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$25K High Roller: Level 12 and 13 updates

You can follow all the action from start to finish on EPTLive with expert commentary and analysis all the way through and highlights will be updated here throughout the day. Click refresh for the latest real-time updates. Levels are 60 minutes long and we play down to a winner. We have 15 minutes more to play with blinds at 3,000-6,000 with a 500 running ante before they increase to 4,000-8,000.

Post last updated at 4.30pm

4.30pm: Short break
There's a break in the action after Alaei's elimination. The chip counts are as follows...

Humberto Brenes - Team PokerStars Pro - 691,500
Scott Seiver - 330,000
Liya Gerasimov - 399,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 556,500
Will Molson - 276,500
Eli Elezra - 171,500

4.24pm: Daniel Alaei of the United States is eliminated in seventh place for $57,000
Gerasimova bet pre-flop to 30,500 and Daniel Alaei moved all-in. It was folded back to Gerasimov who called showing Ad-Js. For the second time Alaei showed pocket kings against the Russian. The flop came Qs-4h-8d and the turn came Tc to give Gerasimova more outs. She needed a nine, king or an ace and it was the latter which hit the river, sending Alaei out.

That Alaei made it this far was down to an extraordinary poker talent, demonstrated yesterday in an incredible hand against Eli Elezra in which Alaei folded pocket kings pre-flop to what would turn out to be Elezra's aces. Alaei and Elezra talked to us about the hand...

Watch PCA 09: Alaei and Elezra on a big lay down from Day 2 on PokerStars.tv

4.22pm: Elezra makes a move
Elezra moves in from the small blind. ElkY asked for a count, having bet pre-flop but instead fold an ace.

4.15pm: All in call
Gerasimova moved all-in and Alaei re-raised all in with pocket kings. Gerasimov showed Ah-8s and hit a miracle board, Ac-8c-4d-6c-2c. It makes Alaei the short stack.

4.10pm: Checking and calling
On a flop of 5h-8c-5c Seiver checks from the small blind before Alaei bet to 32,000. Seiver called. Both checked the Kd turn and the 4s river. Seiver showed A-J to take it down.

4.05pm: Latest chip counts
Humberto Brenes - Team PokerStars Pro - 686,500
Scott Seiver - 286,000
Liya Gerasimov - 153,500
Daniel Alaei - 283,500
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 582,000
Will Molson - 300,500
Eli Elezra - 133,000

3.55pm: Nick Schulman of the United States eliminated in eighth place for $45,700.
Schulman arrived as the short stack and becomes the first to leave, shoving behind a Seiver bet and called ElkY's re-raise. The Frenchman called with pocket tens to Schulman's As-Js which didn't improve.

3.50pm: Gerasimov makes her move
Liya Gerasimova moves all-in and is called by ElkY but for the second time today both players have the same hand, A-K. A split pot.

3.47pm: Latest chip counts
Seat 1 - Humberto Brenes - Team PokerStars Pro - 640,500
Seat 2 - Scott Seiver - 317,000
Seat 3 - Nick Schulman - 84,000
Seat 4 - Liya Gerasimov - 143,500
Seat 5 - Daniel Alaei - 314,500
Seat 6 - Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 457,000
Seat 7 - Will Molson - 320,500
Seat 8 - Eli Elezra - 148,000

3.45pm: Brenes in control
Humberto Brenes is dominating the table, or maybe it's the shark, with some well timed raises to take down sizeable pots; the latest from Scott Seiver.

3.35pm: Shark attack
Humberto Brenes pushes ElkY off a pot with a move holding 9-2 off. Cue shark for the rubdown.

3.24pm: All in
Alaei bet and Schulman moved all-in. Alaei called but both players showed A-K, splitting the pot.

3.13pm: More for Elezra
Gerasimova bet pre-flop which Elezra called. On a flop of 2h-7c-Td Elezra moved all in, ending the hand right there.

3.10pm: Time for a Molson
Will Molson re-raises ElkY for the second time, taking the pot.

3.05pm: Checking
Brenes takes a pot against Alaei that's checked all the way. With four spades on the board Brenes showed a fifth.

2.55pm: Current chip counts
Seat 1 - Humberto Brenes - Team PokerStars Pro - 472,000
Seat 2 - Scott Seiver - 417,000
Seat 3 - Nick Schulman - 107,000
Seat 4 - Liya Gerasimov - 187,500
Seat 5 - Daniel Alaei - 247,000
Seat 6 - Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 595,500
Seat 7 - Will Molson - 226,000
Seat 8 - Eli Elezra - 173,000

2.50pm: Pay up
On the next hand ElkY makes it 18,500 and it's folded to Elezra who moves all in for 79,500. ElkY calls and shows his 6-3 off-suit to Elezra's pocket kings. ElkY was counting out what he owed even before the board brought a third king for Elezra.

2.45pm: New chip leader
On a flop of 6h-Tc-Kd Elezra bets 17,500 from the big blind and ElkY called. The turn came 5d and Elezra bet out again, 27,000 which ElkY called. Then the river card, Th, which Elezra bet 47,500 on. ElkY thought for a while and raised to 122,000. Now Elezra was in the tank, eventually calling but mucking his hand to ElkY's A-T. The Team PokerStars Pro is now chip leader with 675,000.

2.40pm: First go
Will Molson plays his first pot of the day but it doesn't last long, calling an ElkY bet from the small blind in the big for a flop of Qd-8d-6h. ElkY bet, Molson passed.

2.30pm: The Brenes dance
Humberto Brenes puts on a show when winning a pot against Eli Elezra who he happily accuses of bluffing. It takes Brenes to 485,000 and the chip lead.

2.20pm: Team Pro pot
ElkY and Brenes tangle in a pot on a king high flop. Both show a king to chop the pot.

2.16pm: First all in
The first all in comes from short stack Nick Schulman. Eli Elezra thought about it for a while but passed, as did the original raises Scott Seiver.

2.12pm: First big hand of the day
A big hand early on with Gerasimova making it 16,000 pre-flop, getting a call from ElkY in the small blind. The flop came Tc-Th-9s which both check for a 5s on the turn which ElkY bets at 22,500 at. Gerasimova raises to 62,000 which ElkY calls for a 7c river card. It's now a 166,000 pot but both check the river, ElkY showing Ac-Qh for the pot. He's up to 438,500.

2.05pm: First pot
The first hand is won by Daniel Alaei who re-raises behind a Brenes raise and a Seiver call.

2.01pm: Play begins.
It'll be worth the wait. It's non-stop from here on.

1.55pm: Introductions
Players are being introduced to the crowds. Cards are almost in the air...

1.50pm: Patience is a virtue
The last of the final finishing touches are nearly done. It can only be minutes now... we can hear the riffle of chips...

1.30pm: Finishing touches
There's always a glitch to iron out. Play is about to begin with blinds at 3,000-6,000 with a running 500.

1.20pm: Nearly ready
After some delays to the start players are arriving at the table and should be dealt cards within a few minutes.

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