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$25K High Roller: Keep on rolling

If you stuck with it through to the end of the high roller event last night you'll know what preceded today's final was fifteen hours of timeless poker, culminating early this morning with the elimination of Bill Edler, a gentleman through to the end, who shook hands with his opponents and left with nothing, the money and glory going to those he was leaving behind.

That's all in the past. Today those Edler walked away from return hoping to become the new champion and stride into the glare of public adulation, collecting a first prize of $433,500 and a few nods of recognition along the way.

Here's how players will line up today...

Seat 1 - Humberto Brenes - Team PokerStars Pro - 423,500
Seat 2 - Scott Seiver - 449,500
Seat 3 - Nick Schulman - 99,500
Seat 4 - Liya Gerasimov - 259,000
Seat 5 - Daniel Alaei - 209,500
Seat 6 - Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 358,000
Seat 7 - Will Molson - 270,500
Seat 8 - Eli Elezra - 355,500

From a list bursting with recognisable faces, two Team PokerStars Pros stand out. Last year Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier got himself some attention by winning $2 million here at the PCA. This year he is in good position to make the same headlines again in the high roller in a climate that suits him. Then there is Humberto Brenes, who was possibly the last player to register for the event yesterday, but who outlasted 40 others and is in a strong chip position to do some damage.

On a table chock full of bracelet winners - Eli Elezra, Daniel Alaei and Scott Seiver - this will be no ordinary final. You can follow all the action on the PokerStars blog and watch every hand for yourself on EPTLive when the unparalleled coverage begins at 12 noon ET.

Here's what they're playing for...

1st - $433,500
2nd - $228,000
3rd - $137,000
4th - $91,300
5th - $70,800
6th - $68,500
7th - $57,000
8th - $45,700

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