AATaschAA triumphs in 1/27/13 Women's Sunday

When it came to AATaschAA and pkrbadgirl, one of them got lucky early, the other got lucky late. Pkrbadgirl dominated the first half of this final table, sending the ninth, seventh, and sixth-place finishers to the rail. But the endgame belonged to AATaschAA, who eliminated everyone from fifth place on up to earn a Women's Sunday title.

237 players bought into this week's Women's Sunday, creating a $11,850 prize pool. 36 places were paid, with first place set to earn $2,423.43. Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome and Team Pro Liv Boeree were this week's $50 bounties, but both made early exits. Rowsome was eliminated in 134th place while Boeree busted in 94th, despite getting her money in with A♠T♥ against Ugged's K♦T♠. Ugged flopped a pair of tens, then turned a king-high straight, the board running out Q♥T♣9♦J♣7♥ to give her Boeree's bounty.

WIth ten players remaining and the blinds up to 1,250/2,500, chip leader andikandi opened for 5,625. Omissisocis three-bet shoved for her remaining 41,887 with A♦J♣ and andikandi called, revealing 9♠9♣. Although Omissisocis hit an ace on the flop, a nine came with it and andikandi's set took down the pot.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: KOTLYAREVSKA (64,751 in chips)
Seat 2: andikandi (160,227 in chips)
Seat 3: Isidora CdLL (67,387 in chips)
Seat 4: donleg (92,126 in chips)
Seat 5: kristiine'88 (33,892 in chips)
Seat 6: pkrbadgirl (59,312 in chips)
Seat 7: jamjars69 (93,308 in chips)
Seat 8: AATaschAA (43,708 in chips)
Seat 9: CzaRnaPL (96,289 in chips)

Three familiar faces graced this final table. Both kristiine'88 and pkrbadgirl made the Women's Sunday final table two weeks ago, finishing fourth and eighth respectively, while Jan "jamjars69" Combes won the Ladies' Event at the EPT's Season 8 stop in London.

Deck smacks pkrbadgirl, jamjars69 felled in ninth

Pkrbadgirl caught a break when her Q♣9♦ hit a A♥Q♠9♣ flop vs. jamjars69. She led out for 5,757, jamjars69 three-bet to 17,500, and pkrbadgirl moved all-in for 56,312. Jamjars69 called and revealed A♠7♣, no match for pkrbadgirl's queens up. Pkrbadgirl improved to a full house on the river when the board paried nines and doubled to 125,000.

Down to 36,000 in chips, jamjars69 found A♣K♥ in the big blind and snap-called pkrbadgirl's small blind shove. Pkrbadgirl's A♠6♣ was dominated, but she managed to flop her kicker, the board running out Q♣J♥6♦J♣J♦ to send jamjars69 to the rail in ninth place.

Kristiine'88 exits eighth, donleg down in seventh

On the very next deal, the action folded to kristiine'88 in the cutoff. She open-shoved for 39,400 with A♥9♥ and CazRnaPL called with 8♠8♣ in the big blind. Kristiine'88 lost the flip, the board running out Q♣T♥4♥Q♠4♣ to end her run in eighth place.

Donleg was a solid third in chips when she got involved in a massive pot with pkrbadgirl. Holding K♠K♣, pkrbadgirl opened for a min-raise to 6,000 and the action folded to donleg in the big blind with A♥K♦. Donleg moved all-in for 109,000 and pkrbadgirl snap-called, her pocket kings holding up to win the 221,000 pot. Donleg was suddenly on the rail in seventh place while pkrbadgirl's run-good continued, her stack up to 286,000.

Tide turns toward AATaschAA

The field down to six, AATaschAA caught a stroke of luck with her tournament life on the line. All-in with A♠3♣ against CzaRnaPL's A♦Q♠, she hit a 7♠3♠3♦ flop to make trips. AATaschAA improved to a full house with the A♣ on the turn and to quads with the 3♥ on the river, leaving CzaRnaPL on only 5,300 in chips. Although CzaRnaPL doubled up on the next hand, she went out in sixth place on the following one, her K♠Q♥ falling to pkrbadgirl's 6♠6♥.

A few hands later, AATaschAA won a A♠Q♠ vs 9♥9♦ flip, doubling to 124,000 at pkrbadgirl's expense. Short stack Isidora CdLL got a piece of pkrbadgirl as well, doubling her 20k stack when A♠K♥ held up against A♦9♣. However, Isidora CdLL's reprieve wasn't too lengthy and AATaschAA took her out a few orbits later. Isidora CdLL put her last 20,300 in with K♣5♣, but AATaschAA's Q♣7♥ flopped a pair of queens to send her home in fifth place.

Moments later, AATaschAA challenged fellow big stack pkrbadgirl and got a nice bit of value when her K♠Q♠ turned a straight:

The blinds up to 2,500/5,000, AATaschAA was the chip leader 255,000, pkrbadgirl held 196,000, andikandi was right behind her with 184,000, and KOTLYAREVSKA was the short stack with 77,000.

