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2010 PCA: Day 1B level 2 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1B, level 2 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below. Click through to the chip count page for selected notable chip counts, updated regularly throughout the day.

Previous coverage: Level 1

Blinds: 75-150

2.07pm: Stop
That's it for level two. Players now have a 15 minute break before level three.

2:06pm: The Scotty Nguyen Show
It's a jack high rainbow board and Scotty Nguyen has bet 3,000 into the pot. His opponent thought long and hard before sliding his cards toward the muck. Normally, that's where the hand ends...unless Nguyen is involved.

The Prince of Poker stood up, grabbed his opponent's cards and slid them back in front of him.

"If you have me beat, I'll give you $500! I have you beat, I'll give you $100," he said.

His opponent was incredulous. Around the rail, people screamed, "You're getting five to one!"

Alas, the kid pushed his cards forward again and shook his head.

"Just because I limp, you think you have the best hand, baby? Who do you think you're messing with, baby?" Nguyen said.

2.05pm: Sarwer and Dabul again
On a flop of Q♠6♣T♥ Veronica Dabul and Jeff Sarwer were taking each other on again. Dabul immediately made it 4,000 to play, blowing a bubble with her gum. While others at the table discussed cell phone reception Sarwer was asking questions, the type that go unanswered. "Raise," he says, finally, throwing in 10,600. That stopped Dabul, who paused and passed.

2.02pm: Mundy on Wednesday
Arnaud Mattern opened for 400 pre-flop in middle position which was called by Timothy Mundy in seat two and raised to 1,600 by Daniel Sindelar in seat three. Mattern and Mundy called for a flop of 3♥K♦9♣. Mattern checked, as did Mundy but Sindelar was in a betting mood and made it another 2,200. Mattern passed leaving Mundy to call for a 4♥ on the turn. Both checked for a 5♦ on the river when Mundy flipped things in his favour, a bet of 6,500 chasing Sindelar out of the hand.

2pm: Wrath of Khan
Hevad Khan opened for 400 pre-flop which was called in two places, one being Vitaly Lunkin on the button, the other the big blind. On the flop of J♣5♥J♥ Khan made it 800 which Lunkin called before the big blind moved aside. A 4♦ on the turn was checked by both before a K♥ on the river. Khan checked but Lunkin took the pot with a bet of 2,000 on the end.

1.55pm: Who are you following?
Our magic hit-counter tells us that yesterday was a popular day on PokerStars Blog and we thank you for all your interest. It's obviously got a lot to do with the vast number of PokerStars qualifiers in the field with plenty of friends and family following their progress back home.

With this in mind, don't forget to email us at blog@pokerstars.com if there's anyone in particular that you'd like us to follow. If you can tell us some biographical information about your player, we can write a small paragraph about them, maybe get a picture on the blog and let you know how they're doing.

We don't have a full, official list of players and where they're sitting, so we can't guarantee anything. But we'll do our best - and sometimes that actually works.

1.52pm: No Nelly confidence here
Rap star and PokerStars sponsored player Nelly is having fun on his table. Having taken an early hit costing half his chips, he's back up to around 25,000. But clearly he is not expecting to be here long.

As his dealer got up when it was time to be replaced, he said: "Good luck gentlemen. See you all tomorrow." Nelly had other ideas: "You may see me tomorrow, but whether I'll be playing or not is another matter."

1.50pm: Boris takes a tumble
Boris Becker lost around 14,000 of his chips on this hand. With A-K he filled up the low straight on a 2-3-5-4 board. On the blank river his opponent bet 10,000 and Boris called - only to be shown 6-6 for the higher straight. That takes the Team PokerStars SportStar down to 13,000.

1.48pm: Rousso v Mizzi
Vanessa Rousso takes this one. On a 5♥3♠3♦ board she faced a 1,200 bet from Sorel Mizzi. It's always good to knock back Mizzi's aggression, and the Team PokerStars Pro raised to 2,400, good enough to take the pot. She's up to well over 60,000.

1.45pm: Tough table
There are some amusing scenes at the beginning of poker tournaments, especially as the fashion for late arrival becomes even more popular. It reached its most obvious extreme this morning when this man, Andreas Flakstad, began the day on a one-handed table. Yep, he was the only player seated in time.


Billy no mates, aka Andreas Flakstad

He was soon joined by a full nine-handed table, including Bill Gazes and Darus Suharto.

1.35pm: Million dollar man finding it tough
Mike Kosowski, the man who won a million bucks on US TV in the PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge, featuring Daniel Negreanu, is playing the main event today.

But he's not finding it plain sailing, and is down to 17,000. "I've had a few really tough hands," he said. But the former cop, who was a hero of 9/11, is having a great time. "This is so unreal," he told us at the welcome party on Monday night. "I'm having a dream trip."

1:30pm: Somebody show me a winner
We pick up a pot between Shirley Rosario and her foe in which her oppnent has led into a 5♦5♥4♣ board for 1,200 and Rosario raised to 5,100. She got the call. Both players checked the 2♦ turn and 7♦ river. Then...nothing. The opponent didn't turn up his cards. Rosario didn't turn up hers. At long last, the man said, "Pair of sixes." He still never turned up his cards. Rosario turned over 9♥9♣ for the winner.

1:29pm: The hair report
Some interesting hair fashion to report from the rail. You might have heard ElkY shaved his head a couple of weeks ago in support of a fellow poker player who is going through chemotherapy. Today, about an inch of ElkY's hair has grown back. Gone is the spike of paltinum blonde. Now he looks a bit like a revolutionary with the length of his hair matching the length of his new beard.

Nearby is one Hevad Khan who we have never seen without what we thought was a tradmark goatee. Today he is clean-shaven and looking as fresh-faced as a high school graduate.


1:28pm: Thanks Pauly!
It's not often someone who looks like Liz Lieu stops us in the middle of our work to say hello. So, when it happens, we require an explanation. Turns out, our old colleague Dr. Pauly McGuire told Liz to send us a hello. We feel much better now. Thanks, Doc.

1:27pm: Unintentionally funny match-up of the day
We can't say exactly why, but Table 71 is making us smile. In the one seat sits Alan "Chainsaw" Kessler. Around the table sits Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier. There may not be a more fun table to watch all day.

1.20pm: Breaking
News just in from tournament staff, it's a record field for the PCA, and the European Poker Tour, with more than 1,500 players. A final figure will be available once late registration closes at the end of level two.

Hang on, a note has also been passed to me - this is also the largest ever NAPT event, the largest LAPT event and six days in is the biggest event of 2010.

1.15pm: Akkari in action
Andre Akkari limped into a pot from under-the-gun, as did two others before the big blind, Stephen Ladowsky, checked his option. The saw a flop of A♠9♠4♣. Ladowsky checked and Akkari made it 400 to play, forcing out the other two. Ladowsky called for a T♠ on the turn. He checked again leaving it to Akkari to bet, 1,300 this time. Ladowsky called for a 6♥ on the river which both checked. Ladowsky showed his A♥4♠. Akkari slow mucked.

1:11pm: Level up
We're now on to level 2 and 75-150 blinds.

While we're recalibrating our abacus, feel free to read all about the brand new PokerStars North American Poker Tour starring Ms. Joanna Krupa.

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