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2010 PCA: Bounty day in the Bahamas


Day three of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. It's sunny outside, gone are the high winds and grey clouds and in their place sunshine, warmth and a few hundred beautiful people greasing up for a day in the sun ready to get their money's worth. Some ugly ones too.

But who in their right mind would choose that over what's in store today down in the Imperial Ballroom. Yesterday things were getting serious, well today things are really serious. Pah, you know what we mean.

If you're new to all this, taking in the madness and melodrama of it all, you'll have spotted that the money is now coming into view. If you're an old lag (original definition), you'll know that there's a long way to go yet and there are some harsh realities to deal with first.

Of the 1,529 players who started this week just 278 players return today. And of that number 54 will leave empty handed, nothing except a lack of vitamin D. Then, with the bubble burst, the money will start doing things to people. Either they'll dig in and plod on towards the $2.2 million first prize, or they'll throw caution to the wind and ride off into the sunset, dollar bills flapping behind them.

Unless something terrible happens that won't include our current chip leader Praz Bansi, arriving today to open not one but two bags containing his stack of 960,800. It might, however, include the man at the opposite end of the chip count list, Team PokerStars Pro Luis Medina, who bagged 27k late last night. But hey, 27,000 chips and a chair might be all he needs.

Players are arriving. That there is your Friday.

Chip leader Praz Bansi

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