Women's Sunday: VVVictorYYY for the Ukraine, Van Brabander sixth

Once again, the Women's Sunday final table was peppered with familar faces. Three final table veterans made the final nine, one with a shot at a repeat win. CaWa11 and Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander finished fifth on June 30th and May 19th respectively, while _valitsaki_ won her first Women's Sunday on July 8th. Athough _valitsaki_ made a terrific run and got heads-up for the title, this week's top honors went to a lady with quite an optimistic screen name, as VVVictorYYY took home the gold.

This week's field topped out at 222 players, the prize pool reaching $11,100.00. 36 players earned a share of it with first place banking $2,269.95. Two Red Spade bounty players joined the field, Team Online's Adrienne Rowsome and Friend of PokerStars Charlotte Van Brabander. Although Rowsome made an early exit, Van Brabander made the money and advanced to the final table second in chips.

Blinds were 1,000/2,000 with ten players remaining and NnC's Mommy was the short stack with 21,000. The action folded to VVVictorYYY on the button and she min-raised to 4,000. NnC's Mommy shoved and VVVictoryYYY called, her A♦3♥ dominated by NnC's Mommy's A♣9♠. The universe, however, had other ideas and the K♣4♣3♠ flop came bearing VVVictorYYY's kicker. NnC's Mommy picked up the nut flush draw on the turn with the 6♣, but the river was the 3♦, making trip threes for VVVictorYYY. NnC's Mommy departed in tenth place and the final table was set.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: CaWa11 (106,775 in chips)
Seat 2: VVVictorYYY (112,603 in chips)
Seat 3: _valitsaki_ (74,360 in chips)
Seat 4: HEZHAYKA763 (29,171 in chips)
Seat 5: iwin22021 (105,965 in chips)
Seat 6: BAPEzhKA (45,154 in chips)
Seat 7: Sjlot (110,265 in chips)
Seat 8: daisyarmo (48,377 in chips)
Seat 9: RalucaRiver (33,330 in chips)

VVVictorYYY gains steam as the short stacks succumb

When short stack RalucaRiver found K♠Q♦ in middle position, she open-shoved for her last 14.5 big blinds only to have _valitsaki_ reshove from the cutoff with A♥Q♣. This time, the dominated hand stayed that way, the board finishing 8♥7♠6♣3♥9♥ to eliminate RalucaRiver in ninth place.

Iwin22021 doubled through CaWa11 when her A♠5♠ flopped top two pair vs. a flush draw. They got it all in on a A♥3♥5♦3♥ board, but CaWa11's 6♥8♥ missed when the river fell the 9♠. CaWa11 dipped to 88k in chips but rebounded when HEZHAYKA63 three-bet shoved for 54,292 with Q♠Q♥. CaWa11 called with A♥K♠ and flopped a king to take the chip lead with 148,000 as HEZHAYKA63 was eliminated in eighth place.

On the very next deal, VVVictorYYY opened for a UTG min-raise and BAPEzhKA moved in for her last 29,500. Once again, VVVictorYYY had a dominated hand, her K♥Q♠ facing A♠K♦... and once again VVVictorYYY wiggled her way out of a jam. The flop fell Q♦J♠9♦ to make her top pair and VVVictorYYY improved to a full house when the turn and river came the J♦ and the J♥. BAPEzhKA was out in seventh place, earning $388.50.

Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander eliminated in sixth place

With the blinds up to 1,500/3,000, Sjlot found A♦Q♦ and opened for 6,000 from UTG+1. The action folded to _valitsaki_ in the big blind, who moved in for 72,940 (24 BB) with pocket fives. Sjlot called and was flipping for just short of the chip lead. However, her hopes were dashed when _valitsaki_ flopped a set, the board running out 9♠8♠5♠3♣6♠. _Valitsaki_ doubled to 149,000 and left Sjlot with only 7,575 in chips.

On the very next deal, VVVictorYYY three-bet to 13,500 preflop and cutoff raiser CaWa11 called. The flop fell 7♦7♣6♣ and CaWa11 checked to VVVictorYYY, who bet 15,000. CaWa11 raised to 34,500 and VVVictorYYY came back over the top for 66,000. CaWa11 gave up her hand and VVVictorYYY raked in the pot, moving up to 236,500 in chips.

Sjlot had 3,000 of her remaining 6,975 committed in the big blind on the next hand. _Valitsaki_ min-raised the button to 6,000, iwin22021 called from the small blind and Sjlot called all-in from the big. Iwin22021 check-folded to _valitsaki_'s 3,000 bet on the Q♠J♣8♠ flop and the cards went on their backs. _Valitsaki_ turned up J♥4♦ for middle pair, while Sjlot's 3♥6♦ could only win with running cards. The A♦ on the turn left her drawing dead and _valitsaki_ made trips on the river with the J♦. Sjlot's run came to an end in sixth place ($499.50) as _valitsaki_ picked up her $50 bounty.


Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander

CaWa11 crashes out in fifth, VVVictorYYY busts iwin22021 in fourth

CaWa11's stack sank to 54,000 after she doubled up iwin22021, her A♥T♠ unable to improve against A♠Q♥. moments later, Daisyarmo opened for a min-raise to 8,000 and CaWa11 moved all-in on the button with K♣J♠ . Daisyarmo snap-called with Q♥Q♦. CaWa11 got no help from the 9♠3♠2♥3♣A♣ board and hit the rail in fifth place ($643.80).

As play turned four-handed, VVVictorYYY led with 247,000, daisyarmo was second in chips with 172,000, _valitsaki_ held 151,000 and iwin22021 was the short stack with 96,000.

Iwin22021 fell all the way to 42,500 before his K♣9♥ held up against VVVictorYYY's K♦5♠ to double her stack to 88,500. It was only a minor hit for VVVictorYYY, but soon after, _valitsaki_ claimed a huge chunk of her stack. In a four-bet pot that swelled to 115,000 preflop, VVVictorYYY made a 47,500 c-bet on the T♣T♥2♥ flop. _Valitsaki_ smooth-called. The turn came the 9♥ and VVVictorYYY relinquished control by checking. _Valitsaki_ seized the moment and shoved for 123,000, but VVVictorYYY couldn't find a call. _Valitsaki_ moved up to 335,000 while VVVictorYYY fell to 173,500.

Moments later, iwin22021 open-shoved for her last 49,000 and VVVictorYYY called from the small blind. Iwin22021 was flipping for her tournament life with A♦Q♠ up against 8♥8♠, but the coin landed with VVVictorYYY when the board fell K♣T♥2♣K♥4♦. Iwin22021 was eliminated in fourth place, earning $943.50.

VVVictorYYY drops daisyarmo in third

VVVictorYYY rebounded to 225,500 after that hand, but was still far short of _valitsaki_'s 354,000. Short stack daisyarmo fell from 89,000 in chips to 44,000 when VVVictorYYY check-raised to 64,000 on a 8♠6♥5♥2♠ board. Daisyarmo flashed K♠9♠ as she folded. Two hands later, daisyarmo picked up A♦3♠ and moved all-in from the small blind. VVVictorYYY called with 8♦T♠ in the big and flopped an eight to take daisyarmo out in third place ($1,254.10).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: VVVictorYYY (315,054 in chips)
Seat 3: _valitsaki_ (350,946 in chips)

Only 35,000 in chips separated _valitsaki_ from VVVictorYYY as heads-up play commenced. VVVictorYYY was first to strike, opening for 12,000 on the button, then calling _valitsaki_'s 27,700 three-bet._Valitsaki_ fired the flop and turn on the J♠7♣2♦J♦J♣ board, but checked the river. VVVictorYYY bet 63,000 and _valitsaki_ folded, dropping to 240,500. However, _valitsaki_ rebounded a few hands later when she raised the river from position on a A♣5♦3♦J♥2♣ board. VVVictorYYY gave up her hand and _valitsaki_ moved back up to 308,000.

Two hands later, VVVictorYYY split the gap wide open when she turned a jack-high flush and moved up to 507,000 in chips:

VVVictorYYY and _valitsaki_ didn't see another flop before they got all their chips in the middle, VVVictorYYY's 3♣3♥ leading _valitsaki_'s 2♦2♣. Fortunately for _valitsaki_ the board double-paired tens and fives for a chop.

However, four hands later, all their chips were in the middle again. _Valitsaki_ open-shoved with [AcQ♦ and VVVictorYYY called with 8♣8♥. An eight on the flop locked up the VVVictorYYY:

Congratulations to VVVictorYYY of the Ukraine on her first Women's Sunday title. She banked $2,269.95 for the win, while runner-up _valitsakI_ took home $1,665.00.

PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 9-29-2013

Players: 222
Prizepool: $11,100.00
Places paid: 36

1. VVVictorYYY (Ukraine) $2,269.95
2. _valitsaki_ (Greece) $1,665.00
3. daisyarmo (Colombia) $1,254.30
4. iwin22021 (Canada) $943.50
5. CaWa11 (Sweden) $643.80
6. Charlotte "Sjlot" Van Brabander (Belgium) $499.50
7. BAPEzhKA (Russia) $388.50
8. HEZHAYKA763 (Russia) $277.50
9. RalucaRiver (Romania) $210.90

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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