Russia dominates, timeofbells wins October 28 Women's Sunday

Sunday Special corner logo.jpgWith November on the calendar to hit in a few days, it is a reminder that the holidays are around the corner and 2013 is only about two months away. The new year brings a lot of excitement, but not much like the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The Bahamas in January is more than a little attractive, and it's time to begin winning those prize packages to get there.

The PCA Ladies Event is one of the highlights of the tournament festival, and it is the most popular ladies tournament of the year. Even Vanessa Selbst says it is the one that ladies should strive to play. The tournament is set for January 12 and 13 with a $1,100 buy-in, but players have the opportunity to win seats from now until the end of the year for a fraction of that cost. Weekly $215 satellites offer at least one $3,250 prize package per week, and daily qualifiers allow cheap seats to that weekly final. Find the tournaments in the "Events" and "PCA" section of the PokerStars lobby, and obtain more information on the PS Women Live page here.

As exciting as are the prospects of the Bahamas and a PCA Ladies Event title, the Women's Sunday has a bit of its own weekly prestige. This Sunday, the registration showed that the $10K guarantee simply wasn't enough of a prize pool for our players:

Total players: 233
Prize pool: $11,650.00
Paid finishers: 36

The first PokerStars bounty to sign up for the event was Team SportsStars player Fatima Moreira de Melo. She was also one of the players to exit in the first hour of action. The other pro in action was Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome, a regular fixture in our weekly tournament, but she couldn't gain much traction this week. She exited in 86th place today.

The money bubble burst before the three-hour mark, and roxana1972 was the first player to cash, as she walked away with $87.37. Last week's second place finisher Zuzik87 finished in 26th place, and well-known players like luckyno75 and katie75013 exited during two-table action. With the eventual elimination of Lelya127 in 11th place, it didn't take long for libra787 to also make a move. She pushed with A♥J♦ from the big blind, and original UTG raiser KpacoTeHb called with 9♦9♠. the nines held up to the 7♥2♥8♠T♠2♠ board, and libra787 exited in tenth place with $186.40.

Booninc345 with booming lead

In Level 18, the final table was set with blinds of 1,250/2,500 and a 250 ante. Players' starting chip stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: anayat (34,998 in chips)
Seat 2: MoneyPenny07 (35,471 in chips)
Seat 3: KongFuPandaG (48,901 in chips)
Seat 4: KpacoTeHb (117,474 in chips)
Seat 5: booninc345 (185,535 in chips)
Seat 6: buddy1626 (29,510 in chips)
Seat 7: lazykimbo (32,983 in chips)
Seat 8: timeofbells (71,984 in chips)
Seat 9: SAKUROCHKA (142,144 in chips)

WS FT 10.28.12.JPG

The third hand saw short-stacked buddy1626 make a move. It started with a button raise, and when lazykimbo reraised all-in from the small blind, buddy1626 called all-in with A♦K♠. Lazykimbo had J♠J♣, and that pocket pair won the race when the board completed with 3♦6♦3♥5♥Q♦. Buddy1626 left in ninth place with $221.35.

MoneyPenny07 doubled through SAKUROCHKA, and the latter then doubled through timeofbells.

Meanwhile, the rich got richer as booninc345 continued to increase her lead. When KongFuPandaG made her move from the big blind, original raiser booninc345 called with Q♣Q♠, which was ahead of the K♥Q♥ of KongFuPandaG. The board of 2♥8♣3♣6♠4♦ changed nothing, and the queens eliminated KongFuPandaG in eighth place with $291.25, several spots better than her 11th place finish last week.

A few hands later, anayat pushed with A♣K♣, which looked good for a double-up when SAKUROCHKA showed A♥Q♥. But The board of 4♠3♦K♥9♥3♥ rivered a heart flush to send anayat out with the bad beat and $407.75 for the seventh place finish.

MoneyPenny07 was then back in action. When KpacoTeHb pushed all-in from the cutoff, MoneyPenny07 called all-in from the small blind with K♠4♠. KpacoTeHb showed A♦J♠, and though the T♥2♦7♣flop changed nothing, the A♣ on the turn only gave KpacoTeHb top pair. The 8♥ on the river ended MoneyPenny07's tournament in sixth place with $524.25.

Lazykimbo moved all-in on the very next hand after timeofbells raised UTG. Lazykimbo's all-in reraised from the big blind was met with a call from timeofbells with Q♠Q♣, but lazykimbo turned over A♥A♠. The board had different plans, though, when it produced T♠4♥K♦J♥9♥ to give timeofbells the straight. Lazykimbo had to leave in fifth place with $675.70.

Time for timeofbells

Timeforbells then scored this huge double through booninc345 to change the makeup of the final four:

RSS readers click through to see replay

A half hour went by before booninc345 was able to double-up, and it happened through timeofbells.

KpacoTeHb tried the same, moving all-in with A♠9♠. But timeofbells insta-called with A♦A♥, and the board of 4♣3♣7♣4♠J♥ left KpacoTeHb out in fourth place with $990.25.

Booninc345 was again the short stack but doubled through timeofbells to stay in action. But after more small pots and chip exchanges, booninc345 was back down to little more than 50K and moved again, this time with 6♣5♥. Timeofbells reraised with 9♦9♣, SAKUROCHKA folded, and the duel was on. The flop of 8♠4♦9♥ provided straight outs for booninc345 though it gave timeofbells a set, but the 2♠ on the turn and Q♥ on the river squashed those hopes. Booninc345 had to leave in third place with $1,316.45.

Heads-up play started with SAKUROCHKA holding only 52,444 chips to the 646,556 of timeofbells. So on the very first hand, timeofbells challenged with an all-in move holding K♦9♦. SAKUROCHKA called all-in with A♦6♥. The flop of 7♦4♥6♣ gave SAKUROCHKA the pair of sixes, but the 8♠ on the turn gave timeofbells the straight draw. The T♥ on the river completed that ten-high straight and eliminated SAKUROCHKA in second place with $1,747.50.

Timeofbells won the Women's Sunday title and $2,382.53. Congrats!

Women's Sunday Results for 10/28/12:

1st place: timeofbells (Russia) - $2,382.53
2nd place: SAKUROCHKA (Russia) - $1,747.50
3rd place: booninc345 (Russia) - $1,316.45
4th place: KpacoTeHb (Russia) - $990.25
5th place: lazykimbo (UK) - $675.70
6th place: MoneyPenny07 (Canada) - $524.25
7th place: anayat (Croatia) - $407.75
8th place: KongFuPandaG (Denmark) - $291.25
9th place: buddy1626 (Belgium) - $221.35

There are many ways to get in on the Women's Sunday action. Take a look at the home page for information on daily satellites. And join us on Facebook for news and monthly freerolls, and Twitter for the latest information. See you next week!

Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

Jen Newell
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