Women's Sunday: ericapaledal earns top honors, banks $2,631.60

The Women's Sunday was back to it's regular size and guarantee after last week's record-setting Third Anniversary Special. Nevertheless, a robust crowd of 272 players turned up, the prize pool topping out at $13,600.00. 45 places were paid with $2,631.60 up top. Liv Boeree was today's Red Spade Bounty, but she had an unfortunately short stay in the tournament. With the blinds up to 75/150, Boeree reraised all-in for her last 15 big blinds, but her K♥J♥ was in poor shape against zzyyxx59's J♣J♠. Boeree did not improve and went out in 137th place, while zzyyxx59 picked up $50 for the knockout.

The money bubble burst just over three hours into play and about ninety minutes later, ten players remained. The blinds were 1,400/2,800 when Emiliepus opened for 5,600 and wiewiorka87 shoved for 24,986. Emiliepus called, her Q♠J♠ behind A♠7♦. Wiewiorka87's ace-high held through the turn, but Emiliepus spiked a pair of jacks on the river to end her run in tenth place and set the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: eBay Times (43,812 in chips)
Seat 2: manu777512 (108,361 in chips)
Seat 3: mona58 (145,151 in chips)
Seat 4: Quaquaversal (37,091 in chips)
Seat 5: ericapaledal (48,463 in chips)
Seat 6: SexyFlush (16,378 in chips)
Seat 7: rituta.b01 (125,937 in chips)
Seat 8: $oprixAA (119,057 in chips)
Seat 9: Emiliepus (171,750 in chips)

SexyFlush and ericapaledal get off the short stack

SexyFlush made the final table with only six big blinds but doubled up on the second hand, her Q♦J♦ hitting a pair of jacks vs. rituta.b01's A♣9♣. By the time the blinds rose to 1,600/3,200 ericapaledal was the short stack with only 16,013 in chips. When the action folded around to Quaquaversal in the small blind, she moved all-in for 43,505 and ericapaledal called from the big with Q♠T♠. Although Quaquaversal's J♣6♣ made bottom two pair on the K♦J♠6♦ flop, ericapaledal rivered the 9♠ to make a king-high straight and doubled her stack to 34,826. Two orbits later, ericapaledal did it again, doubling to 60,000 when her A♥J♣ held up against mona58's A♠9♦.

Moments later, SexyFlush open-shoved for 23,856 from UTG+1, eBay Times flat-called from the cutoff, and mona58 moved all-in from the small blind, having both players covered. EBayTimes called and won the side pot with Q♣Q♥, but lost out on the main pot when SexyFlush caught a spade on the turn to make the nut flush. SexyFlush tripled to 79,218, eBay Times doubled to 101,616 and mona58 fell to 47,771 in chips.

Then, on the next hand, ericapaledal picked up A♥A♦ and three-bet eBay Times's 7,200 min-raise to 25,200. EBay Times moved in for 101,166 with A♣K♣ and ericapaledal called, her pocket aces holding up to double her stack to 119,754.

Left with 44,000 in chips, eBay Times found A♦9♦ and open-shoved from the hijack. SexyFlush snap-called from the big blind with pocket jacks, but they shriveled up when the 6♦4♦2♠ flop made eBay Times a flush. EBay Times doubled to 93,378, but handed over 34,000 to SexyFlush on the next hand when her A♠Q♥ turned top pair against eBay Times's J♦J♣.

ericapaledal takes out two

Almost half an hour after it began, this final table was still nine-handed. Quaquaversal was the short stack with 28,792 and when the action folded to her in the small blind, she moved all-in with 5♥6♥. Ericapaledal called with A♥5♣ from the big. Although both players made trips on the Q♥9♦5♠8♦5♦ board, ericapaledal won the kicker war and broke the stalemate, sending Quaquaversal to the rail in ninth place ($238.00).

Ericapaledal took the chip lead with 146,000 and two hands later eliminated Emiliepus in eighth place when her pocket nines flopped a set against pocket sevens. The hand took ericapaledal up to 259,000 in chips:

mona58 soaks up $oprixAA's stack, rituta.b01 flips out

With the field down to seven and the blinds up to 2,000/4,000, mona58 was the short stack with 38,000 in chips. $oprixAA opened for 9,000 from UTG and mona58 moved all-in from from the cutoff. $oprixAA called, her A♠J♠ racing with mona58's 9♣9♥. The nines rivered a flush on the Q♥7♥4♥5♥3♠ board and mona58 doubled to 84,000.

