NotKillBears of Russia Hunts Down Women's Sunday Victory

Sunday Special corner logo.jpgAs the first Women's Sunday of October took off on PokerStars, a popular European Poker Tour spot heated up in San Remo, Italy. Svetlana Orlik won the 56-player San Remo Ladies Event for €5,850. Team Pro Liv Boeree entered day three of the Main Event with 81,000 chips, "the high point of (my) whole tournament so far." We'll be keeping an eye on Liv to see if she can shine again at the stop which earned her a million dollar payday and EPT title back in 2010. Team Pro Ana Marquez (hot off her second place finish at the WSOP-Europe six-max PLO event) has also survived to day three, with an above average stack of 162,000.

But plenty of pros were grinding online, including Team Pros Vanessa "Lady Maverick" Rousso, Celina Lin and Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander, all with $50 bounties on their heads. They joined over 200 others for a prize pool well over the 10K guarantee.

Total players: 231
Prize Pool: $11,550.00
Paid finishers: 36

Cylernet of Brazil scooped the first bounty of the tournament when her pair of nines beat Rousso's J♥ 7♥ on a 6♥ 7♠ 8♠ board. Vanessa tweeted @PokerStarsWomen "That was fun but playing with a bounty on your head is tough!! ;)" Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander was the next to go with K♦ T♦ when Lizetta of Czech Republic eliminated her with A♦ 7♦.

Celina Lin busted just shy of cashing in 40th when she shoved ten big blinds from the hijack and _valitsaki_, jammed in the small blind. _valitsaki_showed AK, outpipping Celina's AQ to snag the $50 bounty. The bubble burst soon thereafter as TiltingAlice of the Netherlands finished in 37th place.

After a quick series of eliminations, a longer bubble arose for final glory (and dollars). After several shortstack doubles, HUSTLheR0's King-ten knocked out Emoe10's King-seven to give us our final nine:

WS FT 10.07.12.jpg

Woody5y55 of United Kingdom was the first to go when she shoved 97s and lost to a pair of fives, netting her a 9th place finish worth $219.45.

Sistar8 of Greece busted in eighth with a pair of eights against NotKillBears straight, good for $288.75. SylkoS of Russia took seventh place for $404.25 when she ran her A♥ Q♣ into NotKillBears A♦ K♠ and the board ran out, T♠ A♠ 7♠ K♥ A♣.

Kluben930 knocked out booninc345 when she called a three-bet with nines to see a flop of 2♦ A♠ 9♥. Not in the mood to slowplay, Kluben930 check/raised all in on the flop and was crushing booninc345's Q♦ Q♥...until the Q♣ came on the turn. Fortunes changed one more time as the case nine hit the river. Booninc345, from Russia, stepped off the rollercoaster with a sixth place prize of $519.75.

That brought us to a long five-handed struggle, as short stacks doubled through larger ones.

WS FT 10.07.12 (5).jpg

A quartet finally formed when HUSTLheR0's Q♥ A♥ busted Baltasar999's A♠ K♣. A queen on the flop eliminated Baltasar999 for a $669.90 payday. Soon thereafter Canadian HUSTLheR0 's busted another one- her pocket fours won a race against British Balticblonde's queen-jack. Balticblonde took home $981.75 for her strong third place showing.

Once three-handed, talks of a deal were proposed, but chipleader Kluben930 shut that down with two words, "lol no."

A few hands later, NotKillBears raised on the button to 13,000 at blinds of 3000/6000, and HUSTLheR0 jammed 22 big blinds. NotKillBears called and showed A♣ J♣, which beat K♥ Q♦, eliminating HUSTLheR0 in 3rd place for $1305.15.

NotKillBears of Russia and Kluben930 of Germany began the Heads-up match with very similar stacks, but quite different styles. NotKillBears tended to raise small, the minimum on most buttons. Kluben930 defaulted to a much larger sizing; In one of the first hands of heads up, she jammed around 350,000 chips against NotKillBears's minopen to 12000.

Before we got a chance to see styles clash further, the two got entangled in the largest pot of the tournament. Kluben930 raised to 24,000 at 3000/6000 and called NotKillBears three-bet to 62,550. The flop came K♥ K♦ A♥ and NotKillBears check/raised jam but was in bad shape with A♠ J♠ against T♥ K♣. The ten on the turn gave Kluben930 a full boat but the A♦ gave NotKillBears a better one, crippling Kluben930.

WS FT 10.08.12 (2).jpg

Kluben930 clawed back, including a double with quad fours. Then came a critical hand in which NotKillBears raised to 12000, and Kluben930 three-bet smaller than usual to 30000. NotKillerBears 4-bet jammed for 260,000 effective and Kluben930 called with A♠ 8♠ but failed to improve against NotKillsBears pocket jacks. Kluben930 collected $1732.50 for second while NotKillBears took home $2362.08 for her victory.

Be sure to check out next Women's Sunday to see more dramatic run-outs and clashing styles. Till then, congratulations to the winners!

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Jennifer Shahade is a regular contributor to PokerStars Women. Her latest piece focused on her return to Stars from Jerusalem and the Tuesday PS Women Six-max.

Jennifer Shahade
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