World Cup of Poker: Two tables to go...

Great Britain captain Vicky Coren sent Malthe Strothmann to the rail with ace-king, helping her stack sour to more than 6,000. At her table is Lee Nelson, still in contention and supported by his team mates cheering his every play.

Then Italian player Valeriano Bilancetti moved all-in, called by Coren who apologetically turned over a pair of kings. Even more apologetically Bilancetti turned over his aces, getting a cheer from the crowd. The board ran out 5-J-T-A... prompting Coren to yell "Queen!" She got one on the river - more cheers from the rail and the Italian exited his table in fourth place.

On the table alongside Jerzy Slaby wins his heat for Poland, good for 15 points, leaving attention on Coren and Nelson who go heads up when the Mexican player is eliminated.

"Let's see who cares about their country the most" quipped Coren. "And let me point something out... I was born in mine" Bring it on!"

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The good natured scrap didn't last too long. Coren bet big with J-6 and Nelson called with K-8.

"I haven't got much" confessed Coren.

"I didn't think you had" replied Nelson, before watching a jack hit the turn.

"Never in doubt!" claimed Coren, winning her table and 15 points for Great Britain. Nelson picks up second place, worth 12 points, for New Zealand.


Stop press: All the tables are now completed, with Team USA, Mexico and Poland leading going into the final. We'll have the official results when they're made available by tournament staff.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in World Cup of Poker