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2010 PCA: Day 1B level 4 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1B, level 4 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 150-300

4.25pm: Level over
And that's the half-way point. Four more levels left.

4.20pm: Matusow takes a hit
Mike Matusow limped under the gun for 300, called in the next seat by Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren, but then PokerStars qualifier Armenak Kizirian came in for a raise to 800. That seemed to spark Matusow in to life and hit back with another raise to 3,400. Coren sensed obvious danger and got out of the way, but a after a short dwell Kizirian called.

The flop came 4♥A♠9♠ and both checked. But on the 4♦ turn Matusow checked and Kizirian made it 3,100. Call. On the 5♦ river Matusow again checked, and when Kizirian bet 5,100 he reluctantly called, tossing his chips towards the pot. Kizirian, from Canada, showed A♥Q♠, and Matusow raised his eyes, showed Coren to his left Q♥Q♠ and tossed them forcefully into the muck.

That sent him down to 17,000, while Kizirian is up to 50,000.

4.15pm: Hello friend
Random table draws are one thing (always throwing up some interesting match-ups) but that's not the only way good players get sat next to one another. As tables break, players also get shifted around the room, this afternoon sending Sorel Mizzi to sit between his friend Annette Obrestad and Hafiz Khan. Two London-based players and close friends, Dean Saunders and Nik Persaud, have also wound up sharing the same slab of felt.

4.10pm: Names to faces
"Who is that guy?" This was Veronica Dabul who's spent a lot of the opening levels sparring with the seat one player, a Canadian living in Poland who is making his first poker foray across the Atlantic. She was talking about Jeff Sarwer.


Nope, no nickname. Sarwer, who doesn't play online, is something of an enigma on the poker circuit having narrowly missed the EPT Warsaw final table before finishing third a week or so later in Vilamoura. The former chess prodigy has the attention of the Europeans and might just get the same on this side of the Atlantic.

"He's good," said Dabul, returning to her seat.

Sarwer had just knocked Brent Belser off a hand. With the flop showing 4♦7♦6♥ he'd made it 1,200 before Belser raised to 3,000. Looking again and waiting a few beats, Sarwer then re-raised, forcing Belser to fold. It was a similar story on the next hand, this time Anthony Cousineau getting the same treatment. Sarwer up to more than 75,000.

4:07pm: Veldhuis, Sebok gone, via tweets
A couple of Twitter tweets from the field have signaled the end of both Joe Sebok and Lex Veldhuis. They report...

Sebok: "already out. had 78h on 577 flop, turn 4, river 6. opponent had 66 & called down. lost rest with 10's v. A's. glad i made the trip. uggh..."

Veldhuis: "Busted after playing 24 hands or something. Lost 56k pot allin preflop with KK vs AK in 75-150. Yay for my image, but f---"

4.05pm: Ramdin rampaging
Victor Ramdin has moved up to about 40,000, most recently sending Andras Nemeth looking for alternative entertainment. There were four cards exposed: T♥Q♥8♦T♦ and a bet of 2,200 in front of the Team PokerStars Pro from New York. Nemeth moved all in for 10,700, which was about 75 percent of Ramdin's stack. "Wow," said Ramdin, but then slammed in the call, saying: "I've got enough." He showed A♦T♣ which was more than enough against Nemeth's K♦9♦.

4pm: De Korver cut down
Pieter de Korver's interviews on the side of the tournament room are of sufficient length to suggest that he is out. A bit of ear-wigging confirms the obvious, but it was fairly brutal. De Korver's aces lost to kings, with the inferior pre-flop holding four-flushing on the river.

3.55pm: Playing here for nothing
You've heard by now of those players who turn their PokerStars Frequent Player Points into huge prize packages to attend incredible events like the PCA. Once such man is Robin Van Der Hoff, who has managed this feat not once, but twice.

The Dutchman, who runs his own insurance business, turned 1,000 FPPs into a ticket for a $15,000 PCA package, and is playing today in the main event. But he's no stranger here - two years ago he did exactly the same thing, but this time starting in a 100 FPP tournament.

"This year I entered a 1,000 FPP satellite and got through that. Then it took me into the 50,000 FPP event, where three players won a seat from the 300 or so who took part. Coming here is a poker dream, and I've turned it into a great holiday as I came a few days early."


Robin Van Der Hoff

Robin started on the PokerStars play money tables, and after reading poker books and studying the game on TV, he soon reached 20 million (yes, million) play money chips. That was when he decided it was time to take a shot at some freerolls on the site organised by Team PokerStars Dutch Pro Noah Boeken. A small amount of cash was won there, and since then he has zoomed up the stakes.

"Now I play mostly cash and MTTs, always the Sunday Million and Warm-Up, for example."

Robin is being supported here by his brother Gerton. "We'll see how long I last in the main event, then decide whether to play some side events or just enjoy the rest of our break."

Deep into level four today, Robin is on around 30,000 - just what he started the day with. "Whatever happens, we're having a great time," he added.

3.50pm: Play boy
The world's first Canadian Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole is in action, poker action, on Joe Cada'a table, scaring the hell out of everyone. On a four way flop of 8♠8♣J♠ Nicole, who recently featured on Fox Sport's PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge, bet 2,000, getting immediate folds form everyone. Karlo Lopez thought about it. "Come on, play!" said Nicole, but with fortitude many others would be unable to muster, he passed too.

3:45pm: Karam coasting
We've never been surprised to see Marc Karam with chips. His two EPT final tables have made him a common face on the PokerStars Blog. He's in the field today and coasting along well with somewhere near 40,000 in chips.

3:30pm: It would've made a nice story
Another from the blog request line: Thomas Fuller and Ben Greenberg are longtime friends who came to the PCA together from Boulder, Colorado. They happened to draw seats right next to each other. We just checked in to fund Fuller still alive with 20,000 in chips.

"Is this your friend from Boulder?" I asked.

"This guy is from Boulder?" Fuller asked in surprise.

No, as it turned out, Greenberg was knocked out earlier in the day.

"He got really unlucky," Fuller said. "It would've made for a nice story, though."

Nonetheless, Greenberg apparently is using his PokerStars PCA package as part of a honeymoon. The newlywed now has time to spend with his new bride.

3.20pm: Moving up
We're now on to level four, the end of which will be marked as the halfway point of today's action.

Oh, yeah...and this is Jayde Nicole. She's sitting with Joe Cada. But, for now...just a picture of her...you've seen Joe Cada enough for now.


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