Germany wins 2015 World Cup of Poker

After 32 games and four weeks, the World Cup of Poker 2015 is complete.

Sixty-three US players and seven players from France turned out for the third-place playoff on Sunday, so it was going to be an uphill struggle for France from the beginning. By the time the event was down to four players, the United States had it in the bag. Well done to "tookyr" who took down the event for the US, and of course the 72M chip prize.

world cup of pokerblog2015--47.jpg

The final was more evenly matched. Forty-seven players from Germany and thirty-five players from Kazakhstan turned out on Sunday. For the first half of the game Kazakhstan was able to grind down Germany and get the ratio of remaining players to even, a position they maintained until the closing stages. However Germany dug deep and knocked five players out in a row to take a lead into the closing stages, remaining dominant until the last Kazakhstan player was eliminated in fourth place.

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Well done to Germany for taking it down!

Thank you for all the players who participated in the World Cup, and well done to all the players from Germany who shared lifting the cup.

Looking forward to next year...

David Lyons
@PokerStars in World Cup of Poker