Arty_the_Cat claws her way to victory in Dec. 11 Women's Sunday

Sunday Special corner logo.jpgThe month of December is filled with holiday cheer as the PokerStars 10th Anniversary celebration continues. The excitement is everywhere, from tournament promotions to satellites to the upcoming PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. And this week was no different, as the Women's Sunday offered another amazing opportunity.

Players who participated in this week's Women's Sunday had a chance to win something besides a tournament title and prize money. To celebrate the big anniversary, PS Women was prepared to award every woman at this week's final table something extra: a $215 seat to the December 18 Sunday Million with a $10 million prize pool! Oh yes, and there will be $2 million of that money set aside for first place.

And next week? The winner of the December 18 Women's Sunday will receive - in addition to her prize money - a PS Women Live prize package to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January! That's a prize valued at $3,250 and puts you in the beautiful Bahamas. Not a bad way to ring in 2012, right?

As for today's Women's Sunday, we had another stellar crowd in action:

Total players: 312
Prize pool: $15,600.00
Paid finishers: 45

Among the many players who competed this week, there were two with PokerStars logos, which meant they each had a $50 bounty for any player who could eliminate them. The first to exit was Friend of PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander of Belgium, and soon to follow was Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez of Spain.

Play moved forward as the money bubble approached, and just after the 2.5-hour break, it burst when the very short-stacked InTheMoment busted in 46th place. That left flip.h8er as the first player to cash, taking home $93.60 for the 45th place finish.

Just past the 3-hour mark, only three tables were reduced to two, and the money bubble began just before the 3.5-hour spot. With money jumps, the prestige of the final table, and those $215 Sunday Million tickets on the line, no one was ready to move in carelessly. But short-stacked Black DILLER didn't have much choice and made the all-in move with A♠T♠. Roxy174 showed K♣Q♦, and the board came 5♥Q♣5♣J♣6♣ for the flush. Black DILLER exited in tenth place with $234.00.

RoxanaBerar roars into final table with chip lead

It wasn't until Level 19 that the final table was reached, and blinds were at 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante. The players' chip stacks were:

Seat 1: Arty_the_Cat (139,025 in chips)
Seat 2: RoxanaBerar (275,422 in chips)
Seat 3: yekta (64,727 in chips)
Seat 4: kluni82 (88,057 in chips)
Seat 5: MyAnnit (36,853 in chips)
Seat 6: roxy174 (68,292 in chips)
Seat 7: benmar (75,497 in chips)
Seat 8: BEGONO (62,762 in chips)
Seat 9: n@ch0_666 (125,365 in chips)

Women FT 12.11.11.JPG

A few rounds into the action, MyAnnit doubled through RoxanaBerar, and BEGONO doubled through benmar.

Yekta tried the same, moving all-in from the small blind after an early raise by kluni82. Kluni82 made the call with A♥J♣, which dominated the K♥J♦ of yekta, and nothing about the 7♣2♥Q♣8♥8♠ board changed that. Yekta exited in ninth place with $273.00.

A few hands later, a hand started with a raise from roxy174, call from benmar, and reraise all-in from n@ch0_666. After roxy174 folded, benmar called all-in with A♦Q♣. N@ch0_666 turned up K♠Q♥, and the flop of K♦K♥ made trip kings. The 6♥ turn and 3♠ river let that hand be and eliminated benmar in eighth place with $374.40.

MyAnnit made another move, pushing all-in from the small blind with K♣9♠, and roxy174 called from the big blind with K♥T♣. The board blanked with 5♦3♦7♠2♠A♦, and the kickers played to eliminate MyAnnit in seventh place with $530.40.

Roxy174 was the next player at risk, moving all-in from early position with A♦6♥. Arty_the_Cat reraised all-in with A♠K♥, and that worked to isolate. Nothing about the board of 5♣2♥7♠A♣K♦ board changed the outcome, and roxy174 had to leave in sixth place with $686.40.

BEGONO made a move from the small blind, all-in with K♠T♦, and n@ch0_666 called from the big blind with A♦3♣. The flop of T♥8♠A♥ left n@ch0_666 ahead when both players flopped a pair, and the 4♦ and 9♥ merely finished the day for BEGONO, who took home $889.20 for fifth place.

Shortly thereafter, RoxanaBerar put her stack on the line with A♥5♥, and kluni82 called with A♦T♠ in another clash of the blinds. The flop of A♣T♥K♥ gave kluni82 two pair, and the T♦ on the turn made that into a full house. The Q♠ on the river sent RoxanaBerar packing in fourth place with $1,287.00.

Arty_the_Cat was the shortest stack of the final three until this hand:

Three hands later, Arty_the_Cat moved all-in again, and kluni82 called all-in for less than 70K chips. Arty_the_Cat showed A♦Q♣, and kluni82 turned over 8♥8♠. But the flop of 6♠5♠A♠ improved Arty_the_Cat's hand to the best pair, and the 6♦ and 3♣ left kluni82 out in third place with $1,716.00.

And just like that!

The final two players were ready to finish the battle quickly and started with these stacks:

Seat 1: Arty_the_Cat (526,176 in chips)
Seat 9: n@ch0_666 (409,824 in chips)

That very first hand saw all of the action. Arty_the_Cat raised, and n@ch0_666 called to see a K♠9♠J♦ flop. A bet and call led to the 9♦ on the turn, and the same action brought the A♦ on the river. N@ch0_666 bet again, but Arty_the_Cat responded with an all-in raise. N@ch0_666 called all-in with Q♥T♠ for the ace-high straight, but Arty_the_Cat had K♦6♦ for the rivered flush. Second place and $2,262.00 went to n@ch0_666.

Arty_the_Cat of Canada won the tournament and took home $3,018.60 for that victory. Congratulations!

Women's Sunday Results for 12/11/11:

1st place: Arty_the_Cat ($3,018.60)
2nd place: n@ch0_666 ($2,262.00)
3rd place: kluni82 ($1,716.00)
4th place: RoxanaBerar ($1,287.00)
5th place: BEGONO ($889.20)
6th place: roxy174 ($686.40)
7th place: MyAnnit ($530.40)
8th place: benmar ($374.40)
9th place: yekta ($273.00)

There are many ways to get in on the Women's Sunday action. Take a look at the home page for information on daily satellites. And join us on Facebook for news and monthly freerolls, and Twitter for the latest information. See you next week!

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Women's Sunday