WCP VIII: Six remain as the tussle for the top continues

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgIn the lead up to the final table of round three of the World Cup of Poker both Team Costa Rica (7th) and the catch-all Team Rest of the World (8th) were sent to the rail, maybe not happy, but certainly relieved due to the knowledge that they had already booked enough points to make Day 2.

Italy had lagged behind in rounds one and two and a premature team exit in this multi-table round had guaranteed that all eight other teams had made it through. Those last six nations take the following stacks to the final table with the blinds set at 400-800, 100 ante.

Seat one: Germany, 11,000
Seat two: Japan, 24,000
Seat three: France, 7,000
Seat four: Netherlands, 32,000
Seat five: Peru, 22,000
Seat six: Tajikistan, 20,000

pca_wcp 1_jan heitmann.jpg

Captain Jan Heitmann is spear-heading a German comeback

pca_wcp 1_final table.jpg

Round three: the final table

Points carry through to tomorrow, Japan still lead, and look likely to be the first team to break the 100-point barrier.The league table

1. Japan, 99 points*
2. Peru, 88 points*
3. France, 86 points*
4. Tajikistan, 77 points*
5. Rest of the World, 74 points
6. Germany, 75 points*
7. Netherlands, 75 points*
8. Costa Rica, 75 points
9. Italy, 55 points (RELEGATED)

* The 20 points guaranteed for a sixth-place finish have been added.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker