came a Kh, crushing Canada's hand with a straight for Mexico. Whitlock bet 1,000 and Barriere raised to 3,000 which was ultimately called - jacks costing Canada again.

5.31pm: Poland good for 7k
Pawel Chmiel picks up a pot worth 7,200 with A-Q against Great Britain's Laurence Houghton's pocket threes.

5.25pm: USA all-in
Nicholas Webb of New Zealand makes it 400 pre-flop and Greg Raymer of the USA calls before Antoine Barriere of Mexico re-raises to 1,200 holding Ah-Kh. Only Raymer calls with Ks-7s. The flop came 6s-9c-4s. Raymer checked before Barriere bet 1,200. Raymer called. On the 6d turn Raymer checked again before Barriere made it 2,400 this time. Raymer raised to 6,000 which was called by the Mexican. The Qs on the river made the flush for USA who moves all in. Nothing to do but fold for Barriere.

Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer talked about the World Cup of Poker earlier today...

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5.15pm: Pot for the Brits
Dogged determination wins an unwinnable pot for Laurence Houghton of Great Britain against Peter Schmidt of Germany. Houghton was betting out with nothing hoping to dissuade the German from following him and did so. Nearly 5,000 to Great Britain.

5.11pm: Chip counts...
These are the current chip counts, including chips not yet in play...

Great Britain - 49,675
USA - 46,800
Poland - 41,450
Italy - 36,950
Germany - 36,050
Mexico - 33,725
New Zealand - 28,700
Latvia - 25,300
Canada - 20,325

5.06pm: The new line up...
Antoine Barriere - Mexico
Pawel Chmiel - Poland
Juris Saicens - Latvia
Laurence Houghton - Great Britain
Wanda Whitlock-Canada
Greg Raymer - USA
Peter Schmidt - Germany
Villa Fabrizio - Italy

5.05pm: Play resumes
Blinds are now 75-100. Peter Schmidt wins the first pot of the level.

5pm: Laganovska laggingLaganovska takes another hit for Latvia on the last hand of the level.

4.55pm: End in sight
The level is coming to an end. The next round of players are getting ready to take their seats.

4.51pm: Relief for Laganovska
Ance Laganovska makes it 500 pre-flop holding Ac-Kd. Karl Mahrenholz raises to 1,025 with the same hand only his are suited hearts. It's folded back to the Latvian who calls. They see a flop of 9h-3h-Kc. Top pair for both but a dangerous looking flush draw for Great Britain. Laganovska bets 1,500 and Mahrenholz raises to 3,600. Laganovska calls for an ace on the turn. The money was always going in. Laganovska made it 3,000 and suspecting he was free rolling, Mahrenholz moved all in, getting the call. Laganovska saw the outcome and asked for no hearts. A plain looking Qs on the river chopped this one.

4.45pm: First for Armstrong
Bilancetti makes it 500 pre-flop with pocket jacks which Armstrong of the USA calls holding K-Q. They see a flop of Qd-Ts-5h which is checked to Italy who makes it 500. USA calls. The turn card is a nine which both players check before a seven on the river. Armstrong makes it 1,000 for USA which Bilancetti calls, sending the pot to the USA, a first for Armstrong.

4.39pm: Waking up in a 7k pot
Karl Mahrenholz finds himself in a pot worth more than 7,000 with middle pair, folding it in time to save himself more chips with Leszak Krawcynski of Poland holding a flush.

4.30pm: Canada on the rise
Daniel Negreanu tangled with Wayne Lo in a pot, his 9-6 hitting a nine on the flop to ultimately trump Lo's pocket fours.

4.27pm: Good fold.
Munoz of Mexico makes a good fold against Mahrenholz's set of tens, kicking off this second level.

4.25pm: Any minute now
A delay in the action ends and play re-starts...

4.15pm: Reloading
Another chunk of chips arrives for each chip stack with each new player bringing their share with them. Blinds are up to 50-100 and the new line up looks like this...

