Lady Luck gave lucky lukyyy December 9 Women's Sunday win

Only a few more weeks left in 2012 meant that not much time remained to shop for gifts and send holiday cards. But almost as important, time was running out to win a seat to the PS Women Live event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January 2013!

The weekly $215 qualifiers will only run another few Sundays before players are on their own to get to the Bahamas. For now, there are still a select few chances for women to get into the next Weekly Final, which guarantees at least one $3,250 prize package, which includes hotel accommodations, Ladies Event buy-in, and $990.00 in cash. There are daily satellites running to make sure you have plenty of opportunities to win your way to the $215 Weekly Final. It's the perfect way to give yourself the holiday gift of poker and a beach resort getaway to the Caribbean!

Of course, another great holiday gift for yourself is the Women's Sunday action, which can lead to victory and more than $2K. This week, these were the final tournament numbers:

Total players: 206
Prize pool: $10,300.00
Paid finishers: 36

Action started with two of the members of Team PokerStars unable to gain much momentum at the tables. Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome was the first of the $50 bounties to exit, and Team Pro's Vivian Im followed a few spots later. Team Pro Liv Boeree got in on the tournament as well but also gave away her $50 bounty before she would have preferred.

That left the field wide open, and the money bubble burst into the third hour. Janusi4ka was the first player to cash for $77.25, and others followed as the field thinned to two tables into the fourth hour. It took nearly a full hour to reach hand-for-hand play, as competitors were serious about making the final table.

Finally, not one but two players exited on that bubble. On one table, Sodovaya moved all-in with A♣6♣ against the K♠Q♠ of Vicezo, and the board came J♠J♣5♠5♥]Kc] to river the best two pair for Vicezo. Sodovaya left in tenth place with $164.80.

At the same time, the other table saw codycash1 reraise all-in from the button with K♣K♥, and original UTG raiser lazykimbo called with A♣J♠. The board of J♥6♥8♠A♦6♦ gave lazykimbo the best two pair and send codycash1 out in ninth place with $195.70.

Vicezo leads final table of eight

The final table was set to go in the last half of Level 18, with blinds of 1,250/2,500 and a 250 ante. Players' starting stacks were as follows:

Seat 2: lazykimbo (81,841 in chips)
Seat 3: Pumbaatje-v (75,290 in chips)
Seat 4: Vicezo (158,446 in chips)
Seat 5: Amfan*Dexx (149,057 in chips)
Seat 6: zzzFFFzzz (45,908 in chips)
Seat 7: Orionovez (37,839 in chips)
Seat 8: katie75013 (27,941 in chips)
Seat 9: lucky lukyyy (41,678 in chips)

WS FT 12.09.12.JPG

Vicezo wasn't on top for long, though, as zzzFFFzzz quickly doubled through Vicezo, putting the latter in second behind Amfan*Dexx. Lazykimbo also took a pot worth more than 55K from Vicezo. Orionovez doubled through Amfan*Dexx, and lucky lukyyy did the same through zzzFFFzzz.

Katie75013 needed to improve on her short stack and moved all-in from middle position with 7♣6♥, but lazykimbo called from the small blind with 9♣9♦. The flop of 2♥5♠6♠ provided a pair, and the 8♦ on the turn added a straight draw. But the A♥ on the river failed to make that straight and eliminated katie75013 in eighth place with $257.50.

As Vicezo climbed back into the top spot on the leaderboard, zzzFFFzzz climbed with the following double through Amfan*Dexx:

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Orionovez sought her double-up by moving all-in from UTG with A♥9♣, but Pumbaatje-v reraised all-in to isolate, which worked as everyone else folded. Pumbaatje-v showed A♠J♠, which improved even further to a flush on the 2♠A♣5♦6♠8♠ board. Orionovez left in seventh place with $360.50.

Amfan*Dexx was the next player at risk, pushing preflop with 7♥7♦. But Vicezo called with Q♣Q♠, improved to best two pair on the 9♥4♦T♣K♦T♠ board. Amfan*Dexx was eliminated in sixth place with $463.50.

Lazykimbo then moved her stack all-in from the button with 3♣3♥, and Pumbaatje-v reraised from the small blind with A♦5♦. The flop of T♥8♦K♥ allowed the threes to hold up, but the 5♠ on the turn gave Pumbaatje-v the best pair. The T♦ on the river sent lazykimbo out in fifth place with $597.40

ZzzFFFzzz had lost ground but doubled once through Vicezo and then again through Pumbaatje-v, but the latter doubled through lucky lukyyy and then Vicezo, as shown here:

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After lucky lukyyy doubled through Vicezo, the former chip leader was left with less than 2K chips. She doubled that all-in on the big blind of the next hand, but moved all-in on the next hand again. Pumbaatje-v and zzzFFFzzz both called and checked down until the river of the K♦Q♠5♣2♦6♥. ZzzFFFzzz bet, and Pumbaatje-v folded. Vicezo had T♥4♥, but zzzFFFzzz showed 2♠6♦ for two pair and eliminated Vicezo in fourth place with $875.50.

Then lucky lukyyy doubled through Pumbaatje-v in this hand:

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Pumbaatje-v moved all-in soon after with A♣8♣, but zzzFFFzzz had Q♦Q♥, which stood up to the K♦7♦6♠T♠8♦ board. Pumbaatje-v exited in third place with $1,163.90.

Lucky lukyyy dominates quick heads-up

Heads-up play began with these chip counts:

Seat 6: zzzFFFzzz (252,523 in chips)
Seat 9: lucky lukyyy (365,477 in chips)

On the fifth hand, zzzFFFzzz shoved with A♥8♦, but lucky lukyyy had a dominating A♣Q♥. Nothing about the board of 6♠4♣6♣T♦3♠ changed anything, and the kickers played to eliminate zzzFFFzzz in second place with $1,545.00.

After finishing fifth in this tournament two weeks ago, lucky lukyyy claimed victory this week and $2,106.35 to go with it. Congrats!

Women's Sunday Results for 12/09/12:

1st place: lucky lukyyy (Finland) - $2,106.35
2nd place: zzzFFFzzz (Ukraine) - $1,545.00
3rd place: Pumbaatje-v (Netherlands) - $1,163.90
4th place: Vicezo (Lithuania) - $875.50
5th place: lazykimbo (UK) - $597.40
6th place: Amfan*Dexx (Russia) - $463.50
7th place: Orionovez (Russia) - $360.50
8th place: katie75013 (Mexico) - $257.50
9th place: codycash1 (Canada) - $195.70

There are many ways to get in on the Women's Sunday action. Take a look at the home page for information on daily satellites. And join us on Facebook for news and monthly freerolls, and Twitter for the latest information. See you next week!

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

Jen Newell
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