World Cup of Poker VI: Final table updates

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Live updates from final table of the World Cup of Poker VI brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey. You can find the teams in our tournament introduction as well as a run down on what's in store today right here. You can also watch the action yourself from start to finish on EPTLive. You can also check back on the action from the preliminary events: Day 1a wrap ¦ Day 1b wrap

8.30pm: Over there
The action continues here.

7.33pm: Chips at the break

USA - 156,500
Germany - 138,000
Taipei - 107,000
Canada - 76,000
Croatia - 62,500

6th - Finland - $10,000
7th - Italy - $10,000
8th - Norway - $5,000
9th - Chile - $5,000

7.29pm: Break time
That's the end of level 12. Players have now earned a one hour dinner break. Play restarts at around 8.30pm local time-ish.

7.22pm: Another stride forward for USA
Germany made an 11,500 raise from the cut-off and then called USA's re-raise to 29,500 from the big blind. The flop came 8♠5♥8♦ and USA's 30,000 bet got through as Germany folded showing the A♠.

7.16pm: Four-betting
The pot opened with a raise to 11,500 from Canada in cut-off before Croatia three-bet to 21,000. The action didn't stop there though as USA moved all in from the small blind. Canada folded quickly as did Croatia showing jack-king off.

7.08pm: Italy eliminated in sixth place earning $10,000
Giovanni Manucuso moved all-in for Italy for 27,000 and Michael Dietrich, on for Canada, re-raised all-in. Italy showed K♣T♠ to Canada's K♥K♦. "Nothing weird" said Steve Deschesnes on the Canadian rail. The board came J♦4♣5♥A♥K♠. Canada eliminate Italy from the World Cup of Poker. Five teams remain.

_MG_8543_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Italian captain Luca Pagano doing his duty for the cameras

7pm: End of the level
You know the drill. Another break. Players change one last time before we take a dinner break after this level. Blinds are now 2,500-5,000 with a 500 ante.

Germany - 146,000
Croatia - 111,500
USA - 108,000
Taipei - 95,000
Canada - 50,000
Italy - 28,000

6.55pm: Double-up Stateside
Vanessa Rousso of Team USA kicks off the pot with an all in raise from second position for a total of 50,400. After taking a time out Italy come back and re-raise all in. All others fold and cards are on their backs. 5♥5♦ for USA and A♦K♥ for Italy and the board ran 7♦7♥6♠8♥J♦ to double Team USA up.

6.50pm: Still here
Canada raise all-in pre-flop from under the gun. Jan Heitmann asks for a count on the big blind but folds. Canada play on.

6.48pm: Super sub does the Italian job
Jan Heitman, in as a sub for Team Germany, opened the pot with a raise to 8,500 and received calls from both blinds. The flop came Q♣4♠K♦ and Heitman's continuation bet was called by Italy only in the big blind. The turn came 9♥ and Heitman continued the pressure with a 22,500 bet when checked to him. Job done as the Italian folded.

_MG_8357_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team Germany captain Jan Heitmann

6.44pm: Canada hang in there
Action folded around to Canada on the button who move all in for 33,000. The raise was big enough to make the blinds fold and Team Canada adds around 20% to their stack.

6.37pm: Finland eliminated in seventh place for $10,000
Jan Heitmann, on as a substitute this level, opened for 8,000 for Germany. Finland, reduced to 6,700, called all-in. Germany showed Q♣J♦ while Finland would need help with T♥5♠.

The flop came A♦K♠7♦, good for Germany. The turn, K♥ meant only a five could help the Finns and there was no sign of that on the 9♣ river. We're down to six in the World Cup.

6.25pm: End of the level
Raymond Wu gets a walk to end the level. Blinds now go up to 2,000-4,000 with a 400 ante.

