WCP VIII: Bring on the water boy, Jake Schwartz steps forward

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgHumberto Brenes is one of the most expressive players on the poker circuit, particularly when TV cameras or an audience is nearby. So when he had both, albeit with the cameras pointing the other way towards the main event final table, you just knew that things were going to get lively.

"OOOOOOeeeeee, la sharkeeeeee. AAAAAaeeee, la Cucaracha," cried Brenes, arms aloft as if he'd already won the World Cup for Costa Rica.

pca_wcp 1_humberto brenes.jpg

Brenes giving it some Costa Rican

Okay, they may not have been his exact words - I admit, my Spanish no es bueno - but I get the feeling the words are less important than the volume, and there was plenty of that.

The Costa Rican captain had called a shove from America Jake Schwartz after looking at just one card, the J♣. Schwartz had tabled T♦T♥ and was in good shape to be a long way ahead - the right side of a flip at worst - to win the short-handed sit-and-go and score some more vital points of his team representing 'Rest of the World'.

"Let's see," Brenes had said before squeezing out the second card, the J♦. Cue the Brenes eruption...

Schwartz shook his head as the rowdy crowd closed in around him: "How does he wake up with Jacks?"

It's been a strange day for Schwartz so far, he wasn't even slated to play the event. He'd bumped into David Williams just moments before a PokerStars rep had informed the Team Rest of the World captain that they had a no-show. Williams had turned to Schwartz and told him: "You know that means you're playing, right?"

pca_wcp 1_david williams.jpg

Captain David Williams

Schwartz snapped off the opportunity to take part in the World Cup of Poker and as he's quickly finding out, it is is a truly unique event, an experience of a lifetime. Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't exactly the first time Schwartz has played poker, he had been en route to register for the $5,000 heads up when he bumped into Williams this morning, but the World Cup of Poker is spectacular in the truest sense of the word.

That tens versus jacks brought the stacks back to equal and shortly after Schwartz shoved Q♥9♣ into Brenes' A♣J♣ to give the Costa Rican a dominating lead.

"Boy, boy, boy, boy," mocked Brenes, playfully wafting his hand in Schwartz's face.

pca_wcp 1_jake schwartz.jpg

Jake Schwartz: laughing off the shark

Schwartz smiled knowing that hand pretty much settled the matter but a second-place finish in round two and a third-place finish in round one have made Schwartz one of the higher scoring players so far. As water boy replacements go, Schwartz is performing more than admirably. End of round two results to come shortly.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker