World Cup of Poker VI: The second round

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Live updates from Day 1a of the World Cup of Poker VI brought to you by Stephen Bartley. You can find the teams in our tournament introduction as well as a run down on what's in store today. You can also check in on the PCA main event final table here, and watch it all for yourself on EPTLive.

6.35pm: Croatia still ahead
After two rounds the latest standings are as follows:

1st - Croatia - 63 points
2nd - Norway - 59 points
3rd - Chile - 56 points
4th - Chinese Taipei - 53 points
5th - Finland - 51 points
5th Canada - 51 points
7th - Canada - 51 points
7th - USA - 46 points
9th - Italy - 42 points

6.25pm: That's your round two
And the last result of the round is in, Norway beating Canada:

1st - Norway -- 10 points
2nd - Canada -- 8 points
3rd - Chile -- 7 points
4th - Croatia -- 6 points
5th - Italy -- 5 points
6th - USA -- 4 points

Full updated points totals on the way...

6.20pm: Two to go
Confirmation of the table two result:

1st - Chile -- 10 points
2nd - Croatia -- 8 points
3rd - Germany -- 7 points
4th - Canada -- 6 points
5th - USA -- 5 points
6th - Italy -- 4 points

6.15pm: One time
Unless I'm very much mistaken, that "WHOAA CHILE!" sound that just echo'd across the room was their second win of the round - Mauricio Ibarra beating Croatia to ten points.


6.10pm: Chile gets the win
A win for Chile on table one where Nicolas Campos Leal takes the ten points. In second was Italy, their best result so far. The full results:

1st - Chile -- 10 points
2nd - Italy -- 8 points
3rd - Chinese Taipei -- 7 points
4th - Germany -- 6 points
5th - Finland -- 5 points
6th - Norway -- 4 points

5.55pm: Phew
A vital double up for Chile on table two, keeping them alive against Italy. They play on.

5.45pm: Three down three to go
Three results are in, winners on tables three, four and five. One for Chinese Taipei, Norway and the other for the United States. Full results below:

Table 3

1st - Chinese Taipei -- 10 points
2nd - Finland -- 8 points
3rd - Germany -- 7 points
4th - Italy -- 6 points
5th - Chile - 5 points
6th - Canada -- 4 points

Table 4

1st - Norway -- 10 points
2nd - Canada -- 8 points
3rd - Croatia -- 7 points
4th - Chinese Taipei - 6 points
5th - Finland -- 5 points
6th - USA -- 4 points

Table 5

1st - USA -- 10 points
2nd - Chinese Taipei -- 8 points
3rd - Croatia -- 7 points
4th - Germany -- 6 points
5th - Norway -- 5 points
6th - Finland -- 4 points

5.35pm: Who's round is it anyway?
This could be Chile's Croatia's Chinese Taipei's round. Three of the six sit n-go's are now at the heads-up stage and two of those feature Taipei, against Finland and the United States. The other is taking place between Chile (could still be their round) and Italy (not likely to be their round).

5.25pm: More fallers
They'll be tears on the streets of Rome tonight. Another of the Italians has been sent packing, this time by Finland's Antti Marijarvi holding pocket jacks.

It was the same story for Canadian Wade Ackerman. He just busted, moving in on a 7♠8♠Q♠ flop with K♣Q♥ only to run into Andrija Vujic of Croatia holding 7♦8♣. The Croatian hot spell shows no sign of leaving them in round two.

5.10pm: Getting hot in here
Could this be Chile's round? Two of their players lead at their table as their captain, Mauricio Zeman, paces the floor wrapped in his nation's flag. The other tables are being led by the USA, Croatia, Norway and Chinese Taipei.

Mauricio Zeman

5pm: Tommi out
Perhaps it was the exertion of the last round when he played a marathon heads-up duel to win his sit n-go, but Tommi Saarinen is the first out at his table, seen off by his opponent from Chinese Taipei. Another faller.

4.55pm: Mama mia
More bad news for Italy. Valeria Bucciarelli just busted first on her table, that's good for four points in this round but Italy will need more to give themselves a good position at the final table. Points in this level are awarded in the same way as the previous round:

1st -- 10 points
2nd -- 8 points
3rd -- 7 points
4th -- 6 points
5th -- 5 points
6th -- 4 points

4.45pm: A reminder of the standings so far

1st - Croatia -- 35 points
2nd - Norway -- 30 points
3rd - Finland -- 29 points
4th - Canada -- 25 points
5th - Chile -- 24 points
6th - United States -- 23 points
6th - Germany -- 23 points
8th - Chinese Taipei -- 22 points
9th - Italy -- 19 points

4.35pm: No hanging about
Well that's two down. First one of the American team and just now Kirsi Korpi of Finland who was seen off by the American at her table out for revenge.

4.30pm: Play starts
Play starts in round two. Players begin with 3,000 chips and play 15 minute levels. Luca Pagano is pacing the floor behind his countrymen and women. Jan Heitmann, fresh from commentary duty for EPTLive, currently showing the final table of the main event, is doing the same.

4.20pm: Ding ding, round two
Welcome back for round two. It's pretty much like the previous round only this time they are six-handed and the team captains will sit this one out. The draw is under way right now.


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