Sladost dusted September 16 Women's Sunday final table

Sunday Special corner logo.jpgPokerStars is absolutely consumed with WCOOP madness this month! Two weeks of the 2012 World Championship of Online Poker are in the books, and one more week remains for players to win their titles, win some money, and change their bankrolls and lives forever. It's possible and something to which a number of players can attest. No pressure, though, folks. Just letting you know the WCOOP schedule.

Speaking of which, click here for the entire schedule and list of satellites for each tournament left in this series. There are plenty of opportunities to win seats into big events for very little money. Take it from these women and their tales of success. Poker dreams do come true.

The topic at hand for Sunday, September 16, was the Women's Sunday, and the $55 tournament attracted a very solid crowd, surpassing its $10K guarantee by a good amount of money"

Total players: 251
Prize pool: $12,550.00
Paid finishers: 36

There were five players wearing the PokerStars Team logo next to their names, each one offering a $50 bounty for their eliminations. The first to suffer the consequences was Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome, who exited in the first hour. She tweeted from @talonchick that animalpoker1 was the other player in the hand, and she linked to this BOOM! hand replayer for the details.

Just into the second hour, Team Pro Ana Marquez was eliminated, and fellow Team Pro Vanessa Selbst followed about 30 minutes later in 126th place. Vivian Im exited in 113th place, leaving Friend of PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander as the last bounty in the tournament. After her second place finish in a Women's Sunday just a few weeks ago (/en/blog/womens_sunday/2012/minko23-defeats-ps-friend-sjlot-to-win-a-097325.html), she was looking for another deep run but fell short just before the money bubble, out in 41st place this week.

Hand-for-hand play happened right at the three-hour mark of the tournament, and Seme-dame was the first player to cash for $94.12. A little more than an hour later, the final table was near, and the 10-player field was trying to find the bubble player. Valeire333 pushed her short stack all-in against vugugu, but the two chopped the pot. On the next hand, valeire333 pushed again, this time with A♠T♣ UTG. Vugugu reraised all-in, and everyone else folded. Vugugu showed A♦5♦ but hit the turn on the Q♠3♦7♠5♣6♦ board for a pair. Valeire333 left in tenth place with $200.80.

U_taranova and krissmagic battle for the lead

The final table began with these players and their corresponding stacks:

Seat 1: u_taranova (131,958 in chips)
Seat 2: Sashatoblue (61,687 in chips)
Seat 3: krissmagic (129,709 in chips)
Seat 4: papapu123 (39,128 in chips)
Seat 5: vugugu (108,203 in chips)
Seat 6: sladost (81,618 in chips)
Seat 7: bullish555 (110,807 in chips)
Seat 8: Goldygger (43,317 in chips)
Seat 9: |_CáKons_| (46,573 in chips)

WS FT 09.16.12.JPG

It didn't take long for one of the shorter stacks to make a move. |_CáKons_| pushed from middle position with A♠K♦, and vugugu called from the big blind with [KsK♦. The board came 9♦T♠6♦4♣T♥, and the kings held up to send |_CáKons_| out in ninth place with $238.45.

U_taranova had the most difficult time at the final table, as papapu123 and Sashatoblue both doubled through her. She finally pushed all-in for little more than 50K with A♠T♣, but papapu123 called from the big blind with Q♠Q♦. The board came 3♣5♠2♦T♦7♣, and papapu123's queens remained the best hand. U_taranova left in eighth place with $313.75.

A few hands earlier, Goldygger doubled through bullish555 to stay alive, but another move was imminent. Goldygger pushed her 33,834 all-in UTG, and sladost called from the small blind with 5♠5♥. The A♣7♥ of Goldygger put them in a race, but nothing came on the T♥Q♥4♣6♠J♥ board to save her. Goldygger had to leave in seventh place with $439.25.

Shortly after, papapu123 and vugugu got into a big hand. Papapu123 started it with a raise, and vugugu reraised all-in for nearly 179K. Papapu123 called all-in with Q♣Q♦, and vugugu showed A♣K♣. The board came T♦A♥2♦J♠3♦, and the pair of aces cracked the queens and sent papapu123 out in sixth place with $564.75.

Then, bullish555 tangled with sladost. After seeing a raised flop of T♦8♦7♦, bullish555 moved all-in for nearly 80K. Sladost check-called with J♥T♠ for top pair, and bullish555 showed A♦9♠ for the draw. The Q♥ on the turn was followed by the 2♣ on the river, and bullish555 never made the hand. Bullish555 took home $727.90 for the fifth place finish.

Sashatoblue doubled through sladost, and the latter then doubled through vugugu. The second one, shown here, was key:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Sashatoblue and sladost tangled again during four-handed play, and it involved an initial raise from sladost and all-in reraise from Sashatoblue. Sladost called with 7♣7♦, and Sashatoblue showed A♦Q♠. The board came J♣7♥8♥A♠K♥, and the set of sevens eliminated Sashatoblue in fourth place with $1,066.75.

Three-handed play didn't last long, as vugugu made a move during a preflop raising war. The all-in move was made with A♦J♦, but sladost quickly called with A♣A♠. The board of 5♠7♦K♥7♠3♣ changed nothing, and vugugu departed in third place with $1,418.15.

Sladost dominates heads-up

The starting chip counts were:

Seat 3: krissmagic (210,289 in chips)
Seat 6: sladost (542,711 in chips)

Sladost was aggressive, though krissmagic maintained her stack, even gaining a few chips along the way. But the two then began raising and reraising preflop, and krissmagic pushed all-in with A♠J♥. Sladost called with K♠K♦, and that pair held up to the 3♥Q♥J♠T♠6♠ board. Krissmagic took second place and $1,882.50.

Sladost of Russia captured the Women's Sunday title and $2,566.58 in cash. Congrats!

Women's Sunday Results for 09/16/12:

1st place: sladost (Russia) - $2,566.58
2nd place: krissmagic (Romania) - $1,882.50
3rd place: vugugu (Lithuania) - $1,418.15
4th place: Sashatoblue (Canada) - $1,066.75
5th place: bullish555 (Canada) - $727.90
6th place: papapu123 (Colombia) - $564.75
7th place: Goldygger (Netherlands) - $439.25
8th place: u_taranova (Russia) - $313.75
9th place: |_CáKons_| (Brazil) - $238.45

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Women's Sunday