World Cup of Poker: Play continues in the final

Below you'll find regular updates from the final table of the PokerStars World Cup of Poker which you can also see for yourselves, live on EPTLive, with every hand, including hole cards, shown from start to finish. Click refresh for latest updates here as the final progresses and for a recap on the structure of the final check out today's introduction.

3.28am: Germany are the new World Cup of Poker champions, collecting $100,000 for first place. Full report to follow.

3.27am: New Zealand are eliminated in second place for $70,000
On the first heads up hand Germany moved all-in with Qh-8c and were called immediately by New Zealand narrowly ahead with Qc-9c. Heitmann would need help for Germany with none coming on a flop of Ah-Ad-7h. The turn though changed that bringing an 8h that put Germany ahead and even gave them the flush draw, making it with the 9h on the river. A long day finally comes to an end.

3.23am: Italy are eliminated in third place for $50,000
All three players see the flop of 4h-8s-2h. Pagano then made it 16,000 forcing out Grace before Heitmann raised to 16,000 holding 8c-7c. Pagano moved all-in with 8d-5h and was called instantly, outkicked by the German. Neither hand improved and the Italian team were out. The World Cup of Poker goes heads up, with one more hand remaining in the level.

3.20am: Updated chip counts...
New Zealand - 92,500
Germany - 116,500
Italy - 110,000

3.15am: Another all-in
Another double up for Germany, this time through New Zealand, A-T over Q-4. We play on...

3.07am: An all-in
Hardly surprising Germany move all in. This time Heitmann has pocket threes to Pagano's Ad-2c. The board runs Kd-8h-8d-4d-7s which doubles up Heitmann, keeping Germany alive.

3.05am: Uno Capitano
Pagano pushes his stack in, Italy are all-in with Qs-Js. New Zealand pass but Heitmann calls for Germany with red fives. It's a coin flip but not for long. Italy like the Tc-Qc-9c flop and the 4d turn and Kd river see them safely through, crippling Germany to an Italian chorus of "Uno Capitano".

3am: Your 3am chip count...
New Zealand - 165,500
Germany - 82,000
Italy - 71,500

2.55am: A German escape
Heitmann bet 15,000 pre-flop with Ah-7c. Grace in the New Zealand seat moved all in with Ac-Kh and Heitmann called. Germany would get a narrow escape though with the board running Jd-9h-8s-8h-9c for a split pot. A sigh of relief from Heitmann.

2.52am: Picking up where we left off...
Players return with two team captains in Luca Pagano and Jan Heitmann taking their seats. This is level 15 with blinds at 2,500-5,000 with a running ante of 500.

2.40am: End of the level
Italy takes the last pot of the level ahead of a ten minute break.

2.36am: Latest chip counts...
New Zealand - 162,400
Germany - 89,600
Italy - 67,000

2.33am: Team USA eliminated in fourth place for $30,000
The defending champions are eliminated thanks in part to the misery of pocket nines. Deeb pushed all-in with the nines, up against the Ac-8d of New Zealand. Deeb wanted to dodge an ace. He did, but ran headlong into a flop of Q-8-8. Those two eights eliminated Team USA after an unlucky level for Deeb. Three teams remain.

2.30am: Every little helps
Shaun Deeb boosts the Team USA stack by a round of blinds, moving in uncontested.

2.24am: Insta-call
New Zealand move all-in with Kc-6h and are insta-called by USA with pocket nines. It looks like the end of the road for the Kiwis but a king and a six hits the flop, doubling them up and sending them into the lead. Germany take a time out amid the celebrations.

2.12am: New Zealand all-in
New Zealand double up through Team USA. Richard Grace pushed with pocket kings and was called by Shaun Deeb with Q-J. Nothing hit the board to change the fact that New Zealand would double up. We play on.

2.05am: Time out
It's New Zealand's turn to take a minute to discuss tactics.

2.04am: We're back.
Germany take down the blinds in the first pot of the new level.

1.56am: Yet another level ends...
Players switch over once more as the blinds go up to 2,000-4,000 with a 400 ante. The chip counts are as follows...

USA - 107,400
Germany - 115,900
New Zealand - 48,000
Italy - 47,700

1.51am: Trading places
An Italy bet, a New Zealand raise and a Greg Raymer uncontested all-in shuffles the Americans back into second position.

1.48am: Up into second spot
New Zealand go into second place after a push all-in behind a raise and call from Germany and USA.

1.40am: The latest chip counts...
...are fairly close.
Germany - 110,000
USA - 78,500
Italy - 66,000
New Zealand - 64,500

1.34am: Time out
Luca Pagano calls a time out for his Italian team. To the time out zone they go. Germany meanwhile have breached the 100,000 chip barrier on 106,000. Italy decide to make a substitution with Michele Migliori stepping in.

