Women's Sunday: safe304 cracks the competition, banks $2,147

Not sunny skies, not breezy beaches, not cool waters nor the warm trade winds of summer could keep away the 210 ladies who turned out for this week's Women's Sunday. The prize pool topped out at $10,500.00 and 36 players earned a share of it, with $2,147.25 set aside for first place. This edition saw three Red Spade Bounties lurking in the field-- Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome and Tatiana "Mysters_Y" Barausova, along with Friend of PokerStars Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander.

Barausova was the first of the trio to have her bounty claimed, busting in 176th place when SoxyChandler's pocket queens crushed her A♦T♣. Van Brabander lasted all the way to 50th place and Rowsome busted nine spots from the money in 45th place when she ran her pocket tens into pkrbadgirl's pocket jacks.

Eliminating Rowsome gave pkrbadgirl a healthy stack to work with in the late stages of the tournament, but she was crippled with 11 players remaining when MasterMacBar's K♦T♦ outflopped her A♥J♦ after getting all the money in preflop. Down to only 9,000 on the final table bubble, pkrbadgirl open-shoved from the small blind with J♣4♣, but m.a-0000 found A♦2♠ in the big. An ace on the flop ended pkrbadgirl's run at an eighth trip to the Women's Sunday final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: CoralieCo (21,827 in chips)
Seat 2: naa-rocha (83,327 in chips)
Seat 3: 1m a Cyborg (101,801 in chips)
Seat 4: panyi1979 (28,203 in chips)
Seat 5: Aurora_2011 (81,652 in chips)
Seat 6: m.a-0000 (107,052 in chips)
Seat 7: Nyaracska977 (33,862 in chips)
Seat 8: MasterMacBar (106,996 in chips)
Seat 9: safe304 (65,280 in chips)

safe304 busts Nyaracska977

Hand #4 saw Nyaracska977 open-shove for 28,618 (14bb) from third position only to have safe304 reshove two spots behind her for 72,280. Nyaracska977 's K♣Q♠ was in a world of trouble vs. safe304's Q♦Q♣ and the 8♦6♥2♥A♥6♦ board couldn't save her from elimination. For ninth place, Nyaracska977 took home $199.50.

1m a Cyborg hits a lucky turn

Two hands later, naa-rocha opened for a min-raise to 4,000, 1m a Cyborg flat-called, and panyi1979 squeezed from the button, moving not-quite all-in for 24,000, leaving herself 3 chips behind. Both blinds and naa-rocha folded, while 1m a Cyborg set panyi1979 in the rest of the way. Panyi1979's A♣Q♥ had 1m a Cyborg's A♦J♥ dominated, but 1m a Cyborg caught a three-outer on the turn and paired her jack. Panyi1979 got no love on the river and was eliminated in eighth place ($262.50).

1m a Cyborg zaps naa-rocha, safe304 cracks CoralieCo

The blinds were up to 1,250/2,500 when the action folded to naa-rocha in the small blind. Holding J♠J♥, she opened for a min-raise and 1m a Cyborg three-bet to 10,000 from the big. Naa-rocha four-bet to 17,500 and 1m a Cyborg decided to call and see a Q♥9♦3♠ flop. Naa-rocha continued for 12,900 and 1m a Cyborg called. Naa-rocha slowed down and checked when the 8♠ hit the turn and 1m a Cyborg made a tiny 10,000 bet. Naa-rocha shoved for 40,977 and 1m a Cyborg quickly called, revealing K♦Q♦. Naa-rocha needed a jack or a ten to survive but got the 2♦ instead. 1m a Cyborg raked in the pot and took a substantial chip lead with 221,000 while naa-rocha hit the rail in seventh place.

Two hands later, CoralieCo made her last stand with pocket sevens, three-bet shoving for 32,000 from UTG+1. UTG min-raiser safe304 called with K♠T♥. While the A♦J♦4♣ flop favored CoralieCo, safe304 caught the T♠ on the turn to leave CoralieCo drawing to only two outs. The river 5♠ wasn't one of them and CoralieCo departed in sixth place, earning $472.50. This was CoralieCo's second trip to the Women's Sunday final table in the last six weeks-- she previously notched a seventh-place finish on July 7.