Jose Munoz - Mexico
Leszak Krawcynski - Poland
Ance Laganovska - Latvia
Wayne Lo - New Zealand
Karl Mahrenholz - Great Britain
Daniel Negreanu - Canada
Bruce Armstrong - USA
Bastian Wulff - Germany
Valeriano Bilanetti - Italy

4pm: Players take a break
Play pauses for a short break while the new players are wired up and take their seats at the final table.

3.59pm: Huge hand
A scary hand develops started by Vicky Coren with pocket aces who makes it 150 pre-flop. Tammy Bailey of Canada calls with pocket jacks. Strothmann of Germany does to with a jack and Omar of Italy does the same with K-Q.

The flop seems to hit everything... J-9-T.

Coren makes it 1,200 which is called by Bailey and Omar. The four on the turn is checked to Bailey who bets 1,500 before Omar raises to 3,000. Coren folds her aces leaving them to it. Bailey calls but needs the board to pair to avoid being crushed by Omar's straight. It doesn't come and when he bets all in on the river Bailey calls, ending her World Cup.

At the end of the hand the level ends, to Italian cheers. Next up for Canada though will be their captain, Daniel Negreanu.

3.55pm: No lay down for Latvia
Five minutes of the level left to play before the players are replaced. Latvia may regret that as their captain Jurdzs has begun picking up a few pots.

3.52pm: Again with the fives
Malthe Strothmann finds pocket fives again and makes it 150 pre-flop. Krisjanis Jurdzs of Latvia re-raises with 5-4 and it's folded back to Germany. Strothmann folds this time, giving Latvia the pot.

3.50pm: Germany calling?
Another pot for Great Britain thanks to Coren's betting with 9-6 on a nine high flop. Strothmann thought about calling for Germany but decided no.

3.42pm: Big pot for Poland
Pennisi Omar of Italy runs into trouble in the form of Patryk Slusarek's pocket fours. The Italian had an ace and must have liked how things were running when the flop and turn brought two more. But Poland had flopped a set and the two aces gave Slusarek a full house. Poland up to 8,500.

3.32pm: The first level players
Jorge Lozcano - Mexico - 8,200
Patryk Slusarek - Poland - 7,400
Krisjanis Jurdzs - Latvia (Captain) - 5,400
Lee Nelson - New Zealand (Captain) - 5,800
Vicky Coren - Great Britain (Captain) - 10,000
Tammy Bailey - Canada - 5,000
Jarred Gabin - USA - 9,000
Malthe Strothmann - Germany - 6,200
Pennisi Omar - Italy - 6,800

3.29pm: First hand
With blinds at 25-50, Malthe Strothmann bets 150 pre-flop for Germany, flopping a set on a board of... 5c-9h-2h

Coren calls with K-Q but Lozano raises to 2,000. Germany pushes all in, sending hope and fear through the German ranks. It's 4,050 more. Lozano calls with pocket tens. Tens and a backdoor flush would save Mexico. The turn is a 5d giving Germany quads, doubling up Strothmann. Not a bad start.

3.25pm: Order of battle
Team captains submitted their rosters before play began. Three team captains will play first. Vicky Coren of Great Britain, Lee Nelson of New Zealand and JC Alvarado of Mexico.

3.22pm: What the..?
In a moment of unscheduled fanfare the New Zealand team perform a traditional Haka, more commonly seen performed by the All Blacks rugby team around the world and here strung together by three Kiwi poker players not ashamed to show a bit of heritage. Meant to intimidate this one entertains. A fine turn though.

Team PokerStars Pro and New Zealand captain Lee Nelson spoke about the World Cup of Poker earlier today...

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3.19pm: Opening ceremony
The teams march into the Imperial ballroom, Olympic style, to start the final, draped in flags, led by the team captains as the PCA plays out either side of them.

2pm: We're nearly set...
Players are gathering around the feature table in team formation. The action will begin at 2.30pm ET but due to issues of fairness a time delay of one hour will be in effect on the broadcast. Updates should appear here from 3.30pm ET.