WCP VIII: Day 1 ends hopes of Italian double, resurgent Germany top


Who would have thought it? Reigning champions Italy out with barely a whimper. After round one and two performances that left them languishing in ninth position on the leader board, Italy limped out of their title defence with a ninth-place exit in the multi-table madness of round three. An ignominious end to a disappointing day for Captain Luca Pagano, an experience somewhat different from last year's finale.

Italy were first to depart (5 points) and they were followed by Team Rest of the World (10) and Costa Rica (15) before an impressive one-man survival show from Anthony Monestes booked France 20 points for a sixth place finish. That left five nations with Japanese captain Masaaki Kagawa the player shoving but after a solid day they fell in fifth (25) leaving Peru to grind on before falling in fourth (30).

pca_wcp 1_final table.jpg

The round three final table

Three nations battled on past midnight, more than six hours after round three began, with the Netherlands in control but Boeken doubled up Heitmann as plucky Tajikistan fought on. Tajikistan were the next to go (35) losing a flip to Germany setting up a Dutch-German heads up. The captains battled for a short while before Klaus Hornchurch despatched Johan van Til to take the full 50 points completing an epic comeback for Germany who had finished the first round in last place. They now lead Japan by one point.

1. Germany, 105 points
2. Japan, 104 points
3. Peru, 98 points
4. Netherlands, 97 points
5. Tajikistan, 92 points
6. France, 86 points
7. Rest of the World, 74 points
8. Costa Rica, 73 points
9. Italy, 55 points (RELEGATED)

pca_wcp 1_team germany.jpg

Team Germany completed an epic Day 1 turnaround

You can catch up with how Day 1 panned out by clicking on the links below. Play resumes at noon tomorrow. In the meantime spare a thought for WCP floorman John Keegan who is running a 5k charity run in less than five hours time.

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