World Cup of Poker VI: Final table updates (cont)

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Live updates from final table of the World Cup of Poker VI brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey. You can find the teams in our tournament introduction as well as a run down on what's in store today right here. You can also watch the action yourself from start to finish on EPTLive. You can also check back on the action from the preliminary events: Day 1a wrap ¦ Day 1b wrap ¦ Levels 1-12

10.25pm: Chinese Taipei win World Cup of Poker VI
Talk about a fitting finale. Croatia moved all-in, after a few hands in which neither team was prepare to play finesse poker, and Taipei called. Taipei showed A♠2♠ against J♥9♣.

Cue cheering. Taipei tried to bend the one time rules with a "one more time" while the Croatians were yelling their equivalent and waiting for the flop. It was a flop that sent both of them crazy...


It gave Croatia bottom two pair and Taipei the nut flush draw. More cheering, more screaming. The turn...


Taipei had made their flush but cut short their celebrations when they realised another jack or nine would swing it back to the Croatians.

The river... T♠

A brilliant win to send Taipei into jumping up and down joy. Chinese Taipei are crowned the new World Cup of Poker champions. A full report on the day coming up.

10.21pm: First hands
Taipei move all in. Croatian captain Denis Kelemen says "nope" and passes. Next hand Croatia does the same but Taipei mucked. Kelemen showed aces.

10.17pm: Heads up
Does this really have to end? Well, yes. And it will take some Croatian rallying to overcome Taipei's current lead.

Taipei - 461,000
Croatia - 79,000

10.05pm: Canada eliminated in third place earning $50,000
Canada shoved and Taipei called. With that we're heads up. Taipei showed K♦K♠ to Canada's A♥6♦. Canada had some beers ready as the board was dealt 9♦Q♦3♣7♥2♠. All over for Canada, a great ride. Taipei and Croatia now face each other heads up after a ten minute break.

9.51pm: Up and up
That's the level. Blinds up to 6,000-12,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Taipei - 288,000
Canada - 138,000
Croatia - 114,000

9.50pm: Croatia aggression
Canada called from the small blind only to face an all in push worth 94,000 from Croatia in the big blind. It was too much and the cards were soon in the muck.

On the next hand Croatia moved all in from the small blind, taking blinds and antes as Raymond Wu folded.

9.43pm: No takers
Two shoves by Captain Wu for Taipei but no takers on each. Taipei have used both of their substitutions but have a time out remaining. To be fair, they've also used their "one time" chip. Only Croatia have substitutions available to them, and a time out. They may well have had their one time, I just couldn't tell.

9.35pm: "I love you Ray!"
The current obsession of the Taipei team.

9.33pm: USA eliminated in fourth place earning $30,000
With the increased blind level it's becoming a bit of a shove fest. The first to act was Raymond Wu who moved all in for 130,000 and found a caller in Vanessa Rousso in the big blind. Canada was thinking about calling too, asking how much.

"Don't worry it's too much!" said Wu.

Wu tabled K♣J♣ to Rousso's 4♣4♥ and the board came 8♣Q♣5♠3♦9♣, eliminating Team USA in fourth place.

9.25pm: End of another level
That's time on the level. Blinds up, again, to 4,000-8,000 with a 500 ante.

Canada - 172,000
Taipei - 132,000
Croatia - 126,000
USA - 110,000

9.20pm: Wu moved off pot
Chinese Taipei's captain Raymond Wu made a raise to 18,000 from the button. Croatia was in the big blind and used some of those newly acquired chips to re-raise to 41,000. It was too much for Wu who threw his cards into the muck.

9.17pm: Video interlude
As you're probably aware, this final table is being broadcast live over at Here our video team takes you behind the scenes to show exactly what it takes to bring you a live webcast...

Watch PCA 2010: Behind the Scenes of a TV Table on

9.15pm: Double through for Croatia
The Croatians have been fairly quite the last few levels, and their stack had dwindled a little, down to 59,500. Not any more though. They just doubled through the chip leading Canadians. It was folded around to the Canadians in the small blind and Steve Deschesnes moved all in with K♣J♦. The Croatians made the call with A♦9♦ and the board ran 3♣4♥T♠2♠A♣. Fist pumping for the Croatians.

9.10pm: More for Canada
Canada's resurgence continued when Steve Deschesnes raises to 36,500 behind a USA raise on a flop of 8♦K♣J♣.

9.03pm: Germany eliminated in fifth place earning $10,000
In the first hand of the new level there's an all in and a call. Action folded around to Germany in the big blind and they moved all in with 6♦3♣. Canada was sat in the big blind and looked down at A♦J♥ and made a quick call. The board ran out J♥Q♥5♥A♠Q♦ and we're down to four teams remaining.

It also means that there will be a new World Cup champion now that the defending champions are no more.

8.55pm: Time gentlemen
Canada take the blinds in the next hand, the last of the level. Five new players take their seats with blinds at 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante.

USA - 162,000
Canada - 136,000
Taipei - 98,500
Croatia - 71,500
Germany - 62,000

8.50pm: North v South
Canada moves all in for 66,000. Eventually the USA calls showing A♦K♠. They're ahead of the Canadians who show A♠7♣ and need help. The flop comes Q♥9♣J♥. No help. Steve Deschesnes calls "one time" and gosh darn it, he gets it, 7♥ on the turn. The Canadians went nuts, begging the river to avoid dealing them a killer blow. The 4♣ isn't and the Canadians double up.

8.44pm: Rock on
Just what did the American's get up to in the dinner break? Ryan Templin just won a big pot for them against Germany, and getting a few screams of appreciation from his team mates.

USA opened for 16,000 and Ludke raised to 40,000 total for Germany. USA called for a 8♠K♦9♦ flop. Both checked for a A♣ turn which was checked again. On the K♣ river Germany made it 35,000. Templin thought about things before calling. Ludke immediately folded, sending the chips to USA. Templin lifted his arm and made that "we will rock you" sign with his index and little fingers, soaking it up.

8.35pm: First pot
Germany takes the first pot, raising pre-flop and getting no takers, Rasmus Ludke in the replace Sascha Cornills.

8.30pm: Breaking news
Tournament directors have decided to replay the 2,500-5,000 blinds with a 500 ante as play restarts.

8.20pm: Chips before the restart

USA - 156,500
Germany - 138,000
Taipei - 107,000
Canada - 76,000
Croatia - 62,500

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The departure of Italy

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