1.31am: Great Britain are eliminated in fifth place for $10,000
It had to happen. Houghton pushed in with Ah-6h and whilst Raymer wanted none of it Strothmann had no hesitation, showing Ad-Jh. An ace hit the flop but not the six the British needed. Four teams remain.

1.22am: Britannia rules the negative waves
Great Britain move all in with As-6c and are called by Germany with A-7. Fortunes shines on them though, bringing high enough cards to split the pot.

On the next hand the British stack is boosted to 26,000 when they move in again with Ad-Qs and are called by New Zealand holding Kc-5s. The flop brings a five but the ace on the river bails out the Brits once more.

"I told him not to get it in with the best of it" quips Coren. They live on.

1.17am: The level ends.
That was the last hand of the level. When play resumes blinds will be 1,500-3,000 with a running 150 ante. Here are the latest chip counts...

USA - 84,800
New Zealand - 79,300
Germany - 75,700
Italy - 69,300
Great Britain - 9,900

1.16am: How the mighty fall
Karl Mahrenholz makes it 6,000 with pocket jacks and Shaun Deeb moves in with Ad-9s. Team USA are covered and it looks like the end for the defending champions. But the flop brings hope, a 9d before the turn brings another, saving Deeb and his team mates. It sends them into first place with 84,800 while the British have less than 10,000 remaining.

1.15am: Pot for Deeb
Italian player Bilancetti makes it 5,200 to go pre-flop with pocket nines. Shaun Deeb pushes all-in with K-Q, 41,000 in total. The Italian takes his time in folding but does so, showing Deeb his hand. Deeb mucks his cards and takes the pot.

1.10am: Latest chip counts...
New Zealand - 79,700
Germany - 78,100
Italy - 74.900
Great Britain - 52,200
USA - 34,100

1am: Team Poland are eliminated in 6th place for $10,000
Poland move all-in with Td-6s and are called by Malte Strothmann of Germany who shows Ah-Qh. A ten hits the flop but an ace hits the turn, ending the dream of a second World Cup title for the Poles. Down to five.

12.50am: For openers
Karl Mahrenholz pushes Shaun Deeb out of a modest sized pot, convincing the American his K-Q was more than his A-J.

12.40am: Players are back
Shaun Deeb steps up for Team USA, facing Karl Mahrenholz, Wayne Lo, Malte Strothmann and Leszek Krawcynski, with blinds at 1,000-2,000 and a 200 running ante.

New Zealand - 76,900
Italy - 63,900
Germany - 60,900
USA - 51,400
Great Britain - 45,700
Poland - 20,200

12.20am: End of the level
The level comes to an end with players permitted a 20 minute break.

12.15am: Team Latvia are eliminated in seventh place for $10,000.
Latvia's luck may have drained dry. The second of three monstrous hands doubled up the German team before a final hand saw Jurdzs move all-in with Th-9d only to be called by Gabin of Team USA with As-Qd. Nothing came on the board to save Latvia who's demolition was complete.

12.10am: Not your average raising hand
Six-seven off-suit isn't typically an all in hand but for the Brits anything goes. After Latvian captain Jurdzs made it 4,000 pre flop with pocket nines Coren moved all-in and was called.

"Think lucky thoughts".

Someone did. The flop came 4s-7s-Ks. The turn a 5d which blew the hand wide open. Coren needed a three, an eight, a seven, a six or a spade. The ace of spades was never so painful for Latvia, saving the Great Britain team.

12.03am: Last orders.
Marcin Horecki raises his arm from the rail and asks for a time out. He leads his team into the time out zone. Strategy? Tactics? Forget it. Vodka all round, a 'tactic' used to great effect in 2006. Happier, they emerge from out of the time out zone and move all in next hand. Good for the blinds.

11.55pm: One for the team?
Vicky Coren makes it 3,800 pre-flop with Ad-Jh and Jarred Gabin of Team USA moves all in with pocket fives. It's another A-J question for the British...

"If this was my own money it would be in so fast the baize would be torn" said Coren. "But I don't want them to be cross.

"Team spirit is unnatural! It's unnatural to be concerned for other people's welfare..."

Coren folded.

11.50pm: Vicky Coren calls a time out for Great Britain.
...then they slope off to the time out zone for 60 seconds of conflab.

11.45pm: Play resumes...
Play resumes with Vicky Coren and Lee Nelson back at the table. The chip counts look like this...

New Zealand - 79,650
Italy - 70,050
Latvia - 67,150
Germany - 30,300
USA - 26,475
Great Britain - 24,600
Poland - 18,775

After two hands Poland add 6,000 to their stack by taking the blinds.

11.35pm: End of another level.
Level 10 ends. Players take a short break before level 11 and blinds of 800-1,600 with a 200 ante.

