WCP VIII: Japan bossing it after round one

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgTeam Japan have got off to a flying start winning three of the five sit-and gos of first round, scoring 41 out of a possible 50 points.

The league table shows that Japan and France are currently the teams to beat while defending champions Italy and poker powerhouse Germany are most in need for a good round two performance. These scores come fresh from the completion of the first round so there's plenty of time yet, but Japan will have to do some serious backpedalling now to be the one team that gets eliminated at the end of Day 1. Remember, only eight of the nine teams go through to Day 2 and the points carry.

1. Japan, 41 points
2. France, 33 points
3. Peru, 28 points
4. Rest of the World, 27 points
5. Tajikistan, 26 points
6. Netherlands, 25 points
7. Costa Rica, 19 points
8. Italy, 17 points
9. Germany, 14 points

pca_wcp 1_team japan.jpg

Thumbs up for Team Japan

Individual player breakdowns are as follows, and we'll keep those updated each round to find a MVP. Round two, five-handed turbos, has begun. The multi-table tournament is slated to start at 6.30pm. It should be a lot of fun.

Masaaki Kagawa (c): 7
Kosei Ichinose: 4
Atsushi Iwasa: 10
Yuichi Andoh: 10
Makoto Fukuta: 10
Team total: 41

Arnaud Mattern (c): 5
Anthony Monestes: 2
Guillaume Lebosse: 8
Philippe Lucas: 10
Sami Ben Ahmed: 8
Team total: 33

Martin Sansour (c): 1
Renato Nunez: 10
Luis Felipe: 6
Renso Renfigo: 7
Daniel Adrianzen: 4
Team total: 28

Rest of the world
David Williams: 4
Tbc : 7
Wu Shuk Man: 6
Carl Slate: 6
Pierre Lambert: 4
Team total: 27

Angel Davidov (c): 8
Ildar Faizakhmanov: 7
Yaukb Imamov: 2
Makisimov Dmitrievich: 2
Akmal Sultanov: 7
Team total: 26

Noah Boeken (c): 4
Johan 'bustosoon' van Til: 6
Andries Swart: 2
Peter Roeleveld: 3
Giel van Doorn: 8
Team total: 25

Costa Rica
Humbertop Brenes (c): 1
Ibuki Fukui: 1
Paul Cukier: 6
Onofre Sade: 3
Adrian Varela: 8
Team total: 19

Luca Pagano (c): 5
Luca Bonvicini: 3
Enrico Trainotti: 1
Niccolo Seccafieno: 3
William Olivieri: 5
Team total: 17

Jan Heitmann (c): 3
Christian Rudolph: 5
Dennis Wiedenbruck: 2
Klaus Hornschurch: 3
Michael Stobbe: 1
Team total: 14

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker