Women's Sunday: Bambika33 goes from short stack to champion

It's one thing to take a comfortable chip lead and ride it to the winner's circle, but it's quite a high-wire act to go from six big blinds to first place. Bambika33 had ten big blinds left on the final table bubble and could have easily seen her run end there, but she picked up the right hand at the right time to quadruple up and launch her final table run. Still the short stack with four players remaining, Bambika33 was one card away from the rail when she spiked a four-outer to double. From there, she fought her way into the chip lead and after a tough battle with ScerZoGirl, Bambika33 closed out her first Women's Sunday win.

216 players turned up for this week's Women's Sunday, the prize pool topping out at $10,800.00. 36 places were paid with first place set to earn $2,208.60. Leo Margets was the sole Red Spade bounty in the field, but it was claimed rather quickly, as she exited in 155th place.

It was a tense money bubble, as three players' stacks were below 1,500 in chips with the blinds up to 400/800. VVikkie was the first of the trio to land in the big blind and when kry19kry min-raised on the button, she called off the last of her chips with T♦8♦. Kry19kry turned up pocket fives and flopped a set, sneding VVikkie to the rail one spot short of a cash.

With ten players remaining, blinds were up to 1,500/3,000. Alinabn2000 was one of two players below 10BB and with 8♥8♣ UTG, she moved all-in for her remaining 29,000. TJ201014 called with A♦Q♠ in the small blind and flopped a queen, ending alinabn2000's run on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Faatje38 (91,066 in chips)
Seat 2: TJ201014 (68,104 in chips)
Seat 3: ovoxoxxxooox (66,020 in chips)
Seat 4: Bambika33 (31,478 in chips)
Seat 5: DaliaAllin (45,470 in chips)
Seat 6: ScerZoGirl (66,697 in chips)
Seat 7: nago21 (119,821 in chips)
Seat 8: Trymean77 (123,156 in chips)
Seat 9: m.a-0000 (36,188 in chips)

Fireworks on Hand #3!

The final table moved into high gear on its third hand when m.a.-0000 open-shoved for 35,388, TJ201014 reshoved for 66,776 behind her, and both Bambika33 and DaliaAllin called all-in behind them.

Bambika33 won the main pot with K♥K♠ and quadrupled to 105,000, and DaliaAllin shipped both side pots with J♣J♠ for a net gain of 2,500 chips. TJ201014's A♣Q♦ did not improve and she fell to 27,500 in chips, while m.a.-0000 was eliminated in ninth place, earning $205.20 for her run.

TJ201014 found pocket tens on the very next deal and open-shoved for her remaining 26,634. DaliaAllin reshoved on the button with A♥J♣ and both blinds folded. TJ201014 was good through the turn, but DaliaAllin caught a jack on the river to send her home in eighth place ($270.00)

Faatje38 falls in seventh

Nago21 took a big shit when she doubled up ScerZoGirl, her K♠J♠ falling to pocket queens. ScerZoGirl moved up to 125,000, leaving nago21 on 35,500. A short time later, DaliaAllin got involved in a pot with chip leader Faatje38, the two of them going heads-up to a A♠K♥T♠ flop for 14,000 each. Faatje38 led out for 15,000, DaliaAllin raised to 30,000 and Faatje38 called. The turn came the 8♥ and Faatje38 fired another 45,000. DaliaAllin called off her remaining 39,694 and revealed Q♣J♥ for the stone nuts. Faatje38 was drawing dead with Q♥8♠ and she fell to 69,000 in chips while DaliaAllin seized the chip lead with 173,000.

Ovoxoxxxooox won a A♥J♥ vs. 9♠9♥ coinflip to double through Bambika33 and move up to 92,000, but Bambika33 quickly rebounded by picking up K♥K♣. Trymean77 was unlucky enough to find J♥J♠ on the same hand and slipped to 27,500 as Bambika33 moved back into six-figure territory.

Faatje38, however, never rebounded from her earlier bluff attempt. Down to 52,000, she called DaliaAllin's UTG+1 raise from the big blind, then moved all-in on the T♣6♥6♠ flop. Unfortunately, the stop-and-go didn't work for Faatje38, as DaliaAllin's Q♣T♥ had outflopped her A♠Q♦. Faatje38 did not improve and the onetime chip leader finished in seventh place ($378.00).

DaliaAllin takes the chip lead, ovoxoxxxooox out in sixth

Trymean77 found a bit of new life when she doubled through ScerZoGirl, her Q♠9♠ turning a queen-high straight vs. Q♦5♦. Ovoxoxxxooox was hoping for the same result when she took her A♠J♣ up against DaliaAllin's T♠T♥ for her last 69,000. However, she got no help from the K♥8♣4♥9♥8♠ board and hit the rail in sixth place ($486.00).