11.31pm: Damage limitation
Marcin Horecki made it 3,000 pre-flop with As-Kd and Jan Heitmann called holding Ac-Ad. They both checked the flop of 4s-6d-Js for a Qh on the turn. Heitmann bet 3,000 but Horecki was having none of it, passing his hand before any damage could be done.

11.27pm: Up into the top three
A Latvian bet and a British call. Ah-Qs for the bettor, Jd-9d for the caller on a flop of Ad-3d-9h which gives both players a 50 per cent chance of winning the hand. Kurchins, for Latvia, made it 7,500 before Derek Morris of Britain pushed all-in. Kurchens called and needed to miss the 14 outs that would save Morris, twice. He did, doubling up and taking his team into third place.

11.20pm: Rule Britannia
Great Britain may have taken some knocks earlier but the fightback continues with Team GB back up to 62,000 thanks to a king-high straight against Team USA player Benjamin Zamani.

11.11pm: Italy into second
Luca Pagano takes a pot from Jan Heitmann with a pair of nines, tentatively checked on the end and enough to beat Heitmann's pocket fours. Italy currently sit second in chips with 71,450.

11pm: Latest chip counts...
Three team captains play this level with Jan Heitmann, Luca Pagano and Marcin Horecki taking their seats...

New Zealand - 64,250
Italy - 61,750
USA - 49,125
Great Britain - 44,150
Germany - 37,100
Latvia - 36,050
Poland - 30,575

10.55pm: Players take a break
There's a pause in the action as players take a short break. When they return, after tactical discussions and one or two substitutions, the blinds will be 600-1,200 with a 100 ante.

10.52pm: Team Mexico, eliminated in eighth place for $5,000.
In the last hand of the level JC Alvarado, hoping to guide his Mexico team out of the doldrums, finds Kc-Qd and bets 2,550. Britain's Steve Devlin announced all-in armed with two sixes and eventually Alvarado decided to call, heading to the rail for a glass of beer with nothing to lose. At least it was over quick. A six hit the flop making top set for the British who never looked back.

10.48pm: Crunch time for Mexico
JC Alvarado wins the second to last hand uncontested but Mexico are the short stack with 15,650, and blinds increasing in the next level to 600-1,200 with a 100 ante.

10.35pm: Turnaround for the Kiwis
Lee Nelson makes it 2,700 pre-flop with A-K from the cut off. Steve Devlin raises to 7,500 holding A-J on the button. It doesn't take Nelson long to say all-in making it a 43,000 pot, making it 26,000 to call. Would Devlin fold? No, he called.

New Zealand were the all-in team but Great Britain would need a jack. The flop came Td-3h-3c. Nelson started calling for specific safe cards. "Four of clubs" he cried for a turn, but got the 2s. Still no good for the Brits. Now Nelson called for the nine of clubs, and got it, making this defeat seem scripted. New Zealand are catapulted into the lead with 68,850. The British now need some help.

10.24pm: Latest chip counts...
Scores by team with blinds now 500-1,000 with a 100 running ante.

Great Britain - 61,275
Italy - 60,750
Germany - 42,600
USA - 40,725
Latvia - 38,550
New Zealand - 30,675
Poland - 30,225
Mexico - 17,500

10.05pm: End of the level
In the last hand of the level Houghton makes it 2,600 pre-flop with Ah-Js from the small blind. Raymer in the big blind finds pocket nines and re-raises to 7,500. Houghton then moves all-in making this a massive pot that could yet nearly double in size. Raymer took his glasses off, running through his options and reasoning with Houghton. 59,000 sat waiting in the middle.

"Probably a bad lay down" he said before folding his hand.

Players now take a ten minute break.

9.58pm: New leaders
Houghton bets 2,000 pre-flop with Ad-7d which Schmidt calls for Germany with two red fives. Villa wakes up with aces and re-raises to 4,000. He must have thought it was Christmas when Saicans of Latvia re-re-raised armed with pocket queens, to 11,800. After Houghton and Schmidt folded Villa moved all-in making it a 55,000 pot - 26,000 to the Latvian. Was he about to make an unfortunate call or make a great lay down? It was the latter. Italy take the chip lead but Latvia remain alive.

9.50pm: Fossilman in action
Greg Raymer makes it 2,000 pre-flop holding Ac-Kc, which is called by Italy's representative Fabrizio Villa with pocket sixes. The flop comes As-Qd-Qs which both players check. The 7c on the turn precedes a bet by Villa of 2,500 which Raymer, wearing the lizard eyes glasses, calls. The river card came 4c which the Italian bet at, 5,000 which Raymer called for a pot of a little more than 20,000.

