Janet167 wins tough fight for October 21 Women's Sunday title

Sunday Special corner logo.jpgIt makes sense that when Vanessa Selbst gives poker advice, people listen. So when she says that the PCA Ladies Event is the best women's event of the year, people listen. And women are waiting on pins and needles for their chance to win their seats into that best event that will take place in January at the 2013 PCA.

Satellites begin tomorrow, October 22. The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure itself is a massive poker festival consisting of 40 tournaments in 10 days, beginning on January 5. Qualifiers for the Main Event and other tournaments are already underway on PokerStars. The Ladies Event is a $1,100 buy-in affair on January 12 and 13, and satellites begin tomorrow. Players can compete all week for seats to the weekly $215 final, and one PS Women Live prize package is guaranteed each week. That prize package is worth $3,250, as it includes the tournament entry, hotel in the Bahamas, and money for expenses. Get all of the details on the PS Women Live web page.

With thoughts of the Bahamas in our heads, this's Women's Sunday got our attention and drew quite a few players:

Total players: 253
Prize pool: $12,650.00
Paid finishers: 36

Of that group, there were three members of Team PokerStars in action: Team Pro Sandra "Naujoks" Naujoks, Team Pro Ana Marquez, and Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome. They lasted not only through the first hour but toward the end of the second, as the field reduced to less than 100 players.

Of the three $50 PokerStars bounties, Rowsome was the first to exit, just after the two-hour mark in 78th place. And she tweeted about it with the BOOM hand replay attached. @talonchick wrote: "Congrats to Sugar_Beach1 who got my $50 bounty! @PokerStars in tournament '$55 Women's Sunday [$10K Gtd]'" and she linked to the BOOM replay here.

Naujoks was out soon after in 71st place, but Marquez was in the top half of the field at that point. She suffered some setbacks, though, but a double-up through Kaddava gave her new life as the money bubble closed in. A second double through KongFuPandaG put her in the top 10. She then eliminated last week's Women's Sunday winner - ZlyKurczak87 - one off the bubble in 38th place.

The money bubble then burst after ZEBRUSHA left in 37th, and BinaSa1978 was the first player to cash for $94.87. Marquez lost a bit of ground with three tables in action, and she lost a huge pot when KongFuPandaG and Zuzik87 were both able to double through her. Soon after she moved her 10,536 chips all-in with J♣8♣ against the A♣9♦ of hobi dyalii. The board came 4♦9♠5♠J♥9♥, and hobi dyalii collected the bounty while Ana Marquez, who is currently up for Player's Choice Award in the Estrellas Poker Tour Awards, finished this event in 19th place with $107.52.

Ana Marquez 4.jpg

Play moved along quickly, and AltisAltis was out in 12th, followed by KongFuPandaG in 11th just minutes before the four-hour mark.

Drkamikaze1 doubled through blaga173, and the latter then moved her short stack all-in two hands later with 7♦6♦. Lalique2011 was along with 8♦8♠, and that pocket pair held up to the 3♠4♣J♣K♥9♥ board. Blaga173 left in tenth place with $202.40.

LaliTournier leads final nine

These players and their corresponding chip counts were then ready to kick off the final table action:

Seat 1: drkamikaze1 (108,728 in chips)
Seat 2: LaliTournier (133,760 in chips)
Seat 3: lalique2011 (74,234 in chips)
Seat 4: hobi dyalii (51,468 in chips)
Seat 5: mntos (91,224 in chips)
Seat 6: Zuzik87 (83,650 in chips)
Seat 7: ManyManyM0re (102,820 in chips)
Seat 8: olkaklug (29,418 in chips)
Seat 9: janet167 (83,698 in chips)

WS FT 10.21.12.JPG

With a substantial first pot, mntos took over the lead, showing that no one was safe at this final table. But it didn't take long for LaliTournier to grab a 60K pot and first place on the leaderboard again. Janet167 doubled through lalique2011, and then the former took a pot worth more than 208K from mntos to take over first place.

Several of the players had made Women's Sunday final tables before, including drkamikaze1, who tweeted from @drkamikaze: "3rd ft this year in the women's Sunday. Can I finally ship it plz? Coming in 2/9." That remained to be seen.

Hobi dyalii was the first player with an all-in and call. She pushed all-in preflop with A♣T♣, and original raiser drkamikaze1 called with 3♠3♦. The board of 6♥8♣J♠3♥2♦ only improve drkamikaze1's hand to a set of threes, and hobi dyalii was the first one out, taking home $240.35 for ninth place.