Croatia - 124,600
Italy - 105,700
Germany - 102,900 (no more time outs)
Taipei - 96,300
USA - 69,900 (no more times outs)
Canada - 36,200
Finland - 6,700 (no more time outs)

8th - Norway - $5,000
9th - Chile - $5,000

6.22pm: Team Pros go at it
Team PokerStars Pros and Team Captains Raymond Wu and Jan Heitman just went to war with the German coming out victorious. Wu opened with a raise from the button and Heitman called from the big blind to see the J♥2♠3♣ flop. Check check. The turn came 4♠ and Heitman led out for 8,500 only to be raised up to 21,500. His response was to move all in for 63,900 and it did the trick as Wu folded.

6.15pm: Lady luck helps USA double up
The action folded around to Finland who open shoved before the Vanessa Rousso of the USA also moved all in for 36,700 from the small blind. Finland opened K♥Q♠ to Rousso's Q♥Q♦ and the board ran 3♥9♠T♣9♣6♦ to double up the USA team.

_MG_8375_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Vanessa Rousso

6.05pm: Play resumes
The next level is about to start. Officials have announced that the dinner break will follow about three more levels. As for now the blinds are 1,500-3,000 with a 300 ante. Raymond Wu has stepped in as a substitute for Taipei while Mike Dietrich steps in for Canada.

Chip counts in level 11:

Seat 1 - Finland - 50,000 (no more time outs)
Seat 2 - Croatia - 118,000
Seat 3 - USA - 34,000 (no more times outs)
Seat 5 - Taipei - 108,000
Seat 7 - Italy - 112,000
Seat 8 - Germany - 79,000 (no more time outs)
Seat 9 - Canada - 36,000

5.48pm: Big hand
A big hand develops, starting with Finland, opening for 4,100 under the gun. Italy then re-raised to 12,000 which Finland raised again to 20,600 total. Italy called.
The flop came J♥A♦3♠. Finland checked, Italy bet and Finland raised again to 21,000. Called for a 5♣ turn. Check by Finland, 9,500 from Italy which prompts a Finland time out. 60 seconds later Finland folded. Italy did all sorts of cheering and trade mark hand gestures in celebration. Another level comes to an end. A 15 minute break for players.

5.40pm: German ingenuity
Beers have arrived for the German team, some of which are being passed to the Canadians by way of an apology for the now famous accidental slow roll.

_MG_8270_Neil Stoddart.jpg

5.35pm: Norway eliminated in eighth place for $5,000
The hand started with an early position raise to 4,600 from Finland and a flat call by Raymond Wu of Chinese Taipei. Norway then moved all in for 24,000 and received a call from Wu after Finland folded. 4♥4♦ was the hand for Norway and they were racing against Wu's K♠Q♠. The board ran out J♦6♠6♦Q♣9♥ to bust the Norwegian team.

_MG_8318_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Raymond Wu, using what looks to me like a "one time", eliminating Norway in eighth

5.26pm: Wu win
Taipei, Raymond Wu in the chair, take a pot when they re-raise the United States who opened. They passed.

5.22pm: We're back
Play resumes in level 10 with blinds at 1,000-2000 with a 200 ante. Here's how things stand:

Seat 1 - Finland - 98,600
Seat 2 - Croatia - 122,500
Seat 3 - USA - 37,600 (no more times outs)
Seat 5 - Taipei - 70,800
Seat 6 - Norway - 28,200
Seat 7 - Italy - 61,500
Seat 8 - Germany - 81,200 (no more time outs)
Seat 9 - Canada - 39,600

5.16pm: That's the level
That was the last hand of the level. All change please.

5.15pm: A slow roll time out?
Luca Pagano opened for 4,000 from the cut off and Sasch Cornills, playing for Germany, raised on the button to 8,000. Darus Suharto asked how much on behalf of Canada and re-raised all-in. Pagano foled when the action reached him again. Cornills then turned to his captain Heitmann on the rail who noticed his man at the table was nervous. "Time out!"

"I'd like to go to the truck to see the hole cards," said Heitmann as he marches his team into the time out booth. When they re-emerged all seemed calm. Boom. Call.

K♥K♦ for Canada
A♣A♥ for Germany

Pagano looked back at Heitmann, grinning.

"I didn't know!" yelled Heitmann, explaining later than when Cornills hadn't snap called he figured he'd better help. Instead, a slightly embarrassed slow roll time out. "I'd never do that," added Heitmann who put it down to Cornills being inexperienced.

The board ran 8♦8♣3♠6♥J♦, doubling up the Germans to gasping relief among the wives and girlfriends.

5.08pm: Canada take intiative on flop
Four players saw a 4♥4♣2♣ flop after Finland had raised from first position. Canada was in the big blind and fired out a 7,500 bet. It was good as all players folded.

5.02pm: Big bests small blind
Action folded around to Norway in the small blind and they raised to 3,800, called by Italy's Luca Pagano in the big blind. After the flop came 3♦7♠2♣ Norway check-called Pagano's 3,800 bet. He'd had enough when the turn came 2♦ though, check-folding to a 6,500 Pagano bet.

4.55pm: Four way to the flop
Chinese Taipei opened the pot with a raise to 4,000 from under-the-gun and were called by Germany, Finland and Croatia. All players checked the flop so the board read 9♣7♠5♣4♠ at the turn. Croatia led out for 7,000 and got nothing but folds, leaving them the pot.

_MG_8465_Neil Stoddart.jpg

4.46pm: All change again
A few Viva Chile chants, the odd "U-S-A" too as players swap once more. Luca Pagano and Darus Suharto step in to the hot seats. Blinds are now 800-1,600 with a 200 ante.

Seat 1 - Finland - 105,600
Seat 2 - Croatia - 95,000
Seat 3 - USA - 42,600 (no more times outs)
Seat 5 - Taipei - 80,800
Seat 6 - Norway - 39,000
Seat 7 - Italy - 54,700
Seat 8 - Germany - 47,700
Seat 9 - Canada - 71,600

4.44pm: Small one for Finland
In the last hand of this level Norway's Johnny Lodden made a raise and was called by Canada and Finland from the blinds. The flop came 3♥Q♦8♠ and Lodden's 5,300 continuation bet was called only by Finland. The 4♥ turn and Q♣ river were checked through and Finland took the pot after showing six-eight as Lodden mucked.

_MG_8176_Neil Stoddart.jpg

4.38pm: Good sports
Jan Heitmann just walked over to Darus Suharto to shake his hand...

"Congratulations to Canada for improving on last year's finish."

Last year Canada came last.

4.35pm: Chile eliminated in ninth place for $5,000
Chile have become the first casualty of the day. With the action was folded around to them in the hijack they moved their short stack into the middle. Chinese Taipei were sat in the next seat and re-raised to 30,000, forcing the others to fold. Chile were in bad shape as they saw Taipei's J♣J♦ matching up well against their J♥T♦.

_MG_8244_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Chile's Rodolfo Awad, at the helm when the chips went in

The board ran out 4♦K♦7♠6♠6♥ and the Chile team leave to a generous round of applause.

4.32pm: First time out of the day
USA's Chris Burmeister opened the pot with a raise to 2,900 from the cut-off and was called by Norway's Johnny Lodden before a 3♠5♥2♦ flop. Lodden then check-raised the USA's 3,500 bet up to 8,900. At this point the USA used their one time out. Off they went for a 60 second conflab, Vanessa Rousso leading the discussions. When they returned Burmeister immediately announced all-in, prompting Lodden to fold. No more times outs for the USA but they're still alive.

4.23pm: It's getting Chile in here
Croatia opened for 2,600 and then drama! Chile re-raised all-in for 6,700 total. With the action back on Croatia they called in a flash, showing K♠9♦ to Chile's A♥T♥. Players of all nationalities rushed in close to watch and were then ushered out again to make room for the cameras. The board would keep Chile alive in the world cup, coming 2♥3♥8♦T♦6♣. Chile double up.

