S00Z scoops Women's Sunday top prize of $2,556.25

Sunday Special corner logo.jpgAugust is in full swing, and so is our Pinterest Mobile Summer photo contest. We got through the first week with a fair amount of submissions and awarded our first weekly PS Women goodie bag to the judge's pick of best photo thus far. And every woman who submitted a photo will be receiving a ticket into $500 freeroll.

But it's not over! We have three more weeks to go, and there will be a new winner each week, as well as one overall winner who will receive a brand new iPad 2. What better way to play PS Mobile than on a snazzy new iPad? So check out the rules and conditions in this introductory post, and take a look at our ever-growing Pinterest account for photos already submitted. We also have sections of photos of our pros, events, and some of our most famous PokerStars parties.

Today, we had our weekly Women's Sunday with a very big crowd! Final registration gave us these numbers:

Total players: 250
Prize pool: $12,500.00
Paid finishers: 36

There were several members of Team PokerStars in the field today, and each woman carried a $50 bounty. The first to go was Team Pro Ana Marquez, and fellow Team Pro Liv Boeree exited soon after in 134th place, followed by Celina Lin in 112th. Friend of PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander hit the rail in 97th place, but still going strong as the two-hour mark approached was Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome.

Adrienne Rowsome PCA2.jpg

Talonchick had a rough patch as the bubble neared, though, and she had the misfortune of exiting near the bubble in 38th place. The bubble then officially burst when Se7enth Seal had her own share of misfortune by busting in 37th place. The rest of the players were guaranteed a minimum payout of $93.75, and play moved forward.

By the 3.5-hour spot, there were only 11 players remaining after the elimination of dreeniee82. Jamjars69 quickly exited in 11th, and hand-for-hand play went into effect. They played for more than a few minutes, and then two eliminations happened. On Table 9, Balinours moved all-in with A♦9♣ against the 3♥3♠ of NoMoreAlone, and there was no help for the short stack on the Q♠5♦T♠K♦T♦ board. Balinours exited in tenth place with $200.00.

On Table 6, $TurboPandi pushed from the small blind with K♥Q♥, and original raiser StuchuR.I.P. called with Q♦Q♠. The board of 2♠7♠7♣T♠5♥ didn't change the outcome, and $TurboPandi left in ninth place with $237.50 before making the official final table.

Good chip lead for pkrbadgirl

The final table began with these players and their chip counts:

Seat 1: Fruitsla (112,127 in chips)
Seat 2: StachuR.I.P. (105,530 in chips)
Seat 3: pro.julia (49,856 in chips)
Seat 4: pkrbadgirl (156,341 in chips)
Seat 6: S00Z (54,852 in chips)
Seat 7: fournz (87,222 in chips)
Seat 8: copperprop (66,078 in chips)
Seat 9: NoMoreAlone (117,994 in chips)

WS FT 08.12.12.JPG

Only a few hands into the action, pro.julia decided to move all-in from the small blind with 7♦7♥. Original raiser NoMoreAlone called with A♠K♦ and hit the fop of T♠A♦Q♠ for top pair. The 8♥ turn led to the Q♣ river for two pair, and pro.julia's lower two pair forced her out in eighth place with $312.50.

A few minutes later, NoMoreAlone got into another big hand. It started with her UTG raise and calls from fournz and copperprop in the blinds. The flop came Q♦5♠J♣, and copperprop bet. NoMoreAlone called, but fournz folded. The 8♠ on the turn prompted copperprop to move all-in with Q♥T♥, but NoMoreAlone called with K♠T♦. Both sought the straight and caught it when the 9♥ appeared on the turn, but NoMoreAlone had the better one. Copperprop had to leave in seventh place with $437.50.

S00Z doubled through NoMoreAlone, but the latter maintained a solid chip lead. But a bit later, StachuR.l.P. doubled through NoMoreAlone, and the two were nearly tied for first place.

NoMoreAlone certainly wasn't giving up. When fournz raised all-in with A♦J♥, noMoreAlone called with K♠8♠ and caught two pair on the K♣3♥8♦4♥Q♣ board. Fournz was gone in sixth place with $562.50.

S00Z then doubled through NoMoreAlone to change the dynamics of the table:

RSS readers click through to see replay

The very next hand saw NoMoreAlone in the big blind go along to see a raised flop with StachuR.I.P. and pkrbadgirl. The 5♦K♠9♦ flop brought a bet from NoMoreAlone and call from StachuR.I.P., while pkrbadgirl folded. The 9♥ on the turn brought a bet and raise, at which point NoMoreAlone reraised. StachuR.I.P. called, and the 8♦ came on the river. NoMoreAlone moved all-in with 9♠2♥ for trip nines, but StachuR.I.P. showed K♥K♣ for the full house. NoMoreAlone finished the tournament in fifth place with $725.00.

Fruitsla moved her very short stack of under 50K all-in with T♠9♠, and pkrbadgirl called with A♠J♠. The board of J♣J♥4♦A♥9♥ gave pkrbadgirl the full house, and Fruitsla departed in fourth place with $1,062.50.

Some big pots were being played three-handed, but it was pkrbadgirl on the short stack. She finally moved all-in for 83,294 chips with A♣9♣. StachuR.I.P. called with T♠T♦ and made a set on the K♦5♠T♥ flop. The 8♠ and 7♥ finished the hand and left pkrbadgirl out in third place with $1,412.50.

Big heads-up lead for StachuR.I.P. over S00Z

The last two players standing (or sitting - we really don't know) had these chip counts to start the battle:

Seat 2: StachuR.I.P. (583,170 in chips)
Seat 6: S00Z (166,830 in chips)

S00Z maintained her stack for awhile and finally found a spot with pocket fives. That stood up to the A-3 of StachuR.I.P. for a double to over 300K chips. S00Z had the momentum and continued to win pots to climb into the chip lead. But StachuR.I.P. eventually doubled back and retook the lead. The process repeated itself back and forth for more than an hour of heads-up play.

Finally, with StachuR.I.P. holding 319,010 chips to the 430,990 of S00Z, the two headed to a raised flop of T♣8♥3♥. StachuR.I.P. bet, and S00Z called. The 6♠ on the turn brought the same action, and the T♠ on the river brought an all-in bet from StachuR.I.P. with J♥8♣ for two pair. But S00Z called with Q♠8♦ for the same two pair with a better kicker, and StachuR.I.P. had to settle for second place and $1,875.00.

S00Z of the United Kingdom won the Women's Sunday and $2,556.25. Congrats!

Women's Sunday Results for 08/12/12:

1st place: S00Z (UK) - $2,556.25
2nd place: StachuR.I.P. (Poland) - $1,875.00
3rd place: pkrbadgirl (UK) - $1,412.50
4th place: Fruitsla (Belgium) - $1,062.50
5th place: NoMorealone (Russia) - $725.00
6th place: fournz (Canada) - $562.50
7th place: copperprop (Canada) - $437.50
8th place: pro.julia (Russia) - $312.50
9th place: $TurboPandi (Netherlands) - $237.50

There are many ways to get in on the Women's Sunday action. Take a look at the home page for information on daily satellites. And join us on Facebook for news and monthly freerolls, and Twitter for the latest information. See you next week!

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Women's Sunday