AATaschAA puts the hurt on andikandi

Pkrbadgirl took a turn for the worse during four-handed play, first doubling up KOTLYAREVSKA, then dropping a 110,000-chip pot to andikandi. After three-betting pre and leading out on a A♥J♣4♥ flop, pkrbadgirl check-folded to andikandi's 47,700 bet when the 5♠ hit the turn. Down to only 60,000, pkrbadgirl rebounded to 123,000 when her Q♠J♣ held against andikandi's J♦T♦.

That hand set off andikandi's slide. On the next hand, AATaschAA opened for a min-raise to 12,000 and andikandi three-bet to 36,000. Both players checked the A♣K♣6♦ flop, and they checked again when the 7♠ came on the turn. The river was the A♠ and andikandi check-called AATaschAA's 30,000 bet, only to muck at the sight of her K♠8♠.

A few hands later, KOTLYAREVSKA opened for 12,000 on the button and andikandi shoved for 105,000 from the small blind. Pkrbadgirl cold-called the three-bet from the big blind and KOTLYARESVSKA flashed A♦6♦ before folding. Although KOTLYARESVSKA had andikandi's A♠2♠ beat, neither of them would catch pkrbadgirl's Q♥Q♦. Pkrbadgirl flopped top set and raked in the 220,000 pot, leaving andikandi crippled. Andikandi's last 1,500 went in a couple of hands later and AATaschAA finished her off in fourth place.


As play turned three-handed, KOTLYARESVSKA was still the short stack with about 15 big blinds left. Dealt A♠K♦, she opened for 12,000 on the button and AATaschAA called with Q♠3♥ in the big blind. AATaschAA checked the 5♦2♥2♥ flop, KOTLYARESVSKA bet 12,000 and without a pair or a draw, AATaschAA called, perhaps with plans to raise the turn. Instead, AATaschAA checked when the A♣ hit and KOTLYARESVSKA bet 24,000 with her aces and deuces. Now holding a gutshot straight draw, AATaschAA called and saw her ship come in on the river with the 4♣. AATaschAA turned around and led out for 36,000, enough to set KOTLYARESVSKA all-in. KOTLYARESVSKA called and couldn't believe her eyes as AATaschAA rolled over a wheel.

KOTLYAREVSKA (observer): germany fishi girl
KOTLYAREVSKA (observer): omg
KOTLYAREVSKA (observer): ****

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 6: pkrbadgirl (157,280 in chips)
Seat 8: AATaschAA (553,720 in chips)

Pkrbadgirl doubled up straight away, her K♠T♦ flopping a king against AATaschAA's A♦3♥. Pkrbadgirl picked up another sizable pot with a three-bet shove on a A♠J♦6♥ flop and took the chip lead, but her hopes of a quick victory were crushed when AATaschAA hit a two-outer to double-up. Her A♠6♣ needed a non-diamond six on the river to win, and she got there on the river vs. A♦Q♠.


Pkrbadgirl evened the score on the next hand when her Q♥J♣ hit running straight cards, to take her up to 354,000. Their stacks nearly even, pkrbadgirl fired the flop and turn on a 9♣5♠4♦K♥ board, but folded to AATaschAA's 287,000 shove. Pkrbadgirl fell back to 200,000 in chips while AATaschAA increased her stack to 510,000.

AATaschAA continued her assault on pkrbadgirl, whitting her down to 141,000 in chips. Although pkrbadgirl squirmed away with one more double-up, her A♠T♦ holding against A♣2♠, AATaschAA dealt her a death blow three hands later.

A preflop raising war broke out, AATaschAA opening for 16,000 and pkrbadgirl three-betting to 40,000. AATaschAA made it 320,000 straight and pkrbadgirl called all-in for less.

pkrbadgirl K♥K♠
AATaschAA A♥T♠

She who gets luckiest last usually wins and that was the case for AATaschAA. An ace hit the flop, the board running out A♣9♣5♥Q♠9♥ to snap off pkrbadgirl's kings.

Congratulations to AATaschAA on her Women's Sunday victory! She banked $2,423.43 for the win while runner-up pkrbadgirl earned $1,777.50.

PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 1-27-2013

Players: 237
Prizepool: $11,850
Places paid: 36

1. AATaschAA (Germany) $2,423.43
2. pkrbadgirl (United Kingdom) $1,777.50
3. KOTLYAREVSKA (Russia) $1,339.05
4. andikandi (Canada) $1,007.25
5. Isidora CdLL (Russia) $687.30
6. CzaRnaPL (Poland) $533.25
7. donlef (Canada) $414.75
8. kristiine'88 (Latvia) $296.25
9. Jan "jamjars69" Combes (United Kingdom)

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Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Women's Sunday