_MG_8447_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Shaun Sheffield of Chile

4.20pm: The business end
Not to make assumptions, but with Chile on the brink it might be a good time to have a look at what they're playing for today:

1st - $100,000 ($20,000 per person)
2nd - $70,000 ($14,000)
3rd - $50,000 ($10,000)
4th - $30,000 ($6,000)
5th - $10,000 ($2,000)
6th - $10,000 ($2,000)
7th - $10,000 ($2,000)
8th - $5,000 ($1,000)
9th - $5,000 ($1,000)

4.07pm: Chips at the break
Croatia maintain their lead while Chile hang on even tighter than in the last level.

Seat 1 - Finland - 99,600
Seat 2 - Croatia - 102,400
Seat 3 - USA - 30,100
Seat 4 - Chile - 6,800
Seat 5 - Taipei - 64,700
Seat 6 - Norway - 57,300
Seat 7 - Italy - 57,200
Seat 8 - Germany - 45,100
Seat 9 - Canada - 76,300

4.02pm: Break time
Players are now taking a 15 minute break before level 8, with blinds of 600-1200 with a 100 ante.

4pm: On the flop
Italy opened for 3,000 and were called by the United States for a flop of K♣8♥5♥. USA checked the flop leaving Italy to make it 4,500. That's good for the pot as the level ends.

3.56pm: All before the flop
Germany are forced out of another hand. Having opened for 2,500 Frank Boehrens was forced to fold when Antti Marijarvi re-raised to 8,000 total. Big cheers from the Finns.

3.50pm: Canada takes it away from Germany
Germany started with 2,000 raise from under-the-gun, called by Canada in the next seat and Italy in the big blind. All checked the flop and the board read J♠3♥Q♣[K♣ at the turn. A 4,000 bet was called by Canada for a 3♣ river. Germany checked this time and then folded to a 9,500 bet from Canada. The rest of the Canadian team leapt up and show their appreciation. A big pot.

3.40pm: Chip counts
Germany contine to climb up the chip list while Chile are the short stack. Time out anyone?

Seat 1 - Finland - 97,000
Seat 2 - Croatia - 99,900
Seat 3 - USA - 35,000
Seat 4 - Chile - 9,200
Seat 5 - Taipei - 67,600
Seat 6 - Norway - 53,400
Seat 7 - Italy - 63,000
Seat 8 - Germany - 53,600
Seat 9 - Canada - 69,400

3.33pm: Switch
That's another level done. Play will restart in a few minutes with blinds at 500-1,000 with a 100 ante.

3.30pm: On your feet
Another 5,000 to Germany after Jan Heitmann pushed aside Chile on a 9♣4♠2♠ flop. Again the German railbirds, largely made up of the wives and girlfriends, were on their feet.

3.27pm: Big slick good for Finland
The recent trend of under-the-gun raises continued with a 2,500 raise from Croatia. Action folded all the way around to Finland in the big blind who made the call. Finland then check-called a 3,500 bet before doing the same to a 4,500 bet on the J♦ turn. Both players then checked through the 6♣ river. Croatia opened up pocket fives but Finland took the pot with A♥K♥.

_MG_8038_Neil Stoddart.jpg

3.24pm: More for the Germans
Germans on the rail are finding their voice after captain Heitmann just won another pot against Tommi Saarinen of Finland. With the board showing 9♦7♥6♥2♣ Heitmann threw out a bet of 3,500 to go with the 2,000 he made it pre-flop. It was enough.

3.18pm: Captains
Jan Heitmann opened for 2,000 for Germany and was called by Mauricio Zeman for Chile for a flop of K♦2♣7♠. Chile checked and Germany took the pot with a bet of 2,500.

3.13pm: Croatia straighten things out
Croatia, USA and Norway all saw a 9♣T♥8♠ flop after the latter limped from mid position. Croatia led out for 2,000 from the small blind and only Norway called. Norway then called a 3,500 bet on the A♦ turn before folding to a 7,000 bet on the 7♠ river. Croatia showed jack-nine for a straight.