The dominant chip leader with five players left, DaliaAllin saw her stack slashed by nearly half in back to back hands. First, she doubled ScerZoGirl when her K♦3♣ didn't improve against A♦2♠, and six hands later, Trymean77 open-shoved for 61,000 with A♥Q♦. DaliaAllin called with A♠J♣, but her dominated hand stayed that way when the board ran out king-high. From a high-water mark of 311,000, DaliaAllin was down to 174,000.

ScerZoGirl nabs nago21 in fifth

Since her earlier slip, nago21 had since rebounded to 174,000. However, she lost half her stack in a blind vs. blind hand when ScerZoGirl moved all-in for 84,000 from the small blind and she called from the big with A♥2♥. ScerZoGirl was behind with K♦5♠ but paired her kicker when the flop fell 8♠7♥5♥. Nago21 didn't catch up on the J♣ turn or the 7♠ river and was left with 89,000. ScerZoGirl claimed the rest of nago21's stack two hands later. All-in preflop, with A♦2♦, nago21 hit the nut flush draw on the J♦8♦2♠ flop, but ScerZoGirl's J♥J♣ flopped top set. Nago21 didn't hit another diamond and was eliminated in fifth place, earning $626.40.

Bambika33 busts DaliaAllin, Trymean77

With four players remaining, Bambika33 was still the short stack with 80,000, Trymean77 held 110,500, DaliaAllin was second in chips with 188,500 and ScerZoGirl had the chip lead with 269,000. The blinds up to 3,500/7,000, Bambika33 committed the rest of her chips preflop with Q♥T♠, but was dominated by DaliaAllin's A♠T♥. Bambika33 was one card away from elimination, the board reading 3♣4♥3♦J♣ when the Q♣ spiked on the river to double her stack to 162,000.

Four hands later, Trymean77 open-shoved for her last 96,492 on the button and Bambika33 called from the small blind. Bambika33's A♦K♠ held up against Trymean77's A♠T♥, ending her run in fourth place ($918.00).

Two hands after that, DaliaAllin moved in from UTG for her last 44.524 with K♠6♠. Unfortunately for her, ScerZoGirl woke up with A♥3♥ in the small blind and flopped an ace. DaliaAllin was eliminated in third place, $1,220.40 her reward for the day's work.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: Bambika33 (294,860 in chips)
Seat 6: ScerZoGirl (353,140 in chips)

Bambika33 reversed the chip counts and took the lead after ScerZoGirl check-raised a 9♠7♥5♠ flop. Bambika33 called, and the Q♥ hit the turn. ScerZoGirl led out for another 40,000 and Bambika33 moved her off the hand with a raise to 80,500. Bambika33 moved up to 354,500 and inched up to 361,000 before ScerZo evened their counts when Bambika33 check-folded to her river bet on a 4♥4♠5♥6♠J♠ board. Now, only 320 chips separated the two, Bambika33 with 324,160 and ScerZoGirl right on her heels with 323,840.

Bambika33 ground her stack up to 460,000 before ScerZoGirl doubled up. The money went in on a T♠9♣7♠ flop, ScerZoGirl's K♣9♦ having outflopped Bambika33's A♣Q♥. Bambika33 couldn't find an ace or a queen and ScerZoGirl moved up to 374,000 in chips. ScerZoGirl continued chipping up, her stack hitting 423,00 before Bambika33 called off her remaining 213,500 preflop with A♥Q♠. ScerZoGirl's pocket deuces were snapped off by a river queen and Bambika33 doubled to 449,000.

Bambika33 and ScerZoGirl only saw one flop in the next 14 hands as Bambika33 chipped up to 480,000. Finally, ScerZoGirl found a hand to go on when her K♣4♣ flopped top pair. Bambika33 called with A♦J♦ but was saved by the turn, the A♠ falling to lock up the win:

Congratulations to Bambika33 on an impressive come-from-behind win! She banked $2,208.60 while runner-up ScerZoGirl earned $1,620.00.

PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 10-6-13

Players: 216
Prizepool: $10,800.00
Places paid: 36

1. Bambika33 (Malta) $2,208.60
2. ScerZoGirl (Russia) $1,620.00
3. DaliaAllin (Portugal) $1,220.40
4. Trymean77 (United Kingdom) $918.00
5. nago21 (Mexico) $626.40
6. ovoxoxxxooox (Brazil) $486.00
7. Faatje38 (Netherlands) $378.00
8. TJ201014 (Canada) $270.00
9. m.a.-0000 (Canada) $205.20

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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