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2010 PCA: Day 1B Level 7 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1B, level 7 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 300-600-75

7.45pm: Wrap that one
That's the end of that level and now the players are taking a 15 minute break while the green 25 chip is coloured up. They'll return to play the final level of the day, which convention dictates will be called level eight.

7.40pm: Kalik Kalik
Albert Iverson (drinking local Kalik beer with Peter Eastgate) opened for 1,525 pre-flop from the cut off. Mathieu Kadji called from the big blind for a flop of K♣A♥T♦. Iverson then bet 2,175 which Kadji check-called for a turn card 9♦. Another check from Kadji and Iverson made it 4,725 this time. Another call form Kadji and a river card 2♦. Kadji checked to Iverson again who flung in 13,075. Kadji tanked for a while, long enough for Iverson to call the clock. Kadji went no further, mucking his cards.

7.30pm: Chatter among the stars
Every table is a tough table at events like this, but right now table 41 is a difficult spot to be. In seat one is Albert Iverson with about 80,000 (he took the seat of Aaron Gustavsson, who has busted); seat four is Christian Harder, a short stack but a very good player, seat five is Peter Eastgate and he has about 75,000, and seat seven is Shane Schleger, who has about 120,000. Hmmm.


Table of chatter on day 1b at 2010 PCA

They're having a rum old time of it, discussing all kinds of pertinent issues, including a recent chat about the merits of EPT Deauville. Eastgate doesn't much like the town, but he loves the tournament because of it's, well, notoriously soft field full of local players.

"No offence," they all joked with the table's sole French representative, Kadji Mathieu. None taken: Mathieu won't be playing Deauville, he said. "Why not?" asked Schleger. "Because I work," said Mathieu as the others looked at one another with confused disgust at the use of the four-letter word "work".


Peter Eastgate

Schleger may have the most chips, but he just lost a couple of quick pots to Eastgate. In the first, the Team Pro raised to 1,600 on the button and Schleger called from the big blind. The flop came 7♠5♥J♠ and they both checked. The turn was 6♣ and after Schleger checked, Eastgate bet 2,000. Call. The river was the 4♣ and they both checked. Eastgate's 9♣7♣ was better than Schleger's off-suit ace-queen.

Moment later, Eastgate got busy again from late position, and showed the table a flopped set of fours after Schleger gave up on the turn.

7.15pm: Niet for Nietsche
Phil Ivey opened for 1,600 from early position, called by Chris Klodnicki to his left. When the action reached Dominik Nitsche in the small blind the German PokerStars qualifier found a hand he could put some weight behind and pushed all-in for his last 27,000. With the action back on Ivey he confirmed the amount and called as Klodnicki got out of the way.

Q♠Q♣ for Nietsche
K♠K♥ for Ivey

The board ran 5♦7♣2♥A♠8♠.

Nietsche stood and after shaking Ivey's hand was gone.


Phil Ivey

7pm: Boris bounced
The tennis legend Boris Becker is out, sent to the changing room by the Team PokerStars Pro from Portugal, Luis Medina. No one actually saw the hand, so our Brazilian blogger Sergio Prado went to ask Medina for the details, which is when we first even discovered that it was Medina who was personally responsible for it.

_MG_6083_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Boris Becker on Day 1B of 2010 PCA

Medina raised to 1,350 from mid position, Becker moved all in for 11,100 and Medina called with . Becker's didn't hit anything and he was gone.


Luis Medina

His chair was filled by another Team PokerStars Pro. This time JC Alvarado made his way down there, carting more than 100,000 chips.


JC Alvarado

6.50pm: We're back
It's edging close to 7pm and there are 700 players still remaining in today's field. They have successfully made it through level six and there are two levels remaining. We don't really have one dominating massive chip leader today, but the woman below, Annette Obrestad, is certainly in the top ten.


Annette Obrestad on day 1B of 2010 PCA

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