t0beR1cH flush with cash after Nov. 11 Women's Sunday win

It's never been a better time to be a PokerStars Woman. Team Pro bounties in the Women's Poker League throughout November? Check. Satellites to the PCA Ladies Event? Running. Amazing spin-up potential in the MicroMillions III? Only a few days away. Right in the middle of all the action was the Women's Sunday, this week's installment easily breaking the $10k guarantee with 244 runners. Here are the vital stats:

Players: 244
Prizepool: $12,200
Places paid: 36

Four Red Spades were in the mix this week, each of them carrying a $50 bounty. Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome made an early exit when her pocket kings were snapped off by SAKUROCHKA's J♥8♥ and Charlotte "sjlot" Van Brabander departed a short time later, her K♠J♦ running into vivovivachi's K♦K♣. Veseladbuba picked up Vanessa Rousso's bounty and mcsneaky8446 ended Ana Marquez's tournament in 63rd place, her pocket fives holding against Marquez's deuces in a preflop all-in.

The money bubble burst midway through the third hour of play and about ninety minutes later only ten players remained. With the blinds up to 1,500/3,000 and 34,000 remaining, fullhouselol found A♠K♦ and shoved from UTG. Gotkovsky called with pocket nines in the big blind. Fullhouselol got no help on the 8♦8♣5♥J♦T♠ board, and the final table was set.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: booninc345 (47,510 in chips)
Seat 2: Richstone78 (58,370 in chips)
Seat 3: jamjars69 (122,640 in chips)
Seat 4: Lourdes2007 (36,595 in chips)
Seat 5: t0beR1cH (55,795 in chips)
Seat 6: Gotkovsky (100,830 in chips)
Seat 7: Rumi675 (107,550 in chips)
Seat 8: sexyhands (107,019 in chips)
Seat 9: aecdragon (95,691 in chips)

The rise and fall of jamjars69

Booninc345 took the second-shortest stack into final table play, but changed that in short order, doubling to 99,000 when her J♦J♣ held up against aecdragon's 6♣6♦. Play continued nine-handed through the better part of two levels before aecdragon opened for 8,280 and both jamjars69 and Lourdes2007 called from the blinds. All three checked the Q♦7♥4♠ flop, but when the A♥ hit the turn, Lourdes2007 moved in for her last 19,315. Aecdragon gave up her hand but jamjars69 called, turning over K♥9♥ for the nut flush draw. Lourdes2007 needed to fade a river heart for her A♠J♦ to hold, but jamjars69 hit the Q♥ to send her to the rail in ninth place.

Down to 26,778 with the blinds up to 2,500/5,000, Richstone78 was next to make a move. With the action folded to her in the small blind, Richstone78 shoved with A♦6♥ and looked good against jamjars69's 8♥9♥... until the flop fell 9♠K♦2♥. Jamjars69 paired her nine and Richstone78 could not catch up, exiting in eighth place for a $305.00 reward.

After eliminating two players in a row, jamjars69 moved into the chip lead with over 144,000 but her stint at the top was unfortunately short-lived. Gotkovsky was the first to double up at jamjars69's expense, her pocket eights holding against A♥J♥. Rumi675 was next, her T♥T♦ winning the flip against jamjars69's A♣Q♣. Down to her last 15,000, jamjars69 staked her tournament on K♦Q♣, but sexyhands turned a full house with A♣K♥ to eliminate jamjars69 in seventh place.

aecdragon snuffed out

Aecdragon made a nice comeback after her early confrontation with booninc345, grinding her 50,000 stack back up to 104,000. Holding A♠Q♣, she opened for 15,750 only to face a 94,500 shove from Gotkovsky in the small blind. Aedragon called, no doubt crushed to have her opponent turn over A♣A♦. Gotkovsky's aces rivered a set and aecdragon was crippled to only 8,400. All-in from the big blind against Rumi675 and sexyhands, aecdragon saw both her opponents flop a pair of eights, Rumi675 winning the kicker battle with K♦8♦. Aecdragon was out in sixth place, earning $549.00.

booninc345 blooms

Third in chips with five remaining, sexyhands took a big risk, limp-calling booninc345's preflop raise, then check-raising all-in for 155,000 on the 5♥8♣8♥ flop. Booninc345 snap-called with K♣8♦ for trips, while sexyhands turned over an open-ended straight draw with 6♣7♥. Sexyhands needed a four or a nine to survive, but blanked the turn and river to go out in fifth place, while booninc345 moved into the chip lead with 341,000.

Booninc345 wielded her big stack against Gotkovsky, three-bet shoving from the big blind over her button raise. But this time, Gotkovsky had the goods, turning over K♠K♣ to booninc345's 5♣5♦. It was presto on the flop for booninc345, however, a five falling to make her a set and put Gotkovsky on the ropes. Booninc345 improved to fives full of tens on the river and with her kings cracked, Gotkovsky hit the rail in fourth place.

t0beR1cH takes over

As play turned three-handed, Booninc345 held a commanding chip lead with 544,000, Rumi675 held second position with 117,000 and t0beR1cH was the short stack with 71,000. With the blinds up to 4,000/8,000 and facing a small blind shove from booninc345, t0beR1cH called off the rest of her chips with A♥9♦. Booninc345 showed Q♣J♥. The T♥9♠2♠ flop made t0beR1cH middle pair and gave booninc345 an open-ended straight draw, but the chip leader couldn't fill it. T0beR1cH rivered aces up and scored a much-needed double to 142,000.

Looking for the same thing, Rumi675 picked up 9♥9♦ and called off her remaining 64,000 when t0beR1cH shoved from the small blind. T0beR1cH turned up K♠J♥ and hit a jack on the J♠T♦T♣ flop. Although the 8♥ gave Rumi675 some hope with a straight draw, the river blanked with the 3♦ and Rumi675 was out in third.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: booninc345 (520,197 in chips)
Seat 5: t0beR1cH (211,803 in chips)

After playing a few hands that saw t0beR1cH chip up to 265,000, booninc345 and t0beR1cH decided to call a moderator and make a nearly even chop of the remaining prize money. With little discussion, they decided on a split that gave booninc345 $2,300.00 and t0beR1cH $2,000. With only $24.90 left to play for, cards went back in the air.

T0beR1cH quickly doubled through booninc345 after all the money went in preflop. Although booninc345 had the lead with A♥7♠ against 8♠T♠, t0beR1cH hit an eight on the flop to win the 616,000 pot. Booninc345 was down to 115,000 and put the rest of her chips in two hands later, but once again, the preflop favorite fell to the underdog. T0beR1cH was in trouble with J♥9♦ against A♠3♥, but hit top pair on the flop to lock up the win:

Congratulations to t0beR1cH on a successful comeback run to win the Women's Sunday! She earned $2,024.90 for the win, while runner-up booninc345 made off with the largest share of the prize pool at $2,300.00.

PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 11-11-2012

Players: 244
Prizepool: $12,200
Places paid: 36

1. t0beR1cH (Russia) $2,024.90*
2. booninc345 (Russia) $2,300.00*
3. Rumi675 (Bulgaria) $1,378.60
4. Gotkovsky (Netherlands) $1,037.00
5. sexyhand (Canada) $707.60
6. aecdragon (China) $549.00
7. jamjars69 (United Kingdom) $427.00
8. Richstone78 (Germany) $305.00
9. Lourdes2007 (Germany) $231.80

*= reflects the result of a heads-up deal

There's a path to the Women's Sunday for bankrolls of every size. Check out the Women's Sunday page for more information on how you can win your way in. And don't forget to keep up with PokerStars Women on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news and information.

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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