Only a few hands later, $oprixAA picked up K♥K♠ and opened again for 9,000. Mona58 called and rituta.b01 came along from the big blind. Rituta.b01 checked the T♥3♦2♣ flop over to $oprixAA, who bet 20,000. Mona58 called and rituta.b01 gave up her hand. The turn was the 2♦ and $oprixAA made it 48,000 to go. Mona58 called all-in for 45,842 and revealed 3♠3♣ for threes full. Her kings snapped off, $oprixAA fell to 32,000 while mona58 doubled to 164,000.

Although $oprixAA was the shortest stack remaining, rituta.b01 gave her a boost up the pay ladder when she three-bet shoved for 55,504 with A♦J♦. UTG min-raiser manu777512 called with pocket nines and made two pair on the Q♣8♣2♠8♥3♥ board to end rituta.b01's run in seventh place ($462.40).

On the next deal, $oprixAA got her last 24,884 in before the flop, her pocket fives racing with SexyFlush's K♠T♠. The Q♦Q♠9♠6♦6♠ board ran true to her name and SexyFlush sent $oprixAA to the rail in sixth place ($598.40).

mona58 mauls manu777512

With five players left, eBay Times was still hanging on with 49,000 in chips and doubled to 105,000 when she picked up K♦K♠ against ericapaledal's A♥K♣.

Then, in the largest pot of the tournament thus far, mona58 flopped a wheel with A♦4♥ and called manu777512's three-bet shove:

Manu777512 was left with 56,000 and mona58 got the rest of her chips a few hands later. Although manu777512's K♦J♥ dominated mona58's K♥7♥ and made top pair on the J♣9♠5♠ flop mona58 hit the 6♥ and the 8♦ on the turn and river to make a nine-high straight. For fifth place, manu777512 picked up $775.20.

From four to two

The blinds rose to 3,200/6,400 and short stack eBay Times moved in on the button for 53,308. Ericapaledal called, her A♦8♥ trailing eBay Times's pocket nines. However, she hit top pair when the flop fell A♠T♥2♦. EBay Times couldn't find a nine on the turn or river and departed in fourth place, earning $1,122.00.

With three players remaining, mona58 was the chip leader with 547,000, ericapaledal was second with 209,000 and SexyFlush was the short stack with 60,000.

SexyFlush blinded down to 40,000 before she moved in from the small blind with Q♥9♦. Unfortunately for her, mona58 was lying in wait with A♥Q♦ in the big blind. SexyFlush did not improve and ended her run in third place, good for a $1,496.00 score.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: mona58 (553,092 in chips)
Seat 5: ericapaledal (262,908 in chips)

Ericapaledal ground her stack up to 379,000 before she picked up K♠Q♦ in the big blind. Mona58 opened for 14,400 and ericapaledal called to see the Q♠5♣4♠ flop. Ericapaledal checked, mona58 bet 14,400 and ericapaledal came in for a raise to 43,200. Mona58 shoved and ericapaledal called. It was a disaster for mona58-- her Q♥3♥ was dominated and did not improve, the turn and river falling the A♠ and the A♦. The 758,000 pot left mona58 on only 58,000 in chips.

Mona58 rebounded a few hands later, doubling to 125,000 when her A♦J♥ held up against ericapaledal's A♥6♣. However, she wouldn't survive another all-in. Holding K♠J♦, mona58 three-bet shoved from the big blind, but couldn't fade ericapaledal's A♣8♠:

Congratulations to ericapaledal on an incredible come-from-behind victory! She took home $2,631.60 for the win while runner-up mona58 earned $1,972.00.

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PokerStars Women's Sunday results for 4-6-2014

Players: 272
Prizepool: $13,600.00
Places paid: 45

1. ericapaledal (Sweden) $2,631.60
2. mona58 (Switzerland) $1,972.00
3. SexyFlush (Netherlands) $1,496.00
4. eBay Times (Romania) $1,122.00
5. manu777512 (Russia) $775.20
6. $oprixAA (Romania) $598.40
7. rituta.b01 (Ireland) $462.40
8. Emiliepus (Norway) $326.40
9. Quaquaversal (Belgium) $238.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Women's Sunday