3.10pm: Play resumes
Chips and chairs at the start of level six

Seat 1 - Finland - 88,700
Seat 2 - Croatia - 104,600
Seat 3 - USA - 40,200
Seat 4 - Chile - 17,600
Seat 5 - Taipei - 69,800
Seat 6 - Norway - 61,900
Seat 7 - Italy - 50,600
Seat 8 - Germany 35,000
Seat 9 - Canada - 71,550

3.04pm: Off we go again
Croatia and Italy get walks and that ends the level. Here we go again with the "tag dance", people all over the place as chips get coloured up

3pm: Wave hello
It was only on a matter of time. Jan Heitmann just got the Mexican German wave going around the stage. First time round Taipei were caught napping but it got a good showing on the re-run.

2.55pm: Harden softens
Germany's Rasmus Ludke opened for 1,500 pre-flop which was called by Norway's Bjorn Harden. The flop came K♠6♥7♠. Norway check-called the 2,000 from Germany for an A♠ on the turn. Both checked for a 9♠ river card where Norway check-folded to another 2,500 from the Germans.

2.50pm: Norwegians good again
A raise from Norway in mid-position, called by Finland in the big blind for a 7♣Q♠5♣ flop. Norway made a 2,200 continuation bet that was called, taking us to the K♠ turn. Norway's 3,500 bet was enough to take pot as Finland folded.

2.47pm: Norwegian good
Bjorn Andre Harden is in the Norwegian seat. Harden is the only player to have won every match he's play - the nine-max, six-max, four-max and heads-up match yesterday.

2.45pm: We're back
Play resumes in level five with blinds at 300-600 with a 75 ante. If a player busts now their team will take no further part.

2.40pm: All change please
Another level done. Stepping forward are the fifth players of each team. That means that all chips are now in play. Stand by for substitutions after this level, times outs any time, all sorts of stuff.

2.35pm: Norway takes Tri-nations
Norway made a late position raise that Germany and Canada called from the blinds. Neither nation could take the heat on the T♣8♣6♠ flop as they both check-folded to a bet from Norway.

2.30pm: Blind battle
Chinese Taipei win a hand after calling a raise from Chile. It was a blind battle that brought a 7♠2♥4♦ flop. Chile made a continuation bet that Chinese Taipei called to see the 8♦ turn. Chile gave up at that juncture with a check-fold.

2.25pm: Pre-flop
A tense stand off between Norway and Canada. Christian Stokkeland opened for Norway, making it 925 from middle position. Darus Suharto, captain of Canada, raised to 3,750 before Norway then re-raised to 7,250 total. Suharto passed and Norway took the pot.

2.20pm: Featuring in level four
This round features two more team captains - Luca Pagano of Italy, and Darus Suharto of Canada.

_MG_8101_Neil Stoddart.jpg

2.15pm: Play resumes
The fourth level begins with blinds at 200-400 with a 50 ante. The chip counts are as follows:

Croatia -- 82,000
Finland -- 76,000
Canada -- 63,000
Taipei -- 54,000
Norway -- 44,000
Italy -- 36,000
USA -- 30,000
Germany -- 27,000
Chile -- 20,000

2.10pm: Nearly ready
Players will be back any second. By the looks of things there are some tactical discussions taking place in the wings. Others are being called back to the stage.

1.55pm: 15 minute break
Players are tagging for the third time now as the fourth player on the team steps up. They're now taking a 15 minute break. Remember, after four levels teams are then permitted to make up to two substitutions and can call time outs whenever they want.

1.45pm: Lodden pressure
Action folded around to CT on the button who raised to 800 and was called by Norway's Johnny Lodden out of the small blind and Italy out of the big blind. The flop came 6♣9♣7♦ before Lodden led out for 1,625. Both players called to the 7♥ turn where Lodden upped the ante with a 5,100 bet. The increased size did the trick as both players folded.

_MG_8024_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Norwegian captain Johnny Lodden

The very next hand Lodden managed to steal the blinds with a standard button raise.

1.35pm: One for Finland
An early position raise to 775 from USA was only called by Finland in the big blind. The flop came Q♦A♠2♥ before Finland check-called a 900 bet. That was enough betting as the 2♦ turn and the T♣ river were checked through. Finland opened queen-nine and it was good for the pot as USA folded.