Two hands later, lalique2011 made her move with T♠T♣, and the double-up looked promising when LaliTournier called with 9♦9♥. But the board of 5♠7♣8♠6♥7♦ made the straight, and lalique2011 had to leave in eighth place with $316.25.

The shortest stack of the remaining players belonged to olkaklug, and she moved her 8K chips all-in with 6♣5♠ from the small blind. Janet167 called from the big blind with J♣5♥, and that dominating hand had the best kicker as the board produced A♠8♠A♥A♣7♥. Olkaklug took home $442.75 for seventh place.

Mntos had doubled through LaliTournier in a previous hand, but mntos moved again. The hand started with a raise from ManyManyM0re. Mntos reraised all-in from the big blind with A♥Q♣, and ManyManyM0re called with 7♠7♦. The board of 2♣7♥J♦9♦3♣ only improved ManyManyM0re to a set of sevens, and mntos had to leave in sixth place with $569.25.

Zuzik87 doubled through ManyManyM0re, but there wasn't much other post-flop action among the final five. And about 40 minutes after five-handed play began, drkamikaze1 doubled through Zuzik87.

LaliTournier doubled through ManyManyM0re, and two hands later, LaliTournier got involved again. The hand began with a small blind raise all-in from drkamikaze1. LaliTournier called all-in from the big blind with K♠J♣, but drkamikaze1 had A♣7♠. The board of Q♣8♠3♣Q♥9♦ needed a kicker, and drkamikaze1's ace was it. Supernova player LaliTournier exited the tournament in fifth place with $733.70.

Three hands later, ManyManyM0re pushed her short stack all-in with A♠K♦, and janet167 played along with J♦9♦. The flop of 5♦7♠3♠ changed nothing, but the 9♠ on the turn gave janet167 the pair and the lead. The 6♥ on the river officially sent ManyManyM0re out in fourth place with $1,075.25.

Zuzik87 was ready to fight. She doubled once through drkamikaze1, and a few rounds later, she did it again:

RSS readers click through to see replay

It didn't take long for drkamikaze1 to push her stack of less than 150K, and she did it with K♣T♠. Zuzik87 called with Q♥Q♠, though, and that pair held up to the 6♣A♥4♠3♥6♥ board. Drkamikaze1 departed in third place - without that much sought-after victory - with $1,429.45.

Heads-up action

The last two players took their seats for heads-up play with these stacks:

Seat 6: Zuzik87 (472,852 in chips)
Seat 9: janet167 (286,148 in chips)

Zuzik87 took control and increased her lead. Janet167 took a series of small pots to get close to her starting stack, but then she woke up with pocket aces. She played them fairly conservatively through the turn, at which point she moved all-in, and Zuzik87 called with J-T. But the aces held up and gave janet167 a slight lead for the first time in the battle. However, a short time later, Zuzik87 doubled back through with queens over A-T. The stacks were nearly even.

The two players then decided to sit out just after the 5.5-hour mark as they waited for a moderator to pause the tournament and help them work out a chop. After some confusion, they finally spoke with a moderator and worked a deal for a chop, with Zuzik87 guaranteed $2,142.27 and janet167 promised $2,342.26 based on chip counts. They resumed play to compete for the title, both very happy and typing things like "we r both winners" in the chat box.

Zuzik87 took the lead, but janet167 then doubled up with pocket sixes over A-J to climb to 611K chips. Zuzik87 then doubled back once, but when Zuzik87 risked it all with A♠2♥, janet167 called with K♦5♣. The flop of K♣9♣2♣ gave janet167 the flush raw and pair of kings for the lead, and though the J♦ did nothing, the A♣ on the river made the flush. Zuzik87 had to accept second place and $2,142.27, while janet167 took the title and $2,342.26. Congrats to both players!

Women's Sunday Results for 10/21/12 (includes two-way deal):

1st place: janet 167 (Canada) - $2,342.26*
2nd place: Zuzik87 (Denmark) - $2,142.27*
3rd place: drkamikaze1 (Canada) - $1,429.45
4th place: ManyManyM0re (Belarus) - $1,075.25
5th place: LaliTournier (Brazil) - $733.70
6th place: mntos (Germany) - $569.25
7th place: olkaklug (Russia) - $442.75
8th place: lalique2011 (Mexico) - $316.25
9th place: hobi dyalii (Morocco) - $204.35

*Denotes two-way deal

There are many ways to get in on the Women's Sunday action. Take a look at the home page for information on daily satellites. And join us on Facebook for news and monthly freerolls, and Twitter for the latest information. See you next week!

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Women's Sunday