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2010 PCA: Day 1B level 1 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1B, level 1 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below. Click through to the chip count page for selected notable chip counts, updated regularly throughout the day.

Blinds: 50-100

1.20pm: Level over
It's really is. Level two is coming up.

1.20pm: Belarussian in trouble
Vadim Markushevsky has just lost about half his stack in a tangle with Josh Bergman. The Team Pro from Belarus raised to 300, Bergman made it 800 and Markushevsky called. The flop came T♥Q♠K♠ and Bergman check-called Markushevsky's bet of 900. The turn came 3♣ and Markushevsky bet 2,250, which Bergman called. The river was 8♥ and Markushevsky bet 5,200, Bergman raised to 15,075 and Markushevsky called, only to be shown pocket kings. Markushevsky mucked.

1.15pm: Rousso rumbling
Vanessa Rousso is busy stacking a healthy tower of about 60,000 chips, double the starting stack. She filled in the few details she knew: she made a straight on the river to take a huge chunk from an unknown (to her) player - there was also a flush on board but her opponent mucked. Then she finished the job with the nut flush, sending the same opponent to the rail.

1:05pm: Football legends together
First off, let's get this straight - we're talking about 'football' here, the non-US version. For our US readers, this is a post about 'soccer'. Now that's out of the way, here's the point: two legends of European football are sharing the same table today, and it's an England v Spain clash.

In the England corner is Teddy Sheringham, the former Manchester United and
Tottenham player, while in the Spain corner is Poli Rincon, the former Real Madrid player who is here sponsored by PokerStars. Both represented their countries, too, and both are now making their way on the poker circuit.

Sheringham, sponsored here by PokerStars, has a head start. He's already knocked up $112,435 in tournament winnings. Rincon, however, is at the beginning of his tournament journey and looking for his first significant cash.

And his lack of experience perhaps shows as he's already down to 11,000 chips. On this hand it was not Sheringham who took a pot, but Team PokerStars Pro JC Alvarado.
The two of them saw a 5♥J♦T♥ flop, and after Rincon checked, the relentlessly aggressive Alvarado bet 825. Now Rincon sprung to life and re-popped with 2,300. Alvarado eyed him up suspiciously. "How much do you have left?" he asked. Rincon, not a great speaker of English, still understood and displayed two blue chips, a yellow one and a bundle of greens which amounted to about 11,500.

With that, Alvarado fired out 14,000, covering the Spaniard. Rincon now went into the tank. His leg was bouncing up and down under his chair; his head was in his hands. Did he want to call now and risk an early end to his tournament? The answer was no, and he folded.

This will be an interesting table, but sadly is destined to be one of the first to break.

1:03pm: Compliment of the hour
"There's my man!" Mike Matusow said as he high-fived WCOOP Main Event winner Yevgeniy Timoshenko. "I've put you on my list of Top Two New Players Who Won't Be a Flash in the Pan!"

We didn't hear who the second player is, but our best guess is Greg "Flash in the Pan" Pappas.

1:00pm: Best flat call of the day?
Thanks to one of our dealers who just stopped by to tell us about the following hand. Stuart Patterson came in for a raise and got a call from Cliff Josephy. The flop came down ace-high rainbow. Patterson bet and got a call from Josephy both then and on a rag turn. On the river, a nine, Patterson bet out again. Again, Josephy simply called.

Hands on their backs: A flopped set of aces for Patterson. A rivered set of nines for Josephy.

Well played, gentlemen.

12.50pm: Stevie 55
On a board of J♥K♥3♦9♦K♦ Frank Collins was sitting with a bet of 15,000 out in front of him and about 25,000 more in the middle. In his way was the decision of Stephen Chidwick, thinking over his final act of the hand. That decision was to call. Collins turned over A♦K♠ for a set. Chidwick had him beat though, turning over T♦Q♠ for a straight and a stack of 55,000.

12.45pm: Big names
This is a very big pond with a lot of very big sharks in it. Another quick wander around the room, and these faces also presented themselves: Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Mike "SirWatts" Watson, Freddy Deeb, Scotty Nguyen, Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald, Teddy Sheringham and, from the chat show circuit, Montel Williams.

12.30pm: Taking on Dabul
Veronica Dabul just took a couple of small pots from Jeff Sarwer. The first in a showdown on the river, Dabul's pocket eights beating Sarwer's eight-high ("Sometimes you just have to take a stab at it") then again on a board with three threes on that was checked to the river, Dabul's ace-eight good enough.

12.15pm: Take your seats
Our thanks to the random seat draw for adding an extra shot of something to a few tables today. Like Andre Akkari's table, which features not only PokerStars SportStar Fatima De Melo but Akkari's friend and countryman Alexander Gomes. One table along sits superstar Nelly, while in the other direction Johnny Lodden and Phil Ivey share a table.

Elsewhere Victor Ramdin and Arnaud Mattern do the same, as do Veronica Dabul and Jeff Sarwer. Other match ups include Sorel Mizzi and Veronica Dabul, Darus Suharto and Bill Gazes and Vicky Coren and Mike Matusow.

12.10pm: How could we forget
It's an event that has entered PokerStars folklore: it was the party night at the 2009 World Series, hosted by PokerStars at the Palms, Las Vegas. The entertainment was provided by the Grammy award winning megastar Nelly - and it was utterly, utterly brilliant. Anyhow, we were all reminded of those joys today in the Imperial Ballroom as our man Nelly took his seat in the Day 1B throngs. Welcome back Nelly.

12.07pm: Video, video!
Here's the video team's take on the start of today's Day 1B...

Watch PCA 2010: Day 1B Introduction on PokerStars.tv

12.05pm: Shuffle up, etc.
The new World Series of Poker champion Joe Cada was handed the honour of announcing day 1B of the 2010 PCA Main Event under way. "Shuffle up and deal," said Cada, sticking with tradition.


Joe Cada on the mic

He also pledged one percent of his tournament winnings to charity and encouraged all other players to do the same. Top man is Mr Cada.

11:54pm: The big names in the field
Wanna see some of the big dogs sitting down for Day 1B? Check out Howard Swains' A New Dawn. Tease: there is a Playboy playmate included. Go now!

11.48am: Day 1B about to begin
After a rock'em sock'em robots Day 1A that saw UK PokerStars qualifier Wayne Bentley emerge as the runaway chip leader, we're about to start Day 1B with an even bigger field. We'll be here until it's over.


Wayne Bentley

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