Women's Sunday: At long last, pkrbadgirl takes top honors

By now, the final table of the Women's Sunday must feel like home for Jacqueline "pkrbadgirl" Garvie. Today actually marked her sixth trip here-- she made it three weekends in a row back in August 2012 and came so close to a win on January 27th, ultimately finishing second for nearly $1,800. Garvie was featured in our "Women of the Women's Sunday" piece a couple months back and it was really only a matter of time before this talented lady notched a win. Standing in her way today was a Supernova with an equally formidable record in this tournament. Russia's durrr085 also has five final table appearances in the Women's Sunday, but after a grueling heads-up match that saw several lead changes, pkrbadgirl finally shook the monkey off her back and notched the win.

271 players bought in to this week's Women's Sunday, creating a $13,550 prize pool. 45 places were paid with first place set to earn $2,622.04. Charlotte Van Brabander was the lone Red Spade bounty in today's field but she made an early exit in 177th place.

The money bubble burst about three hours into play and it took only another 75 minutes to get down to 13 players. Another familiar face in the Women's Sunday, Katie "katie75013" Stone, had built a solid stack of 73,000, but lost more than half of it when she ran her pocket tens into Filoletovaia's pocket aces. Down to 37,000 with 1,500/3,000 blinds, she open-shoved a few hands later with pocket sevens, but durrr085's A♥K♠ flopped a king to end her run in 13th place.

Moments later, micro-stacked mmmgolf29 was all-in for 1,260 from the big blind. Durrr085 opened for 6,177, Fiery Bush shoved for 45,000 and much to her surprise, durrr085 called, having her well-covered.

Fiery Bush K♥J♥
durrrr085 A♥Q♥
mmmgolf29 A♠A♣

As the cards went on their backs, a dumbfounded Fiery Bush slammed her keyboard, forcing a tirade of gibberish into the chat box.

Fiery Bush said, "rqjgpdosorjhgq"
Fiery Bush said, "terwgrrqg"
Fiery Bush said, "rqhj"
Fiery Bush said, "grshpjthw"
Fiery Bush said, "ht"

The board ran out T♠3♣2♥T♦4♠, mmmgolf29 winning the 5,280-chip main pot and living to play another round. Durrr085 nabbed the far-juicier 87k side pot and moved into the chip lead, while Fiery Bush hit the rail in 11th place.

The final table bubble hand came down to the two shortest stacks. Holding less than the 3,000-chip big blind, mmgolf29 put the last of his chips in with 9♣9♦ and was well ahead of Vasiria's Q♠3♣. However, a queen hit the flop to make Vasiria top pair. Mmmgolf29 picked up an open-ended straight draw on the turn but did not fill it and exited in tenth place, setting the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Filoletovaia (107,808 in chips)
Seat 2: KorTopPlayer (74,447 in chips)
Seat 3: durrr085 (179,560 in chips)
Seat 4: sabriye021 (132,537 in chips)
Seat 5: Vasiria (14,218 in chips)
Seat 6: pkrbadgirl (112,093 in chips)
Seat 7: bimi1974 (63,400 in chips)
Seat 8: muckit222 (22,458 in chips)
Seat 9: preiin (106,479 in chips)

Vasiria climbs the pay ladder

Durrr085 took the chip lead into the final table while short stack Vasiria was hanging on with only three and a half big blinds. Simply making the final table was already a victory and Vasiria continued her run-good when muckit222 ended up being the first player eliminated. Holding pocket sevens, muckit222 opened for a 15,000 raise, pkrbadgirl shoved for over 98,000 from the big blind and muckit222 called off her remaining 20,000. Pkrbadgirl's A♣Q♦ hit top two pair on the A♥Q♠5♠ flop and muckit222's two-outer didn't come in, sending her home in ninth place ($237.12).

Vasiria doubled through pkrbadgirl a few hands later when her A♣9♥ flopped a nine against K♣J♥, but was still sitting on less than 4 BB with the blinds up to 2,000/4,000. In another stroke of luck for Vasiria, a massive raising war broke out on a T♣5♥T♥ flop, durrr085 five-betting to 148,000 and sabriye021 calling off her last 58,000. It was a true cooler, sabriye021 turning up A♣T♠ for trips and durrr085 revealing 5♠5♣ for fives full of tens. Durrr085's full house held up and sabriye021 was suddenly on the rail in eighth place with $325.20. She didn't take it too well (but really, we've all been there).

sabriye021 (observer): so f sick
pkrbadgirl: gg
sabriye021 (observer): and vasiria
sabriye021 (observer): gets more then dubble just by folding
sabriye021 (observer): what a joke
sabriye021 (observer): that is 1 in a million

With that pot, durrr085 took a commanding chip lead with 335,000, more than twice the chips of her closest competitor, pkrbadgirl, who held 155,000.

After two jumps up the money ladder, Vasiria's run came to an end in seventh place. She moved in from UTG for her last 8,754 with K♣7♣ but couldn't fade KorTopPlayer's A♣4♦, which flopped an ace and turned a four to make two pair. Vasiria pocketed $460.70 for her efforts.