1m a Cyborg cools MasterMacBar

Chip leader 1m a Cyborg offered to discuss a deal with her four remaining opponents, but safe304 said she wasn't interested. 1m a Cyborg responded by immediately busting MasterMacBar in fifth place. It was a preflop cooler, where her A♠K♠ ran into 1m a Cyborg's A♦A♣.

Moments later, safe304 opened for a min-raise to 6,000 from UTG and Aurora_2011 shoved for 50,775 from the small blind. M.A-0000 reshoved for 75,197 from the big and safe304 got out of the way.

Aurora_2011 9♥9♣
m.a-0000 A♦K♥

Aurora_2011 kept the lead on the Q♠J♣2♥ flop, but m.a-0000 snatched it away when the T♠ hit the turn, making her a Broadway straight. The river was the 6♣ and Aurora_2011 went out in fourth place, earning $892.50.

m.a-0000's blind vs. blind nightmare

As play turned three-handed, 1m a Cyborg held the chip lead with 336,000, safe304 was second with 160,000 and m.a.-0000 was the short stack with 133,000. While 1m a Cyborg and safe304 continued chipping up, m.a.-0000's stack withered to only 57,000 before she made a stand with A♠8♠ from the small blind. Unluckily for her, safe304 found A♦K♦ in the big. M.a-0000 got no help on the board and ended her run at a second Women's Sunday title in third place ($1,186.50).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: 1m a Cyborg (346,203 in chips)
Seat 9: safe304 (283,797 in chips)

Safe304 picked up the first significant pot of the match. After both players checked a J♠T♦4♣ flop, 1m a Cyborg fired 8,000 at the 9♣ turn from out of position. Safe304 called. The J♦ river paired the board and 1m a Cyborg made it 12,000 to go. Safe304 called her down with only A♥4♥ for jacks and fours, correctly sniffing out 1m a Cyborg's bluff with Q♦2♦. The pot put them virtually even in chips, only 1,000 separating their counts.

Safe304 pulled into the lead moments later when her K♠Q♦ made top pair on a Q♠8♥2♦ flop. Preflop three-bettor 1m a Cyborg continued for 8,000, safe304 raised to 20,000, and 1m a Cyborg called. Both players checked the 8♠ on the turn, but when the river fell the innocuous 5♥, safe304 extracted more value, raising 1m a Cyborg's 8,000 lead to 42,000. 1m a Cyborg called only to muck and safe304 raked in the 149,000 pot.

By the time the blinds moved up to 2,500/5,000, safe304 had taken a 2 to 1 chip lead with 426,000 to 1m a Cyborg's 203,500. However, 1m a Cyborg quickly rebounded when she flopped a set of fives and got three streets of value. By the end of the level, they were nearly tied again, 1m a Cyborg holding 324,000 to safe304's 306,000.

That's when safe304 changed gears and won nine of the next 13 hands to surge ahead once again. Most notably, her K♠9♥ flopped top two pair vs. 1m a Cyborg's K♣T♣, good for a 141,000 pot. Safe304 moved up to 503,000 while 1m a Cyborg was down to only 100,000.

Ultimately, 1m a Cyborg got the rest of her chips in with A♠3♦ only to find herself up against safe304's A♥T♠. 1m a Cyborg did not improve and safe304 locked up her first Women's Sunday title.

Congratulations to Women's Sunday champion safe304! She banked $2,147.25 for the win while runner-up 1m a Cyborg earned $1,575.00.

PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 8/11/2013

Players: 210
Prizepool: $10,500.00
Places paid: 36

1. safe304 (Slovenia) $2,147.25
2. 1m a Cyborg (Germany) $1,575.00
3. m.a-0000 (Canada) $1,186.50
4. Aurora_2011 (United Kingdom) $892.50
5. MasterMacBar (Canada) $609.00
6. CoralieCo (Belgium) $472.50
7. naa-rocha (Brazil) $367.50
8. panyi1979 (China) $262.50
9. Nyarackska977 (Hungary) $199.50

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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