Quenofpkr wins June 29 Women's Sunday

The Women's Sunday has an exciting announcement for its players!

There will be a Women's Sunday replay of the entire final table each week going forward. Players will be able to access it under the "Special" tab in the "Tourney" category, and the replay will be available on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. This will happen each week, just as it is done with the weekly Sunday Million, Sunday Warm-Up, and Sunday Storm tournaments.

Look for "Replay: Women's Sunday Final Table - June 29" as the first one.

It's a great way for players to watch their opponents, all of the action, and to use it as a learning tool for improving their game.

As for today's tournament, the final registration numbers were listed as follows:

Total players: 235
Guarantee: $11,000.00
Prize pool: $11,750.00
Paid finishers: 36

The bounty this week was on the virtual head of Team Online's Katerina "katerina289" Malasidou, who got involved early in the game. But her run came to an early end, as she tweeted:

Koanju took home the $50 bounty, and play moved on toward the money portion of the tournament.

After the four-hour mark, the field was reduced to just two tables of players, and it took another hour to reach hand-for-hand play. Moments later, VVVictorYYY pushed all-in with her short stack and K♣2♠ from the small blind. Quenofpkr called from the big blind with just a few chips behind and A♠9♠. The board of J♠9♣K♠Q♥T♣ gave Quenofpkr the nut straight and eliminated VVVictorYYY in tenth place for $188.00.

GaelleGD going strong

The final table started in Level 29, with blinds at 2.4K/4.8K and a 600 ante, with these players and their chip counts:

Seat 1: SexyFlush (134,156 in chips)
Seat 2: Ima Notellin (84,777 in chips)
Seat 3: Bags&Shoes (90,749 in chips)
Seat 4: lini0728 (165,379 in chips)
Seat 5: LuxoR_C (125,273 in chips)
Seat 6: GaelleGD (267,266 in chips)
Seat 7: oo00uch!! (137,948 in chips)
Seat 8: Poker-Eksper (91,962 in chips)
Seat 9: Quenofpkr (77,490 in chips)

WS FT 06.29.14.JPG

Bags&Shoes quickly doubled through Ima Notellin to climb into a strong second place on the leaderboard. Just a few hands later, ImaNotellin moved all-in with 12,656 chips UTG holding A♦T♣. Bags&Shoes called with 8♥8♦, which only improved to a set of eights on the 8♠Q♠3♠K♥6♠ board. ImaNotellin was eliminated in ninth place with $223.25.

Bags&Shoes lost ground but doubled through lini0728, and SexyFlush doubled through GaelleGD. Quenofpkr had been relegated to stack of less than 10K chips, though she managed a double through GaelleGD to stay in action, and she then tripled through Poker-Eksper and LuxoR_C. Lini0728 doubled her stack through Bags&Shoes.

Quenofpkr then scored another double to climb to the top half of the leaderboard with this hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Two hands later, Quenofpkr raised from middle position, and when lini0728 moved all-in for 109,650 chips from the big blind, Quenofpkr called with A♠9♦. Lini0728 showed 6♦6♠, but the board of T♠9♠T♣9♥7♠ gave Quenofpkr the full house and sent lini0728 out in eighth place for $293.75.

Oo00uch!! doubled through Poker-Eksper, and the two tangled again three hands later. Poker-Eksper moved all-in for less than 14K chips, LuxoR_C called from the big blind, and original raiser oo00ch!! called. The flop of 6♣K♥J♠ brought a bet from oo00uch!! and call from LuxoR_C, but another bet on the 5♠ turn prompted LuxoR_C to fold. Poker-Eksper showed K♠T♠, but oo00uch!! had the J♥J♦ for a set. The 5♣ on the river officially sent Poker-Eksper out in seventh place with $411.25.

Bags&Shoes doubled through SexyFlush, and the latter never recovered. SexyFlush put the last of her chips at risk with 9♣J♥ against the T♦T♣ of LuxoR_C, and the board of 8♣7♦7♥6♠9♠ gave LuxoR_C the straight. SexyFlush was gone in sixth place for $528.50.

LuxoR_C doubled through GaelleGD, though the former chip leader was still in very good shape. GaelleGD then got involved with Quenofpkr and Bags&Shoes to see a raised flop of 9♥K♠4♠. Quenofpkr bet, and Bags&Shoes got out of the way as GaelleGD called. The 6♥ on the turn prompted Quenofpkr to move all-in with K♣J♥ and top pair. GaelleGD called all-in with K♦Q♦ for top pair with the better kicker. But the J♠ hit hard on the river to eliminate Gaëlle "GaelleGD" Garcia Diaz in fifth place for $681.50.

Gaelle Garcia Diaz 3.jpg

Bags&Shoes doubled through Quenofpkr, as did oo00uch!!, but oo00uch!! had a long way to go. So oo00uch!! pushed all-in again with T♣9♣ after seeing the 5♥9♥2♦ flop. Quenofpkr called with J♣J♦, though, which held up on the 5♦ turn and 6♦ river. Oo00uch!! ended her run in fourth place for $998.75.

Quenofpkr dominating

The comeback of Quenofpkr was impressive, and she only extended her lead as the table played on. As three-handed action commenced, the three stacks were as follows:

Seat 3: Bags&Shoes (297,257 in chips)
Seat 5: LuxoR_C (126,123 in chips)
Seat 9: Quenofpkr (751,620 in chips)

LuxoR_C doubled through Bags&Shoes, and the latter then did the same through LuxoR_C, while Quenofpkr climbed above 800K chips. LuxoR_C doubled through Bags&Shoes again, and the latter did it through Quenofpkr. LuxoR_C did it again through Bags&Shoes.

That left Bags&Shoes with little more than 3K chips, which went all-in on the next hand with 5♦4♥. LuxoR_C had Q♠8♣, and the board came 8♥8♦7♥8♠A♥ to eliminate Bags&Shoes in third place with $1,327.75.

Heads-up begins

The final two players began their match with these chip stacks:

Seat 5: LuxoR_C (423,536 in chips)
Seat 9: Quenofpkr (751,464 in chips)

LuxoR_C doubled through Quenofpkr, and the latter doubled back. As LuxoR_C gained ground, the stacks were nearly even when the two paused the tournament to discuss a chop of the prize money. They agreed to each accept $2,082.74 and play for the title alone.

Quenofpkr quickly chipped up, and both then got involved in a reraised pot to see a flop of 4♣T♠Q♣. LuxoR_C bet all-in with A♦J♥ for the draw, and Quenofpkr called with A♣K♠ for the draw as well. The A♠ on the turn gave each of them top pair, and the Q♦ on the river gave each two pair, but the king kicker played. LuxoR_C exited in second place.

Quenofpkr captured the Women's Sunday title. Congrats!

Women's Sunday Results for 06/29/14:

Players: 235
Prize pool: $11,750.00
Paid players: 36

1. Quenofpkr (Belgium) $2,082.74*
2. LuxoR_C (Greece) $2,082.74*
3. Bags&Shoes (Portugal) $1,327.75
4. oo00uch!! (Argentina) $998.75
5. GaelleGD (Belgium) $681.50
6. SexyFlush (Netherlands) $528.75
7. Poker-Eksper (Norway) $411.25
8. lini0728 (China) $293.75
9. Ima Notellin (Canada) $223.25

*Figures denote two-way chop

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Jennifer Newell is a PokerStars freelance contributor.

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