9.43pm: A bet too far
Houghton of Great Britain finds 5c-2d and bets 1,050 pre-flop which Team USA captain Greg Raymer, holding 9d-8d, calls for a flop of Js-Tc-As. Houghton makes it 1,050 which Raymer again calls for a 7d on the turn which makes him a straight. Houghton checks before Raymer made it 3,000. Houghton was not ready to bug out though, raising to 8,500 before Raymer moved all-in. Too much for the Brit, who folds.

9.35pm: Latest chip counts.
Blinds have now increased to 400-800 with an ante of 75.

Great Britain - 61,000
Latvia - 52,075
Italy - 48,975
Germany - 41,725
Poland - 33,550
New Zealand - 30,250
USA - 29,800
Mexico - 19,625

9.30pm: Level comes to an end
Karl Mahrenholz makes another pre-flop raise to 1,525 holding As-9d, which is called by JC Alvarado with Ks-Tc and Ance Laganovska of Latvia with Ah-Qd. The flop comes 6c-3c-5h which is checked to Alvarado who makes a bet big enough to force the others out, the last pot of the level.

9.25pm: JC for Mexico
Mexico picks up another pot. JC Alvarado called a Latvian raise with Jd-2s. A simple bet on the 8c-Qs-9d flop was enough to take it down.

9.11pm: Time out
Team USA become the first team to call their time out. This means stepping into the time out zone where they are permitted a supervised conversation. After a quick chat the bell sounds and they resume without any substitutions.

9.10pm: Lo on high
Karl Mahrenholz bets 1,550 with Jc-Tc pre-flop which is called by Armstrong for Team USA with Kh-Qh. Wayne Lo of New Zealand on the other hand has two red aces and raises to 6,600. Mahrenholz asks for a count before folding. Armstrong calls for a flop of 9d-Td-6s. Lo moves all-in for 11,200 and Armstrong doesn't take long to fold.

8.55pm: Another change of scenery
Eight new places take their seats with their countries chip counts as follows...

Mexico - 20,275
Poland - 39,250
Latvia - 44,450
New Zealand - 18,000
Great Britain - 65,775
USA - 37,850
Germany - 46,675
Italy - 44,725

8.49pm: Last hand of the level
Malte Strothmann wins the last hand of the level for Germany, forcing Jarred Gabin from his gutshot straight draw for a pot worth 12,000. All change please, all change...

8.43pm: Jurdzs good for a few grand
Latvian captain Krisjanis Jurdzs has developed a habit of picking up pots after raising. Another few grand heading the Latvian's way.

8.37pm: Sheer British cheek
With 9d-2s Vicky Coren opts to bet pre-flop, 1,100 total. Lozano calls for Mexico, with 9h-8h, as does Slusarek of Poland, holding Th-8d. The flop came 5h-Qs-Qh which was checked to Coren who made it 2,500. Lozano called whilst Slusarek got out. The turn brought an As which was checked to Coren who bet out again, 5,000 which Lozano called. A 2d on the river which Lozano checked. Coren announced two pairs and sheepishly turned over her hand, leaning back and smiling apologetically at her team mates.

"Don't be cross" she said. "What a terrible example to set for my team..."

8.35pm: Latest chip counts...
Great Britain - 64,100
Germany - 44,800
Poland - 43,725
Latvia - 39,275
USA - 38,925
Italy - 37,450
Mexico - 29,900
New Zealand - 18,825

8.29pm: Solid play
Malte Strothmann makes a great decision after Lee Nelson had bet all the way. It's a pot worth more than 33,000 which the German won with a pair of kings to Nelson's ace-high.

8.22pm: British defeat Nelson
Lee Nelson raises pre-flop to 1,200 with Qh-6s but Vicky Coren suspects something, re-raising with Th-9h to 4,000, good for the pot.

8.15pm: Team Canada, eliminated in ninth place for $5,000.
In the first hand back Negreanu makes it 875 with K-Q but Lee Nelson immediately moves all-in with A-K, a total of nearly 28,000. Negreanu ruled out A-K and A-Q, opting to call because of that. What he saw put Canada's hopes at risk. A king hit the flop but not the queen and Canada head to the rail in ninth place.

8.10pm: Tactical explanation
Daniel Negreanu explained how he was happy to make the substitution play now knowing that if he fails he'll at least know it was the correct decision.

8.05pm: A recap of the chips...
Great Britain - 64,825
Poland - 44,850
United States - 39,650
Latvia - 37,800
Italy - 37,175
Mexico - 30,025
Germany - 28,275
New Zealand - 27,800
Canada - 8,600

8pm: Play set to restart
The rotation starts again in level 6 with blinds at 200-400 with a 25 ante. The only difference is that Canada have chosen to make a substitute move, with Daniel Negreanu replacing Tammy Bailey in level 6 as they attempt to try to kick start their struggling fortunes so far today.