Women's Sunday: Second time's the charm for tenteli19

Only yesterday, we turned the spotlight on a few of our final table regulars in Jen Newell's piece, Women of the Women's Sunday, so it's only fitting that a few familiar screen names turned up in this week's final nine. Kami "drkamikaze1" Chisholm has made multiple trips to this final table, papapu123 finished sixth back in September, tenteli19 came in fifth in November, and Dutchess06 won the whole thing back in August 2011. After bringing a huge chip lead to the final table and keeping it nearly the entire way, tenteli19 shook the monkey off her back and took down the Women's Sunday, adding over $2,400 to her bankroll.

235 femmes of the felt turned out this week, creating a $11,750.00 prize pool. 36 spots were paid, with first place set to earn $2,402.98. Team Pro Liv Boeree and Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome joined the field with $50 bounties on their heads, but despite building big stacks early, both hit the rail short of the money, Rowsome in 64th place and Boeree in 52nd.

Blinds were 1,500/3,000 with ten players remaining. Both Imenui and papapu123 were on life support with about 7 BB apiece and were no doubt pleased when average-stacked Kalinka10 five-bet shoved for 57,000 with T♦T♠. Tenteli19's J♥J♣ held on to win the 119,000 pot and Kalinka10 departed just short of the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: pokerwars100 (98,006 in chips)
Seat 2: Imenui (17,752 in chips)
Seat 3: papapu123 (21,548 in chips)
Seat 4: PoookerS777 (59,287 in chips)
Seat 5: kkrichards (55,137 in chips)
Seat 6: drkamikaze1 (72,138 in chips)
Seat 7: mcsneaky8446 (70,652 in chips)
Seat 8: Dutchess06 (49,841 in chips)
Seat 9: tenteli19 (260,639 in chips)

Shorties double, Dutchess06 dethroned

Both Imenui and papapu123 benefited from early double-ups. Imenui snapped off tenteli19's A♦A♠ with Q♦J♣ to move up to 31,000, while papapu123 hit a running two pair with K♠9♣ to move up to 25,000.

Dealt Q♥Q♠ under-the-gun, Dutchess06 open-shoved for 39,000 and kkrichards called all-in for 30,600 on the button. Drkamikaze1 reshoved for 58,000 from the small blind and revealed A♥K♣, while kkrichards showed A♠J♠. The 9♠6♥2♦ flop looked good for Dutchesss06, but the A♣ landed on the turn to give the lead to drkamikaze1. However, kkrichards defied the odds and spiked a three-outer on the river with the J♥ to make aces up. She raked in the 99,500 pot while Dutchess06 ended her run at a second Women's Sunday title in ninth place.

kkrichards' luck runs out, Imenui and papapu123 bust

The very next deal saw kkrichards open for a min-raise to 8,000. Tenteli19 called from the big blind and they saw a K♠J♠6♦ flop. Tenteli19 check-called 8,000, then checked again when the 3♠ hit the turn. Kkrichards bet 20,000, tenteli19 raised to 40,000 and kkrichards moved in for 83,111 total. Tenteli19 called, revealing A♠8♠ for the nut flush while kkrichards showed a set of threes. The board didn't pair on the river for kkrichards and she exited in eighth place while tenteli19 moved up to 395,000 in chips.

Although Imenui's early double-up pulled her up two rungs on the pay ladder, this time she couldn't overcome a dominated hand. With 5,000 of her remaining 16,800 already committed in the big blind, Imenui called PoookerS777's shove with A♠7♥, only to be shown A♣T♠. PoookerS777's kicker played, and Imenui left us in seventh place.

Papapu123's stack dwindled to five big blinds before she found a hand to go with. Dealt A♦5♦ under-the-gun, she got her last 25,400 in only to run into mcsneaky8446's K♣K♥. Mcsneaky8446 flopped top set and papapu123 was out in sixth place.

drkamikaze1 spins out in fifth

With five players remaining, tenteli19 was the runaway chip leader with 414,000, mcsneaky8446 held 121,000, and the other three were all under 20 big blinds. Pokerwars100 hit a mini-rush, picking up a 145,000 pot when she flopped the nut flush against mcsneaky8446 and another 80,000 when she picked up A♣A♥ against tenteli19. While tenteli19's stack was barely dented, mcsneaky8446 was left with only 45,000.

Mcsneaky8446 got some of those chips back from pokerwars100, her A♥J♥ holding up against A♦2♦ in a preflop all-in. Mcsneaky8446 moved back up to 94,000 leaving PoookerS777 and drkamikaze1 the short stacks on about 30,000 apiece. Drkamikaze1 relentlessly stole blinds to keep her head above water, but ultimately succumbed in fifth place when her J♠T♠ didn't improve against tenteil19's K♦6♠. This wasn't drkamikaze1's only final table of the day-- she was simultaneously playing the Weekly $215 NLO8 tournament, where she finished third for $4,089.00.

mcsneaky8446, PoookerS777 snapped off

In a replay of the final table bubble hand, mcsneaky8446 three-bet shoved with T♦T♣ and pokerwars100 called with J♦J♠. The jacks went 2 for 2, and mcsneaky8446 hit the rail in fourth place. Pokerwars100 moved up to 263,000 in chips, at last within striking distance of chip leader tenteli19, who was holding steady with 377,000.

PoookerS777 was down to only ten big blinds, but doubled through pokerwars100 when her A♣8♥ held up against Q♠T♠. PoookerS777 enjoyed the temporary reprieve, but went out in disastrous fashion only moments later, her pocket aces snapped off on the river by pokerwars100's 5♥9♣:

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: pokerwars100 (414,068 in chips)
Seat 9: tenteli19 (290,932 in chips)

For the first time at this final table, tenteli19 lost the chip lead. Pokerwars100 seized the opportunity, chipping up to 500,000 before tenteli19 made a comeback. On a 9♠5♦2♠Q♦4♣ board, tenteli19 led out for 28,000 on the flop and turn, then check-called another 35,000 on the river. Her A♣5♣ was good against pokerwars100's A♠T♣, and tenteli19 raked in the 239,000 pot.

Down to 195,000, pokerwars100 doubled up when her A♠7♣ turned trips against tenteli19's A♣5♣. However, tenteli19 got those chips back and then some on the next hand when she made a nine-high straight on the river:

Three hands later, tenteli19 closed out the win. She limped the button, pokerwars100 jammed for her last 90,000 and tenteli10 called. Tenteli19's J♥9♠ dominated pokerwars100's J♦7♦, the board running out 4♠4♦2♣3♣Q♥ to lock up first place for the Russian.

Congratulations to tenteli19 on improving from her previous fifth-place finish and taking home a Women's Sunday title. She banked $2,402.98 for the win, while runner-up pokerwars100 earned $1,762.50.

PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 2-10-2013

Players: 235
Prizepool: $11,750.00
Places paid: 36

1. tenteli19 (Russia) $2,402.98
2. pokerwars100 (Hungary) $1,762.50
3. PoookerS777 (Russia) $1,327.75
4. mcsneaky8446 (United Kingdom) $998.75
5. drkamikaze1 (Canada) $681.50
6. papapu123 (Colombia) $528.75
7. Imenui (Slovenia) $411.25
8. kkrichards (Russia) $293.75
9. Dutchess06 (Netherlands) $223.25

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Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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