1.27pm: What's the word for...
We are actually creating a new lexicon for the World Cup of Poker. There were no terms for the heads-up matches played yesterday - Matches? Games? Rubbers? No, not rubbers. So you might not notice any rigid terminology. Players have just "tagged" again, or are they "switching"? Another chunk portion fifth of their team's stacks are now added to the totals on the table. Blinds are now 150-300 with a 25 ante.

_MG_8131_Neil Stoddart.jpg

1.20pm: Italian cheer
Action folded around to Norway on the button who raised to 575. Italy called from the small blind to see a 4♥6♠9♦ flop. Italy led out for 1,200 and Norway made a quick call. The turn brought A♣ and this time Italy checked but called Norway's 1,600 bet. This was enough of the betting as both players checked the 4♣ river. Italy opened up pocket queens and it was good for the pot as Norway folded. His enthusiastic team mates applauded as he raked in the pot.

1.15pm: One for Finland
A pot to Finland on a checked board, Marijarvi's ace-queen good on a board of 2♥A♥6♣9♠5♣.

1.10pm: Go Germany
Despite having less chips than everyone but Chile, Germany have boosted their chances, taking another pot thanks to Frank Boehrens. Antti Marijarvi opened for Finland, making it 600 pre-flop. Germany called from the small blind for a flop of 6♠9♣3♣. Germany checked before Finland made it 900. Germany called for a T♠ turn card. Both teams checked for a J♦ on the river. Here Germany fired out 2,500 forcing Finland to fold.

1pm: Got it?
The new players now have their chips added to the previous player's remaining chips. Another fifth of each stack is in play.

12.58pm: Player change
The first player change is underway. It's a little like a dance from a costume drama.

12.57pm: All in!
A first all in by Wan Hsun Lau of Chinese Taipei. No takers though and less than a minute before the first "tag".

12.50pm: USA get stuck in
A first pot to the United States. Rousso made it 250, called by Norway for a flop of 4♥5♥5♠. Both checked for a A♥ on the turn. Rousso's bet of 400 was enough to take it down.

12.48pm: And another thing
While we're at it, another reminder. Levels are 20 minutes long and the blinds start at 50-100.

12.45pm: That's more like it
Jan Heitmann takes a second pot for Germany, this time with cards on the board: 2♦7♣T♣4♥3♥. A bet of 1,575 from Heitmann chasing out the Italians.

_MG_7992_Neil Stoddart-2.jpg
Born to play the World Cup of Poker - Jan Heitmman

12.44pm: How this works
Remember, each player has their share of their team's chip stack. If they lose it all the next player on their teams roster will step in.

12.42pm: Germany up
A walk for Germany. "Yes!" shouts Jan Heitmann, fist pumping towards his team. This is how he rolls.

12.40pm: Underway
First pot to Croatia, Andrija Vujic betting on a flop of 8♣8♥2♠ to force out Tommi Saarinen of Finland.

12.35pm: Oh my
Jan Heitmann just won the award for most enthusiastic entrance to a World Cup of Poker final table. Haven't seen something like that since New Zealand performed a Haka last year.

12.32pm: Stepping up
Jan Heitmann, captain of Germany, has opted to play first for his team, hoping to spin up their 30,000. Vanessa Rousso, leading the United States, does the same.

12.30pm: In the one seat

Seat 1 - Finland - 90,000
Seat 2 - Croatia - 100,000
Seat 3 - USA - 40,000
Seat 4 - Chile - 20,000
Seat 5 - Chinese Taipei - 70,000
Seat 6 - Norway - 60,000
Seat 7 - Italy - 50,000
Seat 8 - Germany - 30,000
Seat 9 - Canada - 80,000

12.25pm: Well, not quite
They got them all in, and now they've sent them out again. Players have popped out for last minute photos. When they get back we really will be ready to start.

12.20pm: Ready to begin
Players are taking their seats inside the closed off main stage. We're ready to go.


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