Filoletovaia fumbles

The blinds rose to 2,500/5,000 and only a few minutes later, another tournament life was on the line. Preiin led off the action with a raise to 12,500, Filoletovaia three-bet shoved for 72,177 and KorTopPlayer cold-called all-in for 71,651 on the button. Preiin got out of the way as Filoletovaia revealed 6♦6♥ and KorTopPlayer turned up J♣J♦. KorTopPlayer's jacks held and she raked in the 166,000 pot, leaving Filoletovaia on only 526 in chips. Filoletovaia went out on the next deal, earning $596.20 for her sixth-place finish.

pkrbadgirl cracks aces, seizes the chip lead

With five players remaining, durrr085 was cruising in the lead with 337,000 and pkrbadgirl was second in chips with 138,000. However, those roles were about to be reversed. Durrr085 opened for 10,179 from UTG and pkrbadgirl three-bet to 26,343 with A♥Q♠. The action folded back to durrr085 and she four-bet to 45,000. Pkrbadgirl shoved and durrr085 snap-called, revealing A♣A♠. Durrr085 was poised to rake in a 285,000 pot and control nearly 60% of the chips in play, but her aces were snapped off when the flop fell K♦Q♥Q♣, making pkrbadgirl trip queens. The T♠ on the turn and the 8♦ on the river didn't change anything and pkrbadgirl doubled to 285,000 while durrr085 relinquished the chip lead and dropped to 199,000.

Pkrbadgirl chipped up throughout the 3,000/6,000 level, increasing her stack to 358,000. When the action folded to her in the small blind, she moved all-in with pocket threes and bimi1974 called off his last 11 big blinds with A♦8♥. Bimi1974 didn't get any help on the Q♥T♥7♥9♣2♦ board and collected $772.35 for her fifth-place finish.

Two hands after that, preiin found A♦3♦ and open-shoved for her last 79,000. Unfortunately, she ran headlong into KorTopPlayer's K♥K♣. Preiin flopped bottom pair but didn't improve any further, the board running out 6♠6♥3♣5♠Q♠ to end her run in fourth place ($1,117.87).

pkrbadgirl rides her rush, durrr085 takes out KorTopPlayer

Durrr085 made some headway against pkrbadgirl when she picked up K♣Q♦ and flopped top two pair, good for a 250,000-chip pot. That hand left those two evenly stacked at about 320,000 apiece while KorTopPlayer had about half their ammunition at 170,000. Pkrbadgirl mounted an attack on durrr085, successfully three-betting her off a K♠6♥5♣ flop to pick up an 80k pot. A few hands later, durrr085 three-bet preflop then led out on a J♥J♦2♥ flop, only to fold to pkrbadgirl's raise. Pkrbadgirl moved up to 424,000 in chips while durrr085 fell to 219,000.

Pkrbadgirl continued to accumulate, chipping up to 530,000 after a stretch where she won seven out of nine hands dealt. However, durrr085 was able to narrow their widening gap. KorTopPlayer open-shoved for 117,000 from the small blind and durrr085 called with A♠Q♣ in the big. KorTopPlayer's Q♥6♥ didn't catch up on the A♥T♠3♦8♣K♦ board and she bowed out in third place, good for a $1,490.50 payday.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: durrr085 (272,660 in chips)
Seat 6: pkrbadgirl (540,340 in chips)

Pkrbadgirl had a 2 to 1 chip advantage going into heads-up play, but durrr085 seized the lead when she won an A♥8♠ vs. 4♥4♠ coinflip, an eight hitting the turn. Durrr085 doubled to 465,000 and chipped up to nearly 500,000 before pkrbadgirl won a race of her own. All-in for 313,000, her pocket eights held up against A♦Q♠ and pkrbadgirl was back in the lead with 627,000.

Durrr085, however, wasn't about to lie down. She slugged her way through a series of small pots and chipped up to 263,000, then got her money in on a 8♦4♥2♣ flop holding 8♠9♦. Pkrbadgirl had also flopped top pair, but her 6♥8♣ lost the kicker war when the turn and river came the T♠ and the 3♠. Now durrr085 was the one over the half-million mark and pkrbadgirl trailed with 286,000.

Pkrbadgirl took a slim chip lead with this pot, when she three-bet preflop and on the flop to take it down:

Durrr085 went back to work and with the blinds now up to 5,000/10,000 it didn't take long for her to reclaim the chip lead. Holding 494,000 to pkrbadgirl's 319,000, durrr085 picked up K♥K♦ and three-bet to 50,000 preflop. Pkrbadgirl shoved and durrr085 called, her kings leading A♥7♣. Durrr085's hopes of closing out this heads-up match were squashed when pkrbadgirl hit a A♠7♦8♦ flop, making aces and sevens. The T♣ on the turn was no help for durrr085 and the river A♣ made pkrbadgirl aces full as durrr085 slipped to 175,000.

Durrr085's stack dwindled to 125,000 before she found a double-up, her A♠6♠ flopping top pair against Q♦T♦. Pkrbadgirl was determined not to let go of her lead again and pounded on durrr085's blinds, reducing her stack to 152,000.

Pkrbadgirl finally closed out the match a few hands later. Durrr085 three-bet shoved with K♦8♣ from the big blind and pkrbadgirl called, her A♥7♦ holding up to give her the win:

Congratulations to pkrbadgirl on a long-awaited win in the Women's Sunday! She banked $2,622.04 while runner-up durrr085 earned $1,964.75.

PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 4-28-2013

Players: 271
Prizepool: $13,550
Places paid: 45

1. Jaqueline "pkrbadgirl" Garvie (United Kingdom) $2,622.04
2. durrr085 (Russia) $1,964.75
3. KorTopPlayer (South Korea) $1,490.50
4. preiin (India) $1,117.87
5. bimi1974 (Netherlands) $772.35
6. Filoletovaia (Russia) $596.20
7. Vasiria (Sweden) $460.70
8. sabriye021 (Sweden) $325.20
9. muckit222 (Canada) $237.12

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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