Women's Sunday: @ANAVI@301 takes the top spot after three-way deal

To win a tournament, you will not only have to survive a few bad beats... you're bound to give a few as well. So it went at this final table. At first zzzFFFzzz was on fortune's side, cracking pocket tens with pocket nines and pocket queens with ace-nine to take the chip lead. However, Croatia's @ANAVI@301 hit an incredible rush of cards late, snapping off AQ with AJ and turning trips vs. top pair to leapfrog her remaining opponents. Although she held a sizable chip lead, @ANAVI@301 elected to lock up the largest share of the prize pool in a three-handed deal before closing out her first Women's Sunday title.

209 players came out for this week's Women's Sunday, their $55 buy-ins creating a $10,450.00 prize pool. 36 places were paid with $2,137.13 set aside for first place. Last week's fifth-place finisher Fatima Moreira De Melo, recent Women's Sunday champ Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome, and circuit superstar Vanessa Selbst joined the field, each with a $50 bounty on their heads. However, all three Red Spades made early exits, finishing in 169th (Rowsome), 125th (Selbst) and 102nd (De Melo) place respectively.

Blinds were up to 1,250/2,500 on the final table bubble. Bikinni was the short stack at her table and with the action folded around to her in the small blind, she shoved for 17,774 with A♣4♦. zzzFFFzzz looked her up from the big blind with Q♥T♣ and promptly made trips when the flop fell Q♠Q♣J♥. Bikinni was drawing dead when the 3♦ hit the turn, her exit setting the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: anfisa55 (14,008 in chips)
Seat 2: AlenaPandaPo (70,524 in chips)
Seat 3: m.a-0000 (66,276 in chips)
Seat 4: zzzFFFzzz (63,047 in chips)
Seat 5: bosiewilde (66,701 in chips)
Seat 6: balbooba (98,889 in chips)
Seat 7: xAnGeLxEyEzx (72,686 in chips)
Seat 8: CzaRnaPL (94,129 in chips)
Seat 9: @ANAVI@301 (80,740 in chips)

Since it costs a lot to win, and even more to lose

On the fifth hand of play, the final table produced its first elimination. Action folded to anfisa55 in the cutoff, and she moved all-in for 9,008 with 8♥9♥. AlenaPandaPo called on the button with K♠T♥ and both blinds folded. Anfisa55 made top pair on the 8♦3♣2♠ flop and hung on through the A♥ turn. However, AlenaPandaPo spiked the K♦ on the river to wrest away the pot. Anfisa55 hit the rail in ninth place, earning $198.55 for her efforts.

You and me bound to spend some time...

zzzFFFzzz had an 80% chance of becoming our eighth-place finisher when the money went in, her 9♥9♦ coolered by balbooba's T♦T♥. However, the 7♣6♦5♦ flop cracked the door open with a gutshot straight draw. zzzFFFzzz hit it when the 8♠ turned, snapping off balbooba's overpair with a nine-high straight. zzzFFFzzz took the chip lead with 120,300 while balbooba fell to only 23,000.

Balbooba hung on for a few orbits before finding Q♣Q♦ in the cutoff. zzzFFFzzz opened for 7,500 and balbooba three-bet shoved for 23,092. zzzFFFzzz called and showed A♦9♦. Once again, luck was on zzzFFFzzz's side as the flop landed A♥T♠6♣, cracking balbooba's queens. The 9♥ turn made zzzFFFzzz aces up and balbooba's second bad beat of the final table landed her in eighth place ($261.25).

...Wonderin' what to choose

The blinds up to 2,000/4,000, bosiewilde opened for a min-raise from UTG+1 and @ANAVI@301 shoved for her last 12 big blinds on the button. Bosiewilde called, her 8♦8♣ in a race against A♣J♥. @ANAVI@301 hit a jack on the flop, the board running out J♣7♥5♠3♣9♠ to double her stack to 103,000. Left with only 11,000, bosiewilde more than doubled to 30,000 one orbit later when her A♠8♣ turned aces and eights vs. zAnGeLxEyEzx's K♠J♦. However, bosiewilde was unable to run her stack back up. With 5,000 of her remaining 6,800 committed in the big blind, bosiewilde called all-in, her 2♦9♥ up against zzzFFFzzz's 5♦6♦. zzzFFFzzz whiffed the A♠4♥4♦ flop but picked up running diamonds to make a flush when the turn and river fell the 9♦ and the J♦. Bosiewilde's run came to an end in seventh place, good for $365.75.

