World Cup of Poker VI: Unravelling day 1b

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After yesterday's drama the players in the World Cup of Poker VI deserved an evening to unwind. At the lavish drinks reception at the Water's Edge Restaurant at Atlantis's Coral Tower last night, teams formulated plans and made the decisions that will determine how today unravels.

Day 1b will feature heads-up matches, team against team, assigned according to yesterday's point totals. Day 1a featured three rounds of nine, six and then four handed sit n-go's and was dominated by a rampant Croatian side who were rewarded with a Bye through to the final table as leaders. The remaining eight teams will line up as follows:

Croatia - BYE
Norway vs Italy
Canada vs Germany
Taiwan/ Tai Pei vs USA
Chile vs Finland

Here's how this bit works.

Each player will play one heads-up match. That order of play, which cannot be changed, was decided on last night, perhaps influenced by a cocktail. As you'd expect there were tactics involved, psychology, guile, as players sized each other up. The captains meanwhile settled for a pre-ordained head to head contests. Italy's Luca Pagano and Norway's Johnny Lodden stands out as one of the much vaunted ties.


At the conclusion of each match points will be awarded; five points for a win, 10 points for a team victory and an additional 15 points if either team completes a sweep. Those points will then be added to the totals scored yesterday, which looks like this...

1st - Croatia - BYE
2nd - Norway - 93 points
3rd - Canada - 85 points
4th - Taiwan/ Tai Pei - 84 points
5th - Chile - 83 points
6th - Finland - 82 points
7th - USA - 79 points
8th - Germany - 77 points
9th - Italy - 71 points

That will then take us to the real fun part of this event - the final table, for the points won today will determine each team's starting stack tomorrow. As already mentioned, Croatia's performance ensures they'll start tomorrow with 100,000, while the others, depending on how things go for them this afternoon, will start with anything from 20,000 to 90,000 in what will be a 20 minute level tag team event complete with time outs and substitutions.

Now say all that back to me so I know you understand.

We start today at 1pm, or thereabouts, with the first of the heads-up matches - four at a time, 20 in total. The line-ups are in and most team captains have opted to play last, with the exception of the Chinese Taipei v USA fixture, which sees Wu and Rousso take each other on in the second match. Controversial? We'll find out soon enough.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in World Cup of Poker