Goes to show, you don't ever know

Down to 12.5 big blinds, xAnGeLxEyEzx min-raised to 10,000, CzaRnaPL flat-called, and @ANAVI@301 shoved for 81,800 from the big blind. xAnGeLzEyEzx called, her A♣Q♦ dominating @ANAVI@301's A♥J♥. xAnGeLzEyEzx was good through the turn on the 7♠7♦5♥ board, but @ANAVI@301 hit the J♣ on the river and paired her kicker. xAnGeLxEyEzx was suddenly on the rail in sixth place ($470.25) while @ANAVI@301 took the chip lead with 157,655.

@ANAVI@301 defied the odds again when she went to war with CzaRnaPL on a Q♣J♠6♠ flop. CzaRnaPL checked, @ANAVI@301 shoved for over 194,2000 and CzaRnaPL quickly called off her remaining 26,708 with Q♦T♠ for top pair. @ANAVI@301 turned up A♣6♠, her middle pair improving to trips when the 6♥ turned. The river was the 2♦ and @ANAVI@301 scored another knockout as CzaRnaPL departed in fifth place ($606.10).

Watch each card you play and play it slow

On the very next deal, m.a-0000 open-shoved for 7 BB from the cutoff with J♣T♣ and AlenaPandaPo called from the big blind. Although m.a-0000 flopped a flush draw, AlenaPandaPo's K♦Q♥ made two pair and turned kings full, the board finishing K♣7♣7♠K♠A♥. M.a-000 was eliminated in fourth place, collecting $888.25.

Wait until that deal come 'round

The final three unanimously agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's a look at how they stacked up at the time.

@ANAVI@301 - 268,463
AlenaPandaPo - 184,227
zzzFFFzzz - 174,310

zzzFFFzzz asked for chip count chop numbers and the moderator presented the following numbers.

HostWilfredL (Administrator): @ANAVI@301:$1,755.85
HostWilfredL (Administrator): AlenaPandaPo:$1,575.43
HostWilfredL (Administrator): zzzFFFzzz:$1,554.20

All three quickly agreed to the proposed deal and with the title still at stake, cards went back in the air.

Then, as action resumed, AlenaPandaPo confessed she was playing in her first MTT.

AlenaPandaPo: hard pokeeeer!!!!!!
AlenaPandaPo: my fist mtt))
@ANAVI@301: nice
@ANAVI@301: gratz

It wasn't long before zzzFFFzzz open-shoved from the small blind and @ANAVI@301 called from the big. @ANAVI@301's K♣J♣ flopped an open-ended straight draw and turned a king-high straight on the Q♣T♠3♣9♠Q♦ board, snapping off zzzFFFzzz's pocket fours. For third place, zzzFFFzzz picked up $1,554.20.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: AlenaPandaPo (168,827 in chips)
Seat 9: @ANAVI@301 (458,173 in chips)

This match was over on the third hand of heads-up play. Although AlenaPandaPo got her money in as a favorite, @ANAVI@301 cracked pocket sixes when her A♥6♦ flopped top pair:

Congratulations to @ANAVI@301 on shipping her first Women's Sunday title! She banked $1,755.85 for the win. For her runner-up finish, AlenaPandaPo earned $1,575.43.

PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 12-1-2013

Players: 209
Prizepool: $10,450.00
Places paid: 36

1. @ANAVI@301 (Croatia) $1,755.85*
2. AlenaPandaPo (Russia) $1,575.43*
3. zzzFFFzzz (Ukraine) $1,554.20*
4. m.a-9999 (Canada) $888.25
5. CzaRnaPL (Poland) $606.10
6. xAnGeLxEyEzx (United Kingdom) $470.25
7. bosiewilde (Poland) $365.75
8. balbooba (Ukraine) $261.25
9. anfisa55 (Russia) $198.55

*= reflects the results of